View Full Version : New Install - reports doesnt work anymore - help

08-08-2009, 12:19 PM
Hey guys,

I just installed the new Win7 64bit from MSDNAA - PostgreSQL Install was fine, and I reimported my old database...

Everything works fine.. under Hands/Sessions/Graph - everything is perfect...

But when I go to the "Reports" Tab a message popup: "No reports have been configured"

The only thing that hapens is that my windows loading cursor appears and nothing heappens...

When I go to the "+"-Button, to add somethin a ERROR Message will appear... I dont know how its in English.. Something like "Unexpected Error in the Application.. Press forward to ignore the Error and keep the app working or press End to close the App ... The key is not available in the dictionary"

EDIT: I reinstalled it several times... after Installs first start and registering I get following error Message: "Could not find the COnfig\HoldemManager.config file Make sure you are using Holdem Manager from the correct directory" - Wtf? - I installed it on root... same errors

08-08-2009, 01:39 PM
Man guys.. thats annoying..

you should say, that on a clean Install, that I first have to install the setup 1.08.4 and then install the current Beta over it

After I did this, its working now... Maybe you should consider to write this into the download section, Im sure not the only one with such a prob

08-08-2009, 03:16 PM
I personally think it is relatively clear, but I obviously have installed it many times.

One says the Suite/Full-Install, and the other says beta patch.


Download Hold'em Manager/Omaha Manager/Table Scanner

Holdem Manager Suite 1.08.04, Full Install - Including 15 day trial
If you’ve never installed Hold'em Manager, download the Full Install
Once you’ve downloaded the “Full Install”, head over to the Setup page to get started.

Holdem Manager 1.09 Beta Patch
If you have a previous version of Hold'em Manager you can download the Updated test Version. The 1.09 patch currently includes new features such as Cake support, critical updates to deal with Ongame, Stars and FTP software changes, auto rate and the new Holdem Manager table scanner

The setup instructions also specifically tell you which file to download to do the initial install.


STEP 1 - Download the Holdem Manager Full Install here

STEP 2 - Unzip Setup.exe & HoldemManagerSetupProject.msi to your desktop

STEP 3 - Run Setup.exe

None of those steps are possible with HMBetaUpdate.exe.