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07-26-2009, 08:59 AM
I understand the basics of Hand range, but I am a little confused by some of the other things. If I give Punb a range of top 5% this includes several flush draws. On the flop if I say that he will bet 100% of his range. It automatically shows 8% draws, but it says 100% made hands, how can we have 100% made hands when we have flush draws?

On the turn if I put in 100% of the flops, it now shows 0 draws. Do we still not have many of the same draws we had on the flop?

In addition I am not totally clear what the draws slider does. For example on the turn if I move the slider to the middle it now shows 30% draws, with a 4.5 equity and shows cards of JCJS. What does this all mean?

Also, what are the cards for on the right hand side (they say inc combos with)?

Dealt to hero Ks Ah
petermac94 calls $2
artoferror raises to $4
hero raises to $6
punbI4 raises to $8
fold, fold,
hero calls $2
FLOP ($23) 7c 3s 9c
punbI4 bets $2
hero calls $2
TURN ($27) 7c 3s 9c Qh
punbI4 bets $4
hero calls $4
RIVER ($35) 7c 3s 9c Qh 2h

07-26-2009, 10:27 AM
I forwarded this to the HUD developer for a proper response.

Mike chops
07-26-2009, 11:29 AM
If you include all his range then you select 100% of made hands. At this point the draws slider is meaningless. All his pre-flop combos are included whether they are draws or not.

The draws slider is useful for when somebody could be making a play with a strong made hand or a weak hand with a good draw. The made hands slider chooses the combos in order of hand strength; the draws slider does the same thing but orders all hands currently behind top pair top kicker in terms of equity against that TPTK.

When you move the draw slider, the box on the right indicates the equity of the last hand selected against TPTK. So if it was a flush draw on the turn you would see something like 20%. The combo listed below the draw box is the last hand you selected using either the made hands or draws slider.