View Full Version : My complains about hm2

11-06-2011, 06:03 PM
*I know Its comming, but I have a trial for 30 days, and I cant even try it because TAble scanner doesnt work and you cant open hm1 and hm2 at the same time, and I just use table scanner too much.

* I liked more when the autorate icon and the note used the same space, now it uses more space for no gain.

* There are some HM1 stats missing here, One big example is Flop Cbet fold to raise.

* There are some stats in HM2 that I have no idea what they are (example Flop Bet-Fold), and I dont know information anywhere about them

* There is some random stats missing (like Raised river after skipping cbet turn)

* I cant drag the panels while i have the notes and autorate on, something I could and did a lot in Hm1.

* It defaults everytime it opens to 2.0 default hud when i want to always default to my own hud config.

11-08-2011, 11:16 PM
This is in the settings now.

The note/auto rate icon is expanded to make room for note caddy integration.

flop cbet-fold is in the cbet section of hud stats

What stats do you not know what they are?

In skipped cbet, there is skip turn cbet and raise river

What do you mean you can't drag panels?

Open HUD Options - Site Options, assign your HUD to the site, game type, betting type, table size, or to any.