View Full Version : Syncing 2 DB's

10-16-2011, 05:44 AM
I've installed HEM on my new laptop but want to sync the databases. I'm not really capable of doing the network database sync in the faq so i'm planning to use the longclaw method (http://longclaw.com/?p=192) but using sugarsync instead of dropbox.

Could you explain to a simpleton how to do ths and why it works? I can't get my head around how it can sync the hand history folders and archive if HEM archives the hands after importing them. If they've been imported and archived on one pc, how does the other still import them?

10-16-2011, 11:46 AM
Seems it will work.
See: you play on PC1, HM does autoimport - this means you get this hand in PC1 database.
Then HM moves file to temporary archive.
After that this "dropbox" (or any oher similar service) make a synchronization for this "temporary" archive and this file appears on PC2 - in the same "temporary" archive.
HM on PC2 does autoimport from this "temporary" folder - this means you get hand in PC2 database.
Then file is moved to "normal" archive - forever.
You have hand in 2 databases and in archive. Mission completed. Hard, but completed.

P.S. This complicated scheme won't be needed with HM2 - it has internal syncronization tool.