View Full Version : Party Poker goes to 9 man FR and my HUD is not working

07-04-2009, 04:58 PM
Party just went from a 10 man Full ring set up to 9 man. I cant get the hud to remember the placings i set for the stats and when i open a new table the stats are all over the place. i've downloaded the latest version of HEM but still no luck..any advice is appreciated.

07-04-2009, 06:23 PM
It should be mostly taken care of with 1.09 beta 12 and 13. If you don't have beta 13 download it from my signature. If you are using beta 13, can give you some more details and possibly screen shots of the HUD and table manager while playing.

* (1.09 Beta 12 NEW) Update to properly deal with Party's change to make full ring 9 players instead of 10

* (1.09 Beta 13 HUD) Fixed party 6 max tables defaulting to 9 max

07-04-2009, 08:48 PM
thanks. i downloaded the newset beta version, but i think im doing something wrong. What do i need to do to make the software recognize the new layout, and remember it. ive tried dragging the stat boxes and saving the positions but it just wont save...thanks for your help;

07-04-2009, 10:20 PM
I am not familiar with Party. Judging by the HUD Options > Seating Preferences > Party, it looks like it might be similar to how stars acts. I like using the preferred seating as it makes the HUD setup easier. The keys are to set your preferred seating properly, and then to make sure you do not move any hud panels around until after you have played your first hand so HM can import it and locate where it thinks hero is. If you have ever moved them around as soon as you sit at table, while waiting for the big blind, it will goof them up once it imports your big blind hand.

You can set it up without the preferred seating, but then you need to use the fix my stats position and place the hero stats in a corner of the window and that's where they always be regardless of where you sit. It's also important to set your screen name as Hero Name in the HUD Options.

On Pokerstars this is the process I follow. Hopefully it will help you. If it doesn't help we will schedule you a teamviewer session and help you sort it out.

You need to set your preferred sears in the pokerstars client - Options > Preferred Seat - First seat right of the chip tray is seat 1, and it goes clockwise.

Now you need to set your HEM preferred seats to match - HEM > HUD Options > Seating Preferences > Pokerstars

Also make sure you have 'pre-fetch' turned on - HEM > HUD Options > Site Options > Pokerstars > Check the 'Pre-fetch one hand' box. That should allow for the HUD to popup before the first hand is dealt.

-Also make sure these items are checked/unchecked accordingly:

HUD Options > Player Preferences > Make sure 'Fix my stats position' is Un-Checked

HUD Options > Table Preferences Un-Check 'Force Ontop'

-Now you should be able to start auto import, relaunch the HUD, and open a table of holdem and get the stats to pop up within 1 or 2 hands without playing. If they don't, you can manually add the prefetch folder to your Auto Import Folder Configuration > C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Importing\HEM Data. I prefer to align everything while observing, before sitting in and aligning my hero stats.

If/when you sit in and play, while adjusting the stat positions, you MUST NOT move any stat panels, until after HM has imported one hand. It's best to wait until at least your small blind hand, or once you can see your own stats have popped up. I make sure to add the 'abb. name' stat when aligning the panels.

Now you will want to Ctrl + Right-Click + Drag (holding all 3 buttons) the stat panels into their proper positions.

Table Manager > File > Save Positions

Close that table, open a new table, and see if the stat panels are fixed. If they seem to be in the correct position, try playing an orbit or two of micro-stakes to see if it works as well.