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09-27-2011, 12:35 PM

I am using 1.12.03 ver of HM (don't need those few fixes in newer versions for stars, because playing in another room) and today I found, that after 4bet CO vs. BU one of my opps at the table didn't got +1 to stat 4bet CO oop, but got +1 for 4bet CO vs. blinds. "WTF?" - I asked myself and decided to check it by making few 4bets.

After that I made 2 4bets for test both from CO and 1st time it was vs. BU, 2nd - vs. BB. I was shocked when I found, that I got 4bet CO vs. blinds 2/2 and 4bet CO vs. BU --. Also I have found that my call 3bet oop is --, fold to 3bet oop same -- but my CO call 3bet vs. blind 0% (2), fold to 3bet vs. blinds 0% (2).

Is this a known problem or not? I am so tired coz of those stat problems, I don't really know now, am I making good decisions when I am looking for any stat because any of them can be wrong...

If you will need, I can send my 2 hands where I am making those 4bets. Checked it in new db - HUD shows the same.

09-28-2011, 12:06 AM
Email us the handhistories to support@holdemmanager.com
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