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09-24-2011, 06:52 AM

A fellow of pokerstrategy.com wanted to transfer his DB to another PC. He made a backup of his DB (HMDB) and wanted to resore it in the new PC. He gets the following error message

C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/9.0/bin\pg_restore.exe --host localhost --port 5432 --username postgres --dbname \"HMDB\" --verbose "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Bureau\HMDB.backup"
pg_restore: connexion à la base de données pour la restauration
pg_restore: [programme d'archivage (db)] la connexion à la base de données « "HMDB" » a échoué : FATAL: la base de données « "HMDB" » n'existe pas
pg_restore: *** interrompu du fait d'erreurs

Le process a retourné le code de sortie 1.

In fact, on the new pc, he has created the DB HMDB, so it exists, however the error message tells him, that the DB does not exist.

What could be the problem?

Thanks for your answer and regards

09-25-2011, 03:12 AM
-1 either the backup was created in PostgreSQL 8.4--> and he's restoring it to PostgreSQL 9.0 (which is not possible)
Both versions of PostgreSQL should be the same. Or...

-2 he's trying to restore a .backup of a corrupt database. Can't he reimport the original handhistories into a new database instead?
(and export the notes from the old database on the other PC)