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08-28-2011, 05:48 PM
I'm playing on Winamax (fr) and the windows of the Hud with the stats of each player are not at the right place. I've put all the windows at the right place... Everything then is fine but every time I stop HM2, the windows position are not saved.

What can in do ?

08-29-2011, 02:04 PM
I can't play on Winamax, but try this. Move a single HUD then press Stop HUD then Start HUD. Stop HUD should save the positions out. Let me know if this doesn't work and we'll get a internal tester with Winamax to test.

08-29-2011, 02:31 PM
Thank you for your prompt answer. I've tried to start and stop the hud before leaving HM2. It doesn't change anything.
Every time I open HM2, the Hud windows are at their default places (unfortunately not on the right one for Winamax)....

Let me know if you have a solution ....


08-29-2011, 02:52 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll get a Winamax internal tester to test this.


08-29-2011, 07:36 PM
Are you using a preferred seat or just random? If random:

Another thing to try is go into hud options - seating preferences, set winamax to "-"

set your positions on table 1.

In the Sessions Tab, Table Finder section in the bottom left, select your HUD, then click "Use for all"

08-30-2011, 12:30 PM
Unfortunately, I use preferred seats in Winamax.

The defaults positions are as below

No problem in fact with seat number. More or less windows are closed to the right player. Every time I close HM2, the modified windows go back to the default position.

08-30-2011, 01:47 PM
Thank you for the information. I have verified this problem and have now forwarded this to the development team for a fix.