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08-21-2011, 11:53 AM
Why are random player stats loading on the first hand of my session? As I wait for the blinds to come around players HUDs pop up next to players but they are not from any player sitting at the table. And this remains in effect the first hand. So say I just woke up Sunday morning and a player in bvb had a name that started similarly (but he was actually a total unknown) and I 5 bet 98s all in and got called by aces, this could cause a problem. In fact it did bc I thought I had a big sample on the guy.

Please fix this (or send me 100bb on stars, your choice)

08-22-2011, 09:26 PM
We will investigate this.

One thing that could be happening is you only get 3 prefetch hands:

0 - the hand you sit on into the CO seat 6max.
2 UTG leaves and is replaced by a new player
4 you're dealt into the BB.

Due to Stars' rules, only those first three hands are saved, and they're the last 3 hands dealt when you observe. But in between when you sat and when you played, a new player joined. The only info available to the HUD is 3 prefetched hands.

Next time you see this, please email the screenshot and the prefetched hands for that table with a link to this thread to hm2support@holdemmanager.com.

In the meantime, we'll test some stars tables to see if this is the case or there is another issue.