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08-13-2011, 12:20 PM
I bought HEM 1 in Jan 2011 used it till April then only just started to use it again.

And with all the problems of getting HEM 1 to work again I don't want to try HEM 2 beta in case it screws up HEM 1.

But my concern is when I go to the players Tab the date range only goes as far as Dec 2011.
Will this be updated ?
Will HEM 1 still be supported when HEM 2 goes Public ?
Buying in Jan 2011 with I get a discount ?
If so How much ?

I think all players that bought in 2011 should get 60% or more discounted or the cost of HEM 1 be deducted from the price of HEM 2 and pay the difference. As surely it would be better to get near all HEM 1 users onto HEM 2

08-13-2011, 06:31 PM
HEM2 is a completely different program with its own database, so you can safely beta test it and it can't interfere with your HEM1 settings.

HEM1: date range: it will be able to go on to 2012+ once it actually is 2012.
HEM1 will still be fully supported when HEM2 goes public.

Although final pricing has not yet been determined, we will offer Upgrade pricing to existing users that is substantially less than a new purchase. Anyone purchasing HM1 since May 1st will qualify for a full credit toward HM2 and details on other full or partial credit toward an Upgrade (based on how recently HM1 was purchased) will be announced prior to the end of the HM2 Beta period.
There will be no upgrade costs associated with HM Apps there were purchased by HM1 owners.

08-13-2011, 07:10 PM
Ok cool Patvs

Look forward to trying the Beta Version of HEM 2