View Full Version : Building a custom blind level pop-up - Fixed

08-10-2011, 04:08 PM
Is there any way to build a pop-up that shows PFR for each blind level and position e.g. 2-4 BB etc.? I remember there was the spade icon in HM that had a popup with much of this information.

I know it's possible to set up the tourney filters, but how fast does the HUD update at the moment? I haven't used the HUD in a bit. It's sort of pointless to filter for this stuff if the HUD isn't updating before Hero's turn, as Hero will be acting on incorrect information.

Edit: OK, I found what I was looking for in the Tournament filters section - "Add a BB PFR/VPIP grid to HUD".

I've tried searching the forums, but I can't find anything concrete on how to use the tournament filters. Can anyone point me to some material or explain the way it works? I would like to be able to set it up to filter like this.

0 - 2 BB
2 - 4 BB
4 - 6 BB
6 - 8 BB
8 - 10 BB
10 - 12 BB
12+ BB

Never mind, I'm an idiot http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questions/427/Tourney+HUD+Filters