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08-10-2011, 11:00 AM
I was eagerly waiting for the HEM2 license code to arrive in my inbox but after trying the new software, I am walking away incredibly disappointed. I wasn't one of these people in uproar that you had to pay more, I would have been more than happy to pay for HEM2 if it had done things that I wanted from HEM1. But now I've played with it, I wouldn't say it is any better than HEM1, its possibly worse! But I have to keep in mind, it is still in Beta and I have been using HEM1 for like 3 years now so I might be stuck in my ways a bit. I am 'Desultory' on Pokerstars btw.

I am solely a cash game player so I didn't review any of the tournament stuff (because I never used it in HEM1) so therefore tourny stuff might be better in HEM2.

So i'll list [In order of importance] reasons for why it hasn't met my expectations and I'll suggest solutions to those problems(which may not be feasible because I know nothing about programming).

1)The major attraction of HEM2 over HEM1 for me was the 'vs hero stats' but these stats are just averages; 'average 3bet vs you'(from every position), 'average fold to 3bet vs you', 'average 4bet vs you' etc. Although they are vaguely useful to use as a comparison, I would by no means purchase HEM2 just for these pretty rubbish stats. I was hoping that the vs hero stats would apply as options for for ALL other available stats (ie 5bet vs hero, 6bet vs hero) OR at least from the different positions, ie '3 bet vs hero from button' or '3bet hero when in position' would be more useful.. I know you need quite a lot of hands on a villain in order to apply these well and that's probably why they have been left out. But if that's the case - why put a massive amount of ridiculous short term filters(that essentaill mean nothing but variance) into the reports section.

2)Being able to 'create' and name my own 'displayed stat' would be useful - ie Be able to use the current stats in a mathematical formula in order to produce a number. e.g. create CallopenSB+CallOpenBB and I would call it BlindsCalls etc etc.

3)I don't like the reports and Session sections. They seem to have been moulded together from HEM1 and now it just seems like a mess. I prefer the HEM1 setup. The graph makes more sense to be in reports not in sessions - graphing a short term session is pointless. Having the Replayer in, is useful but the HUD doesn't display on that replayer in reports, so I have to double click to open in a separate window same as before. I probably haven't used the home page to its full functionality but I like the idea that each section is available to add. I would prefer it to be more like the 'igoggle home page' set up though and let you add everything that you want on it from every other section. At present I find it restricting and basically useless to me.

4)Being able to edit the default colours in stat properties would be useful so you dont have to edit each one seperately for each stat.

5)Importing from HEM1 to HEM2 was better than I thought it would be but if I did transfer over I would still have to manually edit all of my player preferences and colour ranges and the other miscellaneous HUD things like positioning etc. This would be a big pain if i did transfer across.

6)Scanning hands and figuring out they are duplicates takes just as long as importing the hands! Which is annoying because I had to close down mid way through my HEM1-HEM2 import (2,500,000 hands)...

7)While importing HEM1 into HEM2, I am unable to play because current hands are not read until import has finished. If you made it a priority to use hands being played right now that would be better.

8) I'd like to see the 'table ninja launch on auto import' implemented.

Not entirely sure why any of this couldn't be implemented into HEM1. Programming incompatibilites? I would rather keep HEM1 and pay for these options to be put in personally.

You guys have obviously spent time creating this HEM2 and I feel bad for saying this but I really hope it is all a complete flop and no one buys it because then you might turn back your attentions to the great HEM1. Don't fix what isn't broken IMO.

08-10-2011, 05:28 PM
1) More vs hero stats has been requested

2) Custom stats is not in the plans at the moment. We are adding stats as requested and also have the note caddy stats available in the hud. What stats do you wish to see.

3) The sessions tab is for looking at the short term. I'm not familiar with what you mean by igoggle home page. Can you give a screenshot? I passed along the suggestion for the home page.

4) This has been suggested

5) HUD color ranges transfer over. There has been a request for other configs to transfer

6) This is being worked on.

7) While doing a mass import, you can't do a manual import, just like in 1.0

8) Requested this

I think as you get used to it, you'll find a lot is different and that 2 is a much more powerful product than 1.

08-11-2011, 06:56 AM
1) I'll keep looking for the HEM2 updates in that case then. If there is a sufficient amount of vs hero stats, that would increase chances of me moving across from HEM1. Can you point me in the direction of a thread that suggested them because I may have some more to add.

2) I would really like to see custom stats available. I would rather not disclose all of my statistical calculations for everyone to see and use.

3) I can give you a screenshot but it'll tell you more if you google 'igoogle' and have a fiddle with it. It basically lets you put whatever apps you want wherever you want. HEM2 home isn't far off that but I would prefer more freedom and more options of it.