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08-09-2011, 12:45 PM

When I am playing on BETFAIR POKER whether I go to "Start Auto Import" or use "Table Finder" it doesn't detect any tables what so ever..

Any ideas how to get it working?

Thanks in advance and apologies if this has been asked/answered elsewhere..

08-09-2011, 03:31 PM
Poker sites on the Ongame network have recently updated their software and this has changed the file path to which the hand histories are saved. Please reconfigure your auto import settings to this new path which on W7/Vista will be;


Note: This Vista and Windows 7 folder is hidden by default. You need to make sure Windows is showing Hidden Files (http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questions/130/How+to+See+Hidden+Files+in+Windows+).

or on XP;

C:\Documents and settings\UserName\P5JavaClientsettings\handhistory

Please update to the latest release - http://www.holdemmanager.com/Downloads/HmUpdate.exe
For W7 and Vista you must set \holdem manager\dbcontrolpanel.exe, holdemmanager.exe and hmhud.exe are started as administrator. Run the windows explorer (start > computer) and navigate to your Holdemmanager installation directory. Right-click + Properties the executables and select "Run as admin" from the compatibility tab. If you have Vista and the checkboxes are greyed out and you can't select it, please turn UAC on, reboot, and then set the files to run as administrator.
Make sure the hand histories and poker client are in English. Also set your Windows Regional and Language Settings to English (US). Go to the Control Panel and open the Regional and Language Options and select English (US) as the "Current Format".
This just tells Windows to use the . as a decimal separator when it parses numbers.
Restart your PC.

Try the table finder - http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questions/60/Configuring+Table+Finder+to+Show+HUD+
Make sure you follow the directions exactly.
Pick the table name in the table finder window to highlight it
If you don't see a table name listed, please drag the red X to the table and click OK. Open the Table Finder again and the list should be populated with the table name now, so you can select it.
Left-click and drag the red X to that table window
Click OK
*If that doesn't help, please answer these questions - http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questions/48/My+HUD+Doesn't+Work so we can narrow down what the issue is.

10-02-2011, 01:47 AM
This seems to be a common issue with HEM. I'm surprised that this is not included in FAQs. http://imagicon.info/cat/10-3/1.gif

10-02-2011, 04:36 AM
It IS in FAQ. http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questions/13/Ongame+-+Bwin+-+Betfair+Setup
But not all Ongame sites have changed their software - because of this you can find all possible paths in FAQ.