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08-12-2008, 02:08 AM
HoldemManager version 1.06.01t
PostgreSQL 8.3.1 (default setup settings)
Intel Core Duo 3Ghz+/4Gb RAM/HDD 7200 RPM
Kaspersky Anti-Virus (turned off while importing)
Windows XP SP3
I play on PokerStars.

When I import 1st 500k hands speed was 200 h/s. Then in 2nd import speed was decreasing to 100 h/s. And now when I have big database (4 million hands) speed of import is from 7 to 35 (when I assign high priority to the HoldemManager.exe and HMImport.exe).

I had this problem before on other PC, I tried to reinstall Windows, reinstall HoldemManager and I always had the latest PostgreSQL and HM version. And on the new PC I vacuumed the database, but hands import speed increased, but not very much (+5-10 h/s up to 40-45 h/s).

08-12-2008, 07:46 PM
Hi, make sure you have a recent version like 1.06.01t


Speeds dropping as the DB gets bigger is natural since the indexes take longer to update but that is quite a drop. Another big factor is the type f hands that are being imported. For example, Stars mined hands where many tables are placed in the same hand history import about 3 times slower than equally sized Party mined hand histories where the hands are for a single table due to there being much less work to do