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07-31-2011, 04:58 AM
Ive just built a new PC. I finally got backup and restore to work and now my primary hard drive is full half way through restore. Its a 120gb SSD. I have a 500gb regular HDD for my 2nd drive and I would like some advice on how to go about setting this up.

Should I run my database from the HDD? Wont that be slow? One of the main reasons for building a new PC with an SSD was so HEM would be faster.

What other options do I have? I have no idea how the drive is even full, I have a handful of programs installed. Apparantly the database is currently only 24.8gb so I have no idea why the drive is even full, there was 55gb free before I started the process, although I have found that there is a temp database when I run pgadminIII.

The only guide I have come across is the following one which relies on the pictures heavily and the pictures are not showing.

http://faq.holdemmanager.com/questions/336/How+do+I+setup+Holdem+Manager+to+share+one+databas e+between+two+computers%3F

Just found that postgreSQL was like 105gb!

As of right now I have uninstalled HEM and PostgreSQL and cleaned the registry ready for some great advice ITT! :)

07-31-2011, 05:37 AM
On the SSD install:
-Windows (25 GB)
-HoldemManager / Office / an any program you use a lot (<1 GB)
-PostgreSQL + database

Every 1 million poker hands will take up 10 to 15 GB of diskspace.


If you suddenly lost most of your diskspace, after (or during) a optimization/vacuum-analyse or backup-restore, read:
Guide * Windows 7 Ultimate Tweaks & Utilities * (http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=63273)

And make sure:
-You turn off logging #10
-Turn off indexing / system restore/move your Virtual Memory file to the HDD #11.2/#11.4
-Move your TEMP/TMP folder to the HDD
-Run CCleaner (http://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER)
-Vacuum the database in pgadminIII and reboot when it's finished.

Check your current TEMP folder on the SSD (Users/%username%\AppData\Local/Temp and
HoldemManager log folder (Program Files/RVG Software/HoldemManager/Importings/Logs) and delete all suspiciously large files in there.

07-31-2011, 05:53 AM
Currently my SSD has used 85gb+ and all I have on there are a handful of programs that are using up less than 2gb. Ive removed HEM and PostgreSQL, for some reason the "Users" folder is taking up 38.1gb but when I open the folder and investigate there is less than 1gb inside?????

I have ran registry cleaners and defraged the drive, still nothing changes, Ive manually been through and deleted anything to do with postgresql etc and then defraged/reg cleaned again and still nothing is changing.

I am considering just re-installing windows at this point.

07-31-2011, 06:18 AM
OK so I did 11.2 and 11.4 there, I cant do #10 because I currently do not have postgresql installed and I want to hold off re-installing until I figure out what is up with this hard drive thing.

Should I just go ahead and start again? All I have on the machine is a few programs that will take me about an hour to re-install afterwards.

07-31-2011, 07:31 AM
OK, fresh install of windows, removed windows.old and I am currently at 27.9gb used. 83gb remaining from the 111gb partition on my SSD.

I am reluctant to install HEM/PostgreSQL again now for fear of making the same mistake again. I suspect that there must have been some kind of backup file for my database causing the problem. I am now going to go ahead and make some alterations that you suggested earlier ITT.

What do I need to do to stop windows doing this again?


Ive installed HEM/PostgreSQL. I am worried about doing backup and restore because last time I did it, it filled the 300gb HDD on my laptop and the 120gb SSD on my new PC(obviosly laptop HDD was already 2/3 or so full before doing backup and restore).

Right now I am purging all hands on my laptop. Then I will run backup and restore. I previously purged all my iPoker hands and the backup file shrank from 4.2gb to 2.1gb. The FTP HH I have is far far in excess of my iPoker hands, so when I purge my FTP hands that should drastically reduce the size of the backup and restore file even more.

What else can I do to prevent my SSD from filling up when I try to restore? Either settings wise on the new PC or vaccuuming/purging/indexing on the laptop before I create the backup and restore file?

I have done everything in those guides that I feel is relevant to me(stuff like speeding up startup times and using extra cores etc).

I need sometome to tell me how exactly to do these:

-Move your Virtual Memory file to the HDD
-Move your TEMP/TMP folder to the HDD

07-31-2011, 04:57 PM
Could use some help on this. Unable to play any poker until I get this figured out :(

07-31-2011, 10:45 PM
First of all, we need to enable the option to see Hidden System Files: How to see hidden files in Windows (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial62.html)

Likely when you restored your database, it created 25 GB of "temp" files in a hidden system folder in a Users/ subfolder. (files you can delete afterwards)

Instead of restoring the .backup file, do you have the alternative of just reimporting all the original handhistories into a new database? Even if you move the TMP/TEMP folder to the HDD, it's likely pgadminIII will STILL use C:/Users on the SSD as its temp folder. But those files can all be manually deleted.

I need sometome to tell me how exactly to do these:
-Move your Virtual Memory file to the HDD
-Move your TEMP/TMP folder to the HDD---> read: Guide * Windows 7 Ultimate Tweaks & Utilities * (http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?63273-*-Windows-7-Ultimate-Tweaks-amp-Utilities-*)

Moving Virtual Memory file: How to move the paging file in Windows XP (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307886)
Read: Performance Boost: Move Page File to Another Physical Drive | Windows Vista Maintenance | Windows Tools, Help & Guides (http://mintywhite.com/vista/vmaintenance/performance-boost-move-page-file-to-another-physical-drive/)

08-01-2011, 03:06 AM
Hey Patvs, thanks for the help.

I have purged all my hands on my laptop. I had around 20-25mil HH on there before. I purged every hand except for hands Ive played which should now leave me with 500-600k hands plus stats from about 20mil+. Right now I am running backup and restore again. This time I will have a lot more understanding of the whole process and it looks like it is almost complete on the laptop and it has only been running 2 minutes. Hopefully this time the file is a lot smaller and I can just go and empty any temporary backup windows creates afterwards.

If this doesnt work, I do have the option of exporting the hands and manually importing them. I just wanted to use the backup and restore to save me the trouble of having to manually enter all my settings. I know iPoker caused me a lot of problems in the past and had to have one of you guys change some configuration for me over teamviewer.

08-01-2011, 03:48 AM
What a nightmare!

After purging all the hands it seems I have managed to lose all the hands from all sites except my 2NL to 25NL days at PokerStars. Which is about 70k hands that are completely useless to me. I have also lost all my graphs etc. The hands arent on my laptop either now :(

I did each site seperately and vaccuumed in between. I started with iPoker and told it not to purge HH with my username. Then FTP. Then Stars last. Seems like on the last one it has purged all hands from all sites even though I told it PS only.

iPoker doesnt let me get my HH back either. I guess Im starting from scratch :(

08-01-2011, 03:59 AM
If you let it purge hands, except your ipoker hands.
It will purge all your FTP/Stars hands.

You should have selected your ALIAS. (and the ALIAS has your ipoker + FTP + Stars name's attached to it)
But you still have the original handhistories right, from your archive folder?
And you still have the old .backup file? Restore it again?

If you email PokerStars support they will also email you the handhistories for every hand you've ever played.