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07-27-2011, 10:02 AM
When I try to adjust the HUD position on a table it's very very unresponsive (Microgaming), plus the table window flickers and goes dimmed. It's bad to the point I can't adjust it at all.

I haven't used HM2 much yet because of the above issue but have the following suggestions:

- When I first instaled it couldn't get arround the setup wizard wich forced me to create a database. If I canceled the wizard the program wouldn't open. Well I wanted to have a DB on a remote sql server so that was kind of annoying.

- Maybe I'm missing something but there's no easy way to add a pre-existing database on an sql server? it has the option to create new ones etc but no option to browse for existing ones. I mean it has that option when we're importing from a HM1 database but not to add a HM2 one.

- Someone else reported this I think but the "vs players" report is off on my case by like an order of magnitude.

- It's annoying how many times one has to hit the refresh button, think it would be nice to have an option to turn on auto-refreshing at will.

- When I'm on the opponents tab, configure some filters etc, would be nice that if we leave that tab to go to player analysis or something it would keep the filters when we're back to it. It's very annoying having to setup the same filters over and over.

- There's some issue on the graphs with currency conversion. On table I played in EUR it shows correct figures if the graph is also setup to display EUR but if the graph is setup to display in USD it basically converts like.. 500EUR->$10 something like that.

- The replayer needs some love in my opinion. Would be nice to have some skinning options, like changing deck etc. Don't quite like how it looks at the moment.

07-27-2011, 04:03 PM
How big is your DB? Are you archiving the gamehistory.dat file regularly?

Networked DB's still has some issues. Sync replaces a lot of the purpose that networking served.

vs players is written up already.

There are a lot fewer places that need manual refresh in 2.0 than in 1.0 - marking a hand and opponents tab functions.

We're working on saving everything when you move to another tab

I'm not seeing the conversion issue. Can you send me some hh files - udbrky@gmail.com and a screenshot of this?

Feel free to pass along suggestions for the replayer. I'm starting a thread for replayer suggestions.

07-28-2011, 12:25 AM
I had to delete the old gamehistory.dat for the import/HUD to start working at all. Before that HM1 would work fine but HM2 just wouldn't import the hands.

The conversion issue seems fixed now (I hadn't tested it after updating so I guess that fixed it because the problem was persistent for me)

My DB is arround 450-500k hands.

for the replayer, theming of some sort would be a big plus because I think it's likely that alot of poker training sites would come up with nice themes for it.
What I dislike the most about it is the deck and the green colour for the opponents cards.
The controls and everything I haven't used it enough and a different software always feels strange at first so I guess it's better to have an opinion on it after some time. I do miss the listbox where you could see the cards on the next hands. Now we have slider with just a box per hand but no other info about the hands.

07-28-2011, 03:09 AM
make sure that you archive the game history file regularly - about every 10-15k hands or so. Copy it to your hmarchive folder.

will check with a larger db. We are working on making larger db's more stable.