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04-30-2009, 12:45 PM

I have installed the latest version of the HM 1.08 and version 2.16 of handgrabber, for about 20 days I get in trouble pacific poker, in other rooms I work well.

The only problem is that I collect hands where no player bets and the money supply bb to BB.

Not quite all the statistics to zero less the number of hands that counts how many times it happens.

Un saludo

04-30-2009, 07:49 PM
Im not sure what you mean, maybe a screenshot can illustrate better

05-05-2009, 03:16 AM
What I want to say (my english is very poor) is:
The programm donīt save player statistics, when I try see this statistics are in zero. Although only save hands with no bets of any player, I think becaues of this the statistics appears in zero.

Thank you. Sorry for my english

05-05-2009, 05:15 PM
Can you email me some of these hh that wont import to morny@holdemmanager.net and also link to this thread