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  1. Opponents tab flexibility in stats shown
  2. Tournament Filters Suggestion
  3. Postflop limped pot/SRP/3betpot/4bpot specific HUD similar as street by street
  4. 5b ranges for every position
  5. Bet River OOP
  6. Mark tournaments
  7. Replay hands from hole cards grid
  8. aggression stats for 3bet pots per street
  9. Chips won graph
  10. Request Stats for my HUD
  11. A group of easy-to-implement ICM-stats for SNG-players
  12. Support for Grand Poker Network?
  13. check-raise overall/total
  14. Aliases creation
  15. hud frame colors
  16. WPN Jackpot SNG Stats Segregation
  17. Rake on Active Session
  18. HM2 Replayer session stats.
  19. Preview function for Popups
  20. More HUD filters wanted
  21. Main popup / table hud, load request
  22. Color coding stats in popup by range
  23. New functions in Opponents tab (more filters, selectable stats)
  24. Code Color in Popups without having them included in your hud
  25. new filters in reports
  26. Cold 4B in BB vs 3B in Blinds (SB)
  27. Donk Bet in Reports
  28. Notecaddy Stats in Reports
  29. Replayer in BB
  30. New report columns : auto-rate icon/number and score number
  31. Squeeze filter
  32. Line graph: Ev + back
  33. The Most Frequent Betting (Set) Sequence OOP?
  34. Total chip count on HUD
  35. Priority Support
  36. Request OR Coldcaller to add in the dropdown menu "More Filters/Position and Action"
  37. "clear filters" - need confirmation window
  38. Background for stats in the Main HUD
  39. Copy hand from replayer !
  40. Donkbet in reports missed
  41. Anonymising replayer nicknames
  42. hole card viewer EV
  43. new stat - urgent please!
  44. card images in HM notes
  45. TOT Raise-Fold, TOT Raise-Fold Turn, TOT Raise-Fold River
  46. Alphabetical order at notecaddy heat map dropbox
  47. Request support for 5Dimes / Grand Poker
  48. Would Like to Know Table Type When Reviewing Hands - PLO8 vs. PLO
  49. Popup names split in 2 or more rows
  50. preview popup feature / displaying borders
  51. SB Open Limp - Fold
  52. Requests to Filter by Opponents Cards
  53. Save current hand hotkey F9
  54. request for facing cold 4-bet filter
  55. Use only last x hands for selected stats
  56. Add Brasil Poker Live to supported sites...
  57. Adding a text field without stat
  58. Never preload an alias when starting.
  59. [Request] Include alias in HM2 Backup
  60. Creating layouts for notes
  61. evbb/100 in HUD
  62. Color border of HUD without show auotrate icon
  63. [request] effective stack to pot ratio
  64. [request] Chipev/Tourney stat in reports
  65. [request]Street by Street HUD
  66. [Request] 6-max or FR
  67. Hightlight saved hands under Reports>Tournaments
  68. Line analysing tools pie chart colours
  69. Roll Over Huds
  70. Add New Hand Viewer Visual Display
  71. 5 card plo support please
  72. SB Steal vs. Hero in BB
  73. HUD panels appear after Hand threshold is met ?
  74. More filters
  75. Ante/Pre-Ante stats in tourneys
  76. Automatically sync on open and exit
  77. Tournament Filters in HUD
  78. Add Support For Winner Poker (Ipoker New)
  79. HUD Settings > Site options > Seats: 3max
  80. Advice for new filters
  81. Feature request: Make it easier to copy hands to forums
  82. Roi stat request
  83. Semitransparent hud
  84. Looking for united HUD for Aliases
  85. Alias unification for HUD
  86. Hole card grid - need ev bb
  87. Stack size
  88. BvB Stats
  89. Marking hands in reports
  90. Add some color inside note boxes
  91. Donk flop stat
  92. BB/100 and EVBB/100 for Opponents
  93. Hem3 suggestions
  94. Six-Plus HoldEm
  95. Automatic refresh current session
  96. Alias HUD
  97. Fold Equity in Replayer
  98. BB level reports
  99. co pfr vs co steal
  100. hand replayer > notes > tags in alphabetical order
  101. If function as filter
  102. Live Tracking for Winamax(French room)
  103. new ipoker software, hud doesnt work
  104. ipoker new software, hud doesnt work
  105. tournament bb hud filter for cash games
  106. Open Limp 8bb-
  107. [HUD stat alternative] 4bet/5bet is AA upgraded to 4bet/5bet is AA or KK
  108. Filter request
  109. Tagging
  110. Marking hands
  111. Total Open Shove stat
  112. Hit the Flop
  113. display by $EV
  114. Highlight target player
  115. Show mucked cards (ZOOM) Please!
  116. HUD Transparency
  117. PLO8 Hand Groupings Report
  118. Developing HM2 App
  119. CASH - Graph related to position
  120. Hole cards villain
  121. Need option to always show double dash for stats if there is 0 opportunities.
  122. Ignition known hole cards HM3
  123. Hud
  124. pokerstars fusion poker
  125. Flop Bet Turn Check River Bet
  126. Add more colors for icons
  127. Mark multiple options from a list
  128. Skip flob cbet, call turn probe bet and call river bet
  129. Playback Layout
  130. Cbet % in a particular spot
  131. Fold to 3bet stats per positions vs position-based 3bets
  132. More Showdown Stats
  133. Auto-removal of imported HHs option
  134. OR instead of AND
  135. holdem manager for pppoker(asian poker clubs)
  136. This stat exist?