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  1. Replayer layout
  2. Preflop Flatted Line Missing
  3. Why is there no "Fold vs Hero Steal"
  4. very simple and usefull filtering option for personal results review not present?
  5. Some really annoyng hud replayer things
  6. An Undo Button when creating popup's
  7. Player analysis suggestion
  8. Formerly request Overall 3bet was raised HUD stat
  9. Fold vs cbet. BB vs SB
  10. Option to make opponent's exposed cards (at showdown) cover HUD
  11. Hole Cards dont provide so much Info as HM1
  12. HUD for mobile?
  13. Where is donk flop stat in reports?
  14. Table filter feature request
  15. Button "Mark hand for review"
  16. Add Pot Size Column to Hand List (bb and $)
  17. Sorting Hands in Hand List by bb/$ - Like in HM1
  18. HUD Stat request: (check)raise/fold vs CBET
  19. Mark tag column included in Hans view
  20. Windows 7 Desktop Gadget
  21. Idea: Replay hands for relevant stats from HUD popup
  22. Stat request: BTN resteal/defend vs CO steal
  23. REQUEST: Color Code Stat Apperance by Number of Players
  24. Last X games report
  25. Tourney Data entry
  26. Mods for the replayer
  27. Graph functionality
  28. HM2 "lithe and lissom" version
  29. some stats and line analysis futures
  30. option to shows only 3 or 4 letter of player's name
  31. Request: Copy HH to clipboard from replayer
  32. Stat suggestion: EV adjusted $ and bb/100 on HUD
  33. Mark a current hand
  34. Color change option for hm2 hud - note icon
  35. Request: Ability to merge player's stats
  36. Hand Date
  37. request stats
  38. Delete Confirmation
  39. Report stat Flop hand made value
  40. Turn Hand Strength Report
  41. Marked Hands
  42. Active Session Sorting
  43. fixed hero seat position in the replayer
  44. How to make queries from HEM2 db
  45. Purge Option
  46. Date range > Custom >Last "x" Sessions
  47. Hotkeys for HM2
  48. HERO image stats for each specific opponent
  49. Request: Show side pot in replayer
  50. (Request) Sort by Position OPPONENTS - PLAYER ANALYSIS
  51. Hud drop shadow
  52. (Request) ACTIVE SESSION Tab - Alphabetical Tags
  53. (Request) Equities in Replayer If Hadn't Folded
  54. HUD problem
  55. [REQUEST] - hole cards grid --> able to view by EV bb Won/Lost
  56. Hand Viewer and Player Analysis
  57. Scheduled currency conversion rates updates
  58. Fold Blinds vs IP Steal
  59. BBs linked to the chip count it's basing the calc on
  60. #players
  61. Switch HUD configs based on number of players, not table size.
  62. Stat request.
  63. HUD disappears and reappears every so often
  64. Stat request: [Pos] defend vs raise from [Pos]
  65. Assign a key to toggle HUD display on and off
  66. pokerstars.eu
  67. Flop (turn, river) Effective Stack!
  68. bright highlight of a position for hero
  69. Tournament Winnings Graph
  70. new HUD stat v limp reraise
  71. Overall View of winnings and losses in Pop up window
  72. REQUEST: Hud in Zoom HH replayer
  73. Why do I have to...
  74. Database on flash drive
  75. Tournament graphs x-axis to start from 0 instead of 1
  76. Stats sugestion
  77. M-ratio
  78. badbeat bonus request
  79. Split Total Buy-in for $ and other currencies.
  80. Notes grouped in a single tab
  81. Partouche.be
  82. Posting hands
  83. Replayer - Stats up to exact hand instead of up to day
  84. WonSD%-River Bet
  85. opponents tab - player analysis
  86. Column Sizing
  87. Is there a flop fold to 3bet stat?
  88. WTSD% When Raised
  89. Api
  90. ITM Graph
  91. Finish and Size on Tournaments
  92. Skip flop CBet IP,folds
  93. Fold vs CBet in 3Bet pot IP, OOP
  94. Stat suggestion - 3-bet all-in
  95. Custom Reports...
  96. Add postflop looseness stat
  97. Request: Fold to turn bet IP, single raised pot, after i bet-called the flop
  98. Stop taking stats for "sitting out" players players.
  99. Filter request : Stats by table name
  100. Couple replayer things
  101. W$wsd%
  102. Barriere Poker Hand History
  103. HM1 to HM2 questions
  104. Cannot use HEM2 offline
  105. Filter for day of the week?
  106. Reports Tournaments - filter on "Finish" ?
  107. CBet vs. Hero stat?
  108. General vs Hero stats missing?
  109. 5 months away and its even worse (PKR user)
  110. Tournament HUD Filter (stats changing on bb stack)
  111. Simple won/loss tracking for other games
  112. graph in chips
  113. Alternative HUD layouts
  114. River Bet IP Single raised pot
  115. Replayer
  116. Filtering for hands in which hero didn't see flop and pot is a certain size
  117. Different Background Colors
  118. Flop Check-Raise CB OOP Single Rsd Pot + 4bet Range IP/OOP
  119. Graphing functionality of HM2 kinda sucks
  120. Filtering system incoherent
  121. Race report only counts a hand in a single category
  122. taskbar popup
  123. filter by a range of number of hands
  124. Stats vs Hero
  125. Hand viewer suggestion: only show hands that went to showdown
  126. Report by line request
  127. Suggestion for Hand Viewer
  128. Tournament Filters
  129. More colors on HUD
  130. Notes
  131. Vs Donk Bet
  132. Limped pot F2bet stat
  133. HUD by position?
  134. Cap % to 99%
  135. Support for Party Poker FastForward
  136. Report filter for opponent's hand
  137. Hud on Pokerstars replayer and more
  138. suggestion about hero HUD
  139. 888 push fold table support
  140. Replayer stats
  141. Color coding based on stack size
  142. Free apps with limited features
  143. Vector HUD engine
  144. Feature suggestion
  145. Support for PKR now using separate table windows
  146. please add equity in mucked cards
  147. what is $ev stat in mtts
  148. Opponents->Player Analysis Crucial Feature enhancements
  149. Betting Tree Analyzer type functionality for HM2
  150. use stats up to day of hands: possible to get them exactly when hand played?
  151. [Request] $ to BB stack + pot odds panel
  152. Speed Poker at Poker 770
  153. HUD filters + some other things
  154. Player analysis - Add filter "Single Raised Pot"
  155. Where can I find these two stats?
  156. Fold to cbet ip and oop singles raised pot stats
  157. Cash Graph Report
  158. Minor double click request
  159. Something that could be huge for Omaha players
  160. Hands view column - villain's cards
  161. Merge player stats across sites
  162. HM2 really starting to worry me.
  163. Stats and reports question?
  164. the hand viewer needs a scroll feature
  165. Suggestions
  166. Multi Table Tournament (MTT) Requests
  167. default player's note
  168. Rake BB/100
  169. HUD Options > NoteCaddy Popups has no sorting
  170. What happened to rich text export?
  171. OR option in Advanced Filters
  172. Filter HUD Stats - Stack Size
  173. Line analysis - issues and feature request
  174. Leakbuster overall report
  175. Support for Seals with Clubs HH format
  176. Microgaming session/table stats
  177. $icm diff
  178. Plan to support Americas Cardroom with HM2?
  179. HM replayed and Stars replayer
  180. Hot keys for hud
  181. Premium Support
  182. Max hands in real game
  183. Cake's skin hand history support
  184. People's Poker HH Support
  185. Table Anchored Note Functionality
  186. What about SNG Wizard...
  187. General flag for each hero table
  188. Stat counts in HEM2 - possible?
  189. Grid Option for HUD
  190. Dynamic/Interactive graph interface for analysis
  191. Apply stats to all reports & move multiple stats up/down
  192. Remove "total bb win" in sessions report
  193. Grid option for notes
  194. Importing HM1 Graph Stats into HM2
  195. new stat
  196. Hole Cards (Omaha)
  197. RE-RESTEAL stats and FOLD TO them
  198. fold to 6bet
  199. Filters: Hold Cards Menu. Show Card Range %
  200. HUD on everleafs new skin HM-5297
  201. Results vs a specific opponent
  202. When will HM support PartyPoker FastForward hand histories ?
  203. add hotkey to start and stop hud please
  204. undo tool for the pop designer
  205. automatic housekeeping after import
  206. Custom date range: Deleting the items
  207. Empty space between stats in hud ?
  208. hud stats by position
  209. Why I think I wasted money purchasing HM2
  210. More Vs. Hero stats
  211. Vs CB ip and oop in single raised pot
  212. News Stast for SnG
  213. VirtualBox performance HM2
  214. reverse HUD
  215. HM2 and barrierepoker.fr
  216. 6 to 6 players
  217. SNG wizard??
  218. Add a few colours for the HUD edges...
  219. $EV won in Summaries
  220. Popups with milestones info
  221. Pot odds live tracking
  222. ALERTS for the current session
  223. 3 bet vs 3 bet all in and same to 4bet+
  224. Option in "More Filters" --> vs player (like in Hm1)
  225. new stats: raise/fold, fold limped pot
  226. Hand strenght of heads-up preflop allins with expected and effective value
  227. outdated "News+Updates" at the bottom of forum
  228. More hud note icon options
  229. Resetting HUD
  230. Searching stat
  231. C-bet by position stats?
  232. Stat Request: Folding in 3Bet Pots
  233. Request - few new stats
  234. Filter questions/requests
  235. Request for hand viewer refreshing instead of opening in a new window.
  236. Request: Hands With Showdown
  237. HEM2 for Barriere Poker.fr and Partouche.fr
  238. Popups inside popups
  239. Red/green background
  240. Custom stats in "Copy with stats" in reports.
  241. Copy hand history format from replayer
  242. vsplayer
  243. HUD hero stats / edit by amount of hands or time
  244. HM2 need Full Tilt live tracking of hands
  245. 2-Factor account security
  246. Alias for villains
  247. hand history in HUD format
  248. Heat map filters ?
  249. Reload Last Hands in Hand Viewer
  250. delete hands and keep maximum 7k hands per player