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  1. Incorrect winnings for Fixed Limit hold em heads up on Partypoker
  2. No currecny conversion
  3. sit out/sit back
  4. 888Poker PLO hi-lo not read correctly
  5. Automatically refresh
  6. Problem with opponents tab
  7. Problem with hand values
  8. Problem with HUD on Zoom
  9. BUG HUD / Left player stat missing & no refresh
  10. Bug with displayed player name that contains the "" symbol/letter
  11. Fix these HH viewer bugs
  12. 6866: HUD Filters, and players who sit out.
  13. HM2 close when i click on OPPONENTS
  14. don't see old hands
  15. Fold to Cbet raise IP vs fold to check raise 3b pots
  16. HUD blinking/flashing
  17. Hud randomly stops working
  18. HUD doesn't show number of hands correctly
  19. Tournament graph not showing proper statistics
  20. HUD doesn't work after last PS update
  21. Replayer Bet Blocked
  22. Pokerstars last hand missing
  23. HUD Filters, use last X hands
  24. MUCKED CARDS AT SHOWDOWN, not showing if villains HUD is not displayed (min hands)
  25. Problems with EUR
  26. HM2 doesn't change stats for # of players.
  27. Graph not Matching Table
  28. HM-4334 Still Not Fixed?
  29. session time added together is buggy
  30. HEM insta crash when I try to open it
  31. Player with asteriks in alias not appearing in HUd
  32. Replayer bug
  33. Hand Viewer not working properly
  34. Zoom not working
  35. last hand winners popup
  36. HM2 crashes after failed HM2/NoteCaddy updates
  37. 6866 - sessions reports - sort by hand date does not stay sorted while auto importing
  38. DB size not changed after purged hands
  39. Trial expired before time
  40. Street-by-Street HUD Issue
  41. Database imported from hm1 wrong results (Ongame, sng)
  42. Foggy screen while hud is loading
  43. HEM 2 bugs & issues on v. 6866 and future updates, ASUS laptop
  44. hypers on pokerstars.fr
  45. Importing not working properly for heads up fixed limit sngs on iPoker
  46. HM2 and Pokerstars.es
  47. HM2 upgrade and license key missed
  48. Everleaf missing data
  49. Hand viewer shows 0.05/0.10 Eur as 5/10 in Pokerstars.es 0.01/0.02 ->1/3 etc..
  50. Reports tab gone missing
  51. Copy with stats is not correct with EUR
  52. Issue with pokerstars performance
  53. Importing hands in 888.es
  54. $EV?
  55. Board Texture filters
  56. AI EV bug
  57. Hold'em Manager has encountered an internal SQL error
  58. HUD miscounting number of big blinds (Merge tournaments)
  59. The HUD sometimes does not update on pokerstars
  60. Tournament Results Not Working
  61. Rakeback graph line in SNGs does not get affected by currency change.
  62. Holdem manager won't start
  63. Too many issues with HM2 HUD makes me tilty
  64. HUD pot odds as percentage (still) doesn't work
  65. HUD not working before I play a hand
  66. HM2 Does not import a hand
  67. position filter BUG
  68. Merge HUD not working
  69. Effective stack filter not working
  70. problems with partypoker
  71. Live tracking in ZOOM tables is not working
  72. Random 0.01 rebuys in Euro Tourneys when sorting by Tournaments Date
  73. Wrong buy-in/rake on 1Eur (0.85+0.15) partypoker.es tourney + manual edition
  74. HM2 causing table to lock up
  75. No HUD on Zoom + weird EV stats
  76. invalid license
  77. HUD name problem
  78. HUD not refreshing stats - Ipoker?
  79. HM2 2.0.06866 Crashes everytime during startup
  80. waiting for hands
  81. Various problems with one BIG one
  82. HM1 update 1.12.10b gave timeout
  83. HUD not updating for new players at the table
  84. EV Net won on Active Session Summary
  85. fold cb to raise single raised pot and names starting w *
  86. Windows stopps working...
  87. Tournament and cash results interfere
  88. TournamentResults tab shows mixed 9 and 10 tables results, and 9 player tourneys 10
  89. Player analysis window
  90. HUD problem with badges
  91. Partypoker.es hands not recognized after today's update
  92. Ongame Issues
  93. .6997 - ReportsTab won't update
  94. HU HUD STATS bugged
  95. Update Winamax this morning: no HUD anymore (HM2 and HM1)
  96. HUD not filtering HU hands,
  97. SB min raise stat bugged? hM2
  98. Hm2 crash 2 or 3 times every day...
  99. HM2 popup problem
  100. street by street HUD bug
  101. Default Hud not showing all the stats
  102. Crash On Startup
  103. VS Hero stats not working at all
  104. Reimporting from HM2archive
  105. Backup in database manager option not work
  106. HEM 1.12.10b not tracking [i]first[/i] hand of HU SNG on Stars
  107. Cake. Wrong sng buy-in.
  108. Only get hands with known hole cards
  109. Opponents Tab Issues
  110. Filters Bug?!
  111. Winnings Graph Report
  112. pokerstars hyperturbo hu sng result bugs
  113. Note caddy crush HEM
  114. Lost hands?
  115. ZOOM stake filters missing
  116. database doesnt actuallz get saved when restoring?
  117. Stars wrong table size and wrong speed
  118. DIference in quantity of hand in report and opponents
  119. not import,no hud as well
  120. recently HM 2 crashes
  121. Crashes and other bugs (HM2)
  122. Hyper Turbo HUSNGs import problem
  123. Export Hands of Everest.fr
  124. 4 bet filter bug
  125. Tournaments don't show in Reports
  126. HUD/DB (?) issues
  127. Reports-> Tourneys is empty
  128. vpip and pfr above 100% in pop up
  129. Import status not working/not showing
  130. Hand Viewer without content for party
  131. Hold'em Manager has encountered an internal SQL error reloaded !!!!!!!!!!!
  132. Import HH /doubles buyins
  133. HEM2 Marking losing hands as winners.
  134. Blitz.dll causes PokerStars sofware crash
  135. Session Length
  136. Hud background / border outline oversized for some players
  137. Replayer
  138. New Sessions/Hands aren't showing up until I restart HM
  139. Intermittent crashes
  140. No hud in tourneys and sit go.
  141. I can't install HEM2
  142. HM Sync demands every time a new login
  143. .7053 Stops archiving hands and tourney summaries.
  144. Active session tab does not open?
  145. HUD not displaying for some Merge tournaments since Merge update
  146. The first hand pokerstars bug on HEM 1
  147. hm2 dont start
  148. Prima net tournament NOT working table change
  149. Rakeback line on graph
  150. popup problem
  151. "Trny Stack Size" Popup Problem
  152. Hud not working on new everleaf skin
  153. HEM 2. New laptop: Serial Code is too short
  154. Various HUD issues / Hand Importing
  155. .NET framework
  156. Problem whith HUD when multitabling on Ongame.fr (HEM2)
  157. Active Session - Session summary errors... And others
  158. HM2 reports are missing or wrong
  159. PLO Tournaments not being reported correctly on Merge
  160. Stars-MTT: Stats of new players aren't updated
  161. 2 tournament bugs (weird!)
  162. HM2 Hud not working in microgaming network
  163. Tournaments starting with 27$ lack stats.
  164. Every hand played in MTT resets the Tournaments report.
  165. hud problems in pokestars zoom .es
  166. error message
  167. HUD stops working in MTT tables randomly
  168. tournament reports get stuck when changing alias
  169. Zoom HUD stopped working after creating new Database
  170. Database Maintenance destroyed ability to use database - why?
  171. Multiple bugs
  172. HM2 using ~70% cpu when hud is not working
  173. Euro tourneys on PartyPoker.es
  174. merge hud not working in some tables
  175. Replayer Stats?
  176. problem importing PARTY
  177. Hm1 error
  178. .7053 Hand viewer shows one winner only on splitted pots.
  179. Hud bugs import files from my friends
  180. Active Session, Session Summary, graph
  181. Several buggs/problem
  182. Are you really trying to solve problems or keep bug owners busy?
  183. Cake / Lock Bug when sitout and i'm back
  184. Failed to register, invalid serial key
  185. Valid lincense could not be obtain ???/
  186. Report tab didn't function anymore!
  187. HM2 Hud at ongame only works doing it manual everytime.
  188. Crush when click on opponents
  189. A couple big issues
  190. Database is more than 600 mb big but i dont get any stats
  191. Active session graph stretched out.
  192. HM2 crash immediately upon startup
  193. How to delete hands?
  194. Revolution Network - Bugs
  195. Net $ Winning is zero, despite of winnings
  196. Something Wrong with HUD Importing in Session & Delay in Sessions Tab Post Session
  197. overall HM2 performance
  198. Preferred seat and No hero Hud doesnt work at Zoom Poker
  199. HM2 License Failure
  200. PartyGaming: Error: Invalid limit/blind information in hand
  201. Hand importing- error
  202. Mark hands for review not showing up
  203. My HUD seems 'stuck' on showing *current session only* stats(??)
  204. Replayer showing 6Max hands as HU
  205. Stats often show up after 15 min.
  206. 4bet range stats seems to be higher than normal
  207. hud doesnt show all my hands
  208. HUD error when facing players with non-english name (Zoom)
  209. Reports Tournaments Error
  210. HM2 ZOOM HUD doesnt update player statistics
  211. 7126 - some stats are not correct
  212. Merge: No HUD for NL 100
  213. Not importing correct MTT field sizes from Pokerstars
  214. Luck based winnings exact same as actual
  215. Getting error when trying to manually import archived hands
  216. MTT, SNG results way off
  217. x of y large file have been processed
  218. Crashes on saving hud options
  219. HM2 licence registration problem !!!
  220. Player analysis returning 0 hands
  221. 'Tournaments' tab bug
  222. Tournament reports / Speed
  223. No HUD
  224. Problem importing/editing tournament stats (international settings)
  225. Bugs ev net won/lost graph et /hour
  226. different $ value
  227. purge old tournaments
  228. 7135 - randomly crashes - not responding
  229. Hyper Sng results not correct
  230. Cant export many tournaments hands
  231. 7148 freezes when clicking note icon
  232. Starting 6max tables on iPoker
  233. Players w/o stats, Zoom poker
  234. HM2 (vers. not working with PS.EU
  235. Hyper 6max reports
  236. Bug with tags?
  237. Winning empty
  238. Table scanner dll loader problem
  239. HM2 HUD not working with 888.es software
  240. Tounament ITM and/or Finish Distribution graph crashes (versions 7124+)
  241. BUGGED HU data
  242. Bug with VPIP/PFR ratio in autorate rules filters > or >= instead of < or <=
  243. Error report
  244. Multitable Bossmedia works wrong
  245. exporting hand via hand viewer from HUD (click on winner name) exports wrong hand
  246. HM2 - HUD not updated when a player changes
  247. HUD doesn't work because can't recognize name of table
  248. Please Help..... I Can't Run Session Due to Lag related to HM2/HUDfuncsapp/msmpeng
  249. HM2 was crashing, after 6 days of e-mail support now I can just no longer connect
  250. AutoImport Stop Working