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  1. White Box Around Table Before HUD starts importing
  2. [HM2] Very big bug, maybe 2 month and still alive!!
  3. Last 250 Hands - Bug
  4. Empty Reports after adding some stats
  5. last 3 hands, mucked cards both not showing
  6. $EV Diff and showdown allin EV line problems
  7. HM2 Startup Error
  8. Wrong All-in EV Graph (multi-way pot)
  9. More .NET Framework errors
  10. Ten seats Tables bugging in Ipoker Client
  11. Hero hud can't move to corner and where i find on going session details?
  12. Replayer ERROR
  13. Please get the basics right! HEM1 => HEM2 migration, missing over 10% of hands
  14. New VPP and Minutes Played stats are incorrect
  15. Scroll bars missing/not working
  16. Stars import no longer works
  17. Date Range Bug
  18. HUD options : hud filters, filter by date does not work
  19. starting import/hud issue
  20. Stars: hand stats are not changing while playing
  21. NullReferenceException
  22. HUD doesn't automaticaly start with everest.fr
  23. HUD "Waiting for Hands..."
  24. pacific poker 6max hands showing up as full ring
  25. Pokerstars: SNG Fifty50 turbos 1,5$ are listed as regular
  26. Color range for PFR stat on Table Averages popup is wrong
  27. No stats when player has special signs in name?
  28. Hand viewer percentages changing
  29. HUD issue 5max with 9max
  30. HUD mixed up!!!
  31. Opponent Hand Summaries
  32. Good evening ladies!
  33. Session start/end times off by 8hr on BOSS media
  34. Report Sessions by Day does not respect Day Start Time config
  35. Prima Network - Problem with HUD hands
  36. HMExportedTourneyResults from HM1 to HM2
  37. Incorrect Pokerstars Rake Calculation
  38. HM2 changes HH files upon archiving
  39. Hand replayer at the tables
  40. Purge messed up / Refresh not working / wrong display of data / ...
  41. Can't Import Notes from HM1 db
  42. Displaying last hand on table on Winamax.fr
  43. Popup Designer - PFR - Open Shoves 6 - 14bb Limpers
  44. Backup of playernotes buggy ?
  45. Framwork problem.
  46. Party bug
  47. Microsoft .Net Framwork
  48. HM sync doesn't work!?
  49. Another marked hands problem
  50. Backup don't work .6309
  51. more tournaments under "tournament results" than i played
  52. Extra lines added in .Report files when Refresh button is pressed
  53. Holdem replayer doesn't work
  54. HM2 :No report displayed in cash or tournament tab
  55. Player analysis: only one hand shown
  56. No HUD with Stars
  57. HUD crash
  58. Regional Settings and decimal points
  59. riopoker hands not importing since today
  60. Opponents flop filter
  61. HUD is sometimes not displayed
  62. High Card - No Overcards (showing tp/ovepair etc)
  63. HM2: Grouping of tournaments
  64. Session Length (minutes) total incorrect
  65. Imported hand isn't showing up in reports.
  66. HUD disappear when a player is sit out
  67. Why my HEM 2: Holdem and Pro combo doesnt have omaha HI in Player Analyst
  68. Omaha wrap filters don't work
  69. Session stats at Anonymous tables bug/slow change
  70. Replayer not showing 1 player hud
  71. River Fold IP
  72. HM2 not starting (confirmed bug)
  73. Couple of bugs I noticed
  74. Mipok - microgaming: Hand result not correct
  75. Trouble using with popups
  76. I think HEM2 is calculating/displaying AIEV incorrectly
  77. Winamax DON; not possible to filter
  78. HM2 Backup not working
  79. HUD (HM1) not wotk in Boss Media with not guaranteed touneys
  80. NO MinRaise stats!!!
  81. Opponents Tab
  82. Net$Won Stat Problem
  83. Filters "Player Won or Lost BBs" isnt work.
  84. Merge Tournaments with incorrect sizes, buyins, etc [6309]
  85. Merge Satellite Buyin wildly off (108k usd? No....)
  86. tournament tags
  87. DB Maintenance running for over 8 hours
  88. Backed up DB does not show ANY hands in reports after restore
  89. Importing database from PT3 problems
  90. missing stats and option
  91. (4501) Tournament Reports Bugs
  92. HM2 HUD isn't updating as I play on Pokerstars
  93. Stars Hyperturbo Sats 6-max winnings incorrect
  94. I can't see my hands
  95. since change to PS.EU HUD doesnt work, wont show .
  96. Section "Opponents" -> "Summaries"
  97. Major Report section Bug...please help...
  98. Bug - Importing Party Poker handhistorys
  99. HM2 Install Bug/Permission to write to C:
  100. Double click HUD problem
  101. HUD HH viewer always on top of everything
  102. HUD - Can't move popups
  103. Error getting login information
  104. Hud not working
  105. Individual marked hands categories don't appear in HEM2
  106. HUD not showing for all players
  107. None stat Popup Designer
  108. Impossible to view or write player notes since last update today
  109. Replayer issue
  110. HUd not working , please help .
  111. ev difference 100000 bbs...
  112. No Tournaments details and extremly laggy app
  113. Tournament reports bugs
  114. no session graphs
  115. HudFuncsApp.exe crashes
  116. Hands not being archive after 15 minutes / stats update slow sometimes
  117. opponents - player analysis
  118. my hud dosent work on party,, but works fine on IPOker ,,,plz help
  119. Marked hands confusion
  120. HUD stats difference from table to table
  121. Database export problem
  122. new user problem
  123. Active session - refresh problem
  124. Carbon poker tourneys HUD not working at all.....
  125. hm2 error adding new report
  126. iPoker
  127. PS Pound tables NO HUD?
  128. Custom tags don't save in hand viewer during the game
  129. Bug on notes
  130. HUD displaying at upper left corner of the tables at PokerStars
  131. Mucked cards problem
  132. HUD Popup freezes
  133. HM2 regularly crashes during the session.
  134. Bugs/request on HH viewer, note editor and replayer
  135. Replayer Framework crash...
  136. hm2 doesnt maximilize window after minimalizing
  137. .6384: added bugs
  138. Errors in pokerstars multi-table sng reports?
  139. Note Caddy Stat Color Coding
  140. really annoying problem
  141. Allin Preflop = False, Player Won or Lost BB is Bigger Than = X
  142. HM 2 for ongame IT
  143. HM2 Problems !!
  144. No more line "show rakeback and bonuses" on graph!
  145. Unibet (Prima) doesnt import hands with shown flop. HEM2
  146. HUD is missing hands
  147. Hud doesn't recognize new player in HU tables
  148. Microgaming import problems [moved from prima hud thread]
  149. HM and Ongame Lobby Freeze When I Use Live Tracking
  150. HUD crash - .6413
  151. HM2 doesn't connect to Postgres-Server
  152. Session TAB - Bug or anything else?
  153. HUD misses a lot of hands @ Microgaming
  154. Can't activate
  155. HM1 won't start up anymore
  156. HM2 wrong amount calculation with new Microgaming HH format
  157. Lock Poker stakes combined
  158. HUD is not updated in the tables
  159. .6384 Crash
  160. My problems with HM2 after Unibet Update
  161. Hud problem , not showing the corect positions
  162. Few annoyances in tournament reports tab
  163. Holdem manager 2 does not import hand histories (WPTpoker)
  164. problems with hands in database + last winning hands
  165. 'Exporting' text jumbled
  166. Winamax.fr and Hud bug (picture inside)
  167. great another bug , crushing now
  168. Mucked cards in hud on party not working
  169. Missing a Hand Value Filter: both Cards paired - Two Pair - Top Two Pair
  170. Badges disappear for no reason
  171. HUD is working, but Table Manager won't show up
  172. currentyl plaing $60 6 max event number 30 and HUD only imports 1 hand!!!! ???? Ahh!!
  173. Crashing during note taking in live play
  174. Active session not working anymore...
  175. PS 6max problem
  176. Multiple Panel problem
  177. Hud popups not working/ fresh install
  178. active session - session length
  179. won but negative BB's?
  180. Hero Saw river = true produces opposite result
  181. popup problems
  182. HUD stats keep resetting for certain players I play often
  183. HM1 and HM2 in Unibet show wrong results
  184. Effective stacks not working?
  185. Merge Netork tracked as incorrect Buy Ins
  186. HEM2 w PokerStars: HUD doesnt work on £ tables
  187. Donk Bet Stat dont take into account limp/calls
  188. 'HUD OPTIONS" btn laggy
  189. Merge tournaments - HUD shows session stats for Hero in certain tourneys
  190. bug with same nicknames
  191. HUD not working on Cake
  192. Hud display only few hands, after upgrade to 6470 version.
  193. Setup Wizard Crash
  194. Windows messed up.
  195. HM2 thinks villian is HERO?
  196. problems with new players HUD
  197. Tab reports! Hm2 crash reports with the addition
  198. Entration - Import Hand Problem - MTT with ante
  199. HUD [Ongame] Not Working !!!!
  200. Leak Buster Report
  201. Auto apply filters to all reports
  202. Filter all reports to this session
  203. Everest.fr poker Late tournament NO HUD
  204. Time taken for settings backup
  205. HEM2 Data base gone
  206. 6483 popup definitions messed up
  207. HEM player details last 250 and last 1000 works but ''all' doesnt.
  208. Zoom hands not importing in 6483
  209. Reports are disappearing
  210. Today´s HEM2 Update mess up
  211. HUD doesn't work
  212. Ongame HUD do not display stats from database and current stats is not updating.
  213. Reports tab is gone after .6483 update
  214. Microgaming multitable HUD problem
  215. NSIS Error
  216. Different HUD to Hero and to others players
  217. Manual Import Errors
  218. Hand copy to clipboard error
  219. HM2 is in a Stop ang go
  220. $100 Hyper Turbo Net Winnings not working properly.
  221. Messed up new update & zoom poker play money
  222. ongame last hand winner bug
  223. 2 windows instead of one
  224. ZOOM Manual Import workaround ~ .6483
  225. Problem with stakes and tag count in sng tournaments
  226. Replayer HUD blinks
  227. Popups outside the screen
  228. PS.fr - No HUD for new players on table
  229. HUD Options don't allow Font-Size 10 in HEM2
  230. Settings restore not working
  231. Filter problem
  232. 4 bet range and fold to 4 bet not working.
  233. Imported some datamined hands HUD is not shoWing hands for some regs
  234. Everest: seating preference not activated
  235. CPU utilisation + EV bugs
  236. Note on hand not being saved from Hand Viewer
  237. wrong session lenght summary
  238. Auto update
  239. missed sessions in reports
  240. Sort by absolute bb does not work in reports
  241. Live tracking on Stars does not work anymore after update
  242. Backup restoring half a database
  243. Hm2 not updating
  244. Filter all Reports to this session bug
  245. HM2 just stops working
  246. W$ last 5, 10 , 15 mins stats
  247. I cant resize "HUD Options" window anymore
  248. Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs
  249. Net Frameworks errors in version .6518
  250. ThirtyTwoBitIPC.exe hat ein Problem festgestellt und muss beendet werden.