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  1. HUD on Cake tournaments
  2. Call CB=Call CB IP=Call CB OOP
  3. Call CB=Call CB IP=Call CB OOP
  4. Wrong Bonus calculate
  5. Hm2 Instalation error(HudFuncsApp.exe)
  6. HM window opens behind table
  7. Active session not updating properly
  8. Hud on stars
  9. Graph of tournament, however I want for cash game
  10. Cash Reports Tab: Show or Hide the Results Graph Filter Change Update Bug
  11. Cash Reports Tab: Show or Hide the Results Graph Filter Change Update Bug
  12. changing a tournament data
  13. multiple bugs
  14. Backup does not work
  15. Colors HUD NC.Stats
  16. HUD doen't start in replayer
  17. Hand Import and HUD not working on danish sites??
  18. Hand viewer equity bug
  19. HM2 - River Skipped CB stats don't appear on the popup
  20. Active Sessions -> HM2 imports few observed hands and stops.
  21. Active session replayer bug & missing hands
  22. HMSync eroor
  23. all stop working on start
  24. 3 stats not showing up in reports
  25. Imported my HEM1 database - recent LHE hands showing as NLH
  26. HM.com Website Login problems with HM sync and MY HM2
  27. Seating Preferences option fails
  28. Replayer shows 6max as Full-ring
  29. Opponent Tab Sorting Lines problem.
  30. HM2 shuts down, right after starting up
  31. Street-By-Street HUD not working with Nova Themes
  32. Opponents Tab: Min Hands
  33. Basic Filters Relative position BUG
  34. show know hole cards problem at ongame
  35. hud number of hands messed up at ongame
  36. Last hand window popping up off screen
  37. Can't see hud at table and no results in report
  38. Note caddy crash my hm2
  39. can't see stats for players with more than 20k hands
  40. HM2, Error Report Window
  41. hole cards and community cards are not shown when clicking last hand
  42. HUD "waiting for hands"
  43. HEM 2 crashes on Windows XP SP3
  44. Hands not in history
  45. Player Won or Loss BBs filter doesn't work properly
  46. HEM2 Crashes at Startup
  47. SnG duration is wrong on Mansion Poker (IPoker)
  48. Ipoker MTT's HUD not lining up properly
  49. HUD doesn't show statistic for some nicknames. Pokerstars
  50. HEM2 Problem with hands HUD differs from Active session hands
  51. After latest update HEM2 crushes
  52. Graphic bug with the latest HEM2 version
  53. Filter for # players not adusting for HU
  54. Wrong tagging for SnG at PartyPoker, User tag not working
  55. Very important!! WTSD stat wrong counting
  56. Can't update HEM.
  57. Holdemmanager 2 crashed
  58. HEM2 missing tons of cbet hands I think
  59. HEM2 keeps freezing my PC
  60. HUD coming through on Winamax.fr
  61. Player notes
  62. Last hand winners open wrong hand when Settings/Hud select active
  63. Popup goes out of the screen
  64. Very annoying main pop-up bug and solution
  65. Cbet Success Report not working after update.
  66. Color backgrounds in the popup manager is a big mess
  67. Hud problem
  68. Winning Summary doesn't show winnings
  69. missing hands on Poker subito (microgaming)
  70. Table List doesn´t sort by numerical values
  71. EV Adjusted
  72. Can't get Holdem Manager 2 to load
  73. HM2: can't run many features on Ongame (bwin.it)
  74. HM2 + ongame SNG
  75. Ongame: one Player's stats not shown
  76. Table finder does not recognize any windows
  77. wrong placing of stats when multitabling on merge
  78. Lost Table during MTT
  79. Imports...
  80. Hand Notes bug and Flop Hand Strength Report bug
  81. Tourney Summary - Avarage duration is wrong
  82. EV does not match the graph in sessions + LB error
  83. Problem with popup position (please do something!)
  84. Startup error - config failed to initialize
  85. Something wierd with the graphs
  86. Replayer opens same hand
  87. Holdem Manager closed unexpectedly
  88. Mucked card history incorrect
  89. iPoker, manual result issue
  90. Player Analysis Bug - Notes do not correspond to stats
  91. tourney summary - Tags wrong
  92. Party Poker Update //// HEM2 can't read Tourneys/SnGs properly
  93. Doesnt accept my serial numbers for registration.
  94. Raise cb wrong data
  95. MTT HUD disappear while playing
  96. No pre-flop "called" option in the line analysis tool
  97. Bugs: Cbet Single RSd IP/OOP, Filter by Bet Size
  98. Admin Required
  99. HEM2 importing few hands each for a seperate session
  100. HEM2 Prima winning pots
  101. issue with river call efficiency
  102. hold em manager wont work on pokerstars
  103. Winnings bug?
  104. HEM will not open
  105. bugs/suggestions with hand history viewer
  106. Hm2 dont import hands
  107. HM2 not showing correct stats
  108. error in full ring positional report???
  109. ongame 2 problem with marking hands
  110. getting sick of holdem manager
  111. Replayer - Lags so much
  112. freeze
  113. "watch last hand" opens outside of monitor
  114. HUD doesn't update player statistics
  115. bug: Custom Windows 7 visual themes are not applied to the HM2 Window
  116. cant export hands from HM2 back to HM1
  117. HeM2 IPoker Hands
  118. Hud doesn't work with new Winamax release
  119. Holecards filter performance issue
  120. All In Preflop and Player Won or Lost BB is Greater than X Filter Failure
  121. Wow...why
  122. HEM2 crashes on startup
  123. HM2 doesn't get Bwin.fr mucked card at SD while it get UnibetFR ones
  124. HMsync problem: error logging in
  125. HM2 Backup doesn't work
  126. HUD in replayer - HU PLO hands on ipoker detected as 6max
  127. HUD: Multiple panels bug
  128. HM2: can't display HUD on Ongame (Heypoker.com)
  129. HM Sync doesn't get tourney results
  130. Replayer windows pupping up?
  131. Stat problem
  132. HM doesn't realiz preferred seat in Cake-Network
  133. Bug in drawing the EV line.
  134. Equity in HH not always shown
  135. HM2 forgets the settings for "Seating preferences" every 5-10 minutes
  136. Frezzes when 2tableing and notetaking
  137. BB/100 sum way off
  138. $/hour gives different number any time I refresh
  139. Don't have 'Sessions' under 'More Reports'
  140. Error with HMSync - Again.
  141. Live tracking Stars no HH
  142. HUD does not load the stats
  143. Problem login
  144. Schedule changes when you click refresh.
  145. HEM2 will not start up. get fatal error message when I click on icon
  146. EV graph
  147. bug on tournament report : hands appears in spite of advanced filters
  148. pokerstars bug
  149. Notes Bug
  150. mucked cards only shown 10-20% of showdowns
  151. report not showing hero cards
  152. Merge, on grid, not stats
  153. Holdem Manager Stoped Working
  154. Icon not showing
  155. couple of bugs
  156. Cant see any hands and HUD isnt working
  157. Bug in marking last hand winners
  158. Huge error in Hand Value Filter
  159. Stars $30 hyper turbo HU SNG not showing up
  160. No mucked cards display at showdown (microgaming)
  161. No BET/CALLl lines available in player analysis
  162. Can't refresh active sessions
  163. stat not working: fold to CBet 4Bet pot
  164. HM2 not working correctly with PKR
  165. HUD -> Hand window issue with 2 monitors.
  166. Opponents tab doesnt show any players (Unibet)
  167. hud stats switching sides confusing me while im on more than 3-4 tables
  168. HM2 leaves a ghost image every tiem I open it up
  169. Tournament results empty
  170. Graph Art
  171. Tilt bustercash session graph
  172. HUD won't update for individual players
  173. Reports not working
  174. HM2 log in problem??
  175. No HUD on rebuy tables on Merge
  176. 2 bugs with hud
  177. Replayer wont load hands in "Reports"
  178. Uncorrect HUD information (PokerClub - Italy)
  179. HUD On 1 table in 20 will not align properly
  180. HUD Filters max 4 months olds, however get all hands and differences in reports
  181. Positive Net Won, negative bb/100 using filters?
  182. No stats for home games at Stars since some days
  183. PokerStars SNG's - HUD does not refresh
  184. cash result graph
  185. Player HUD bug
  186. Reports: Moving stats doesnot work; and title disaappear
  187. Bad winnings, bad # of hands, bad everything?
  188. No Progress Indicator when "Start Import"
  189. HEM 2 using so much memory that the PokerStars client crashes
  190. HUD bugs @ Microgaming
  191. Installer Integrity
  192. MTT on 888
  193. $EV Diff is displayed wrong
  194. Purge not working?
  195. WTS Bug in HUD
  196. Conflicted results
  197. HM2 Error
  198. Position report bug
  199. unable to move the hud all over the table...why?
  200. PS 6max hyper turbo sat 3rd winnings is incorrect
  201. Sessions by day report bug?
  202. No Overall report available in more reports
  203. Database optimization error
  204. Merge tournament IDs messed up at import in HEM 2
  205. HUD problems
  206. Trial updated > could not launch HM2
  207. Auto Update Notice shows is available but already installed
  208. Line Analysis. How can this be possible?
  209. Microsoft .NET Framework error all the time since update
  210. Funny reports bug
  211. Report Bug
  212. Problem with boss buyins/hud and pacific
  213. has to restart HUD to get stats on new players at the table
  214. Popup covered by HUD
  215. "restricted hands" bug after latest update
  216. Auto Update Notice says: HM2 is running, please close it and try again
  217. Poker Maximus satallite events NO HUD
  218. Problem with PS 18 man results
  219. Super turbo bug not fixed
  220. Net winnings bug
  221. Merge Lock Poker Import Hands Incorrectly, imports wrong, EV Adjusted
  222. The buyin filter for tournaments is not working
  223. HUD position is wrong when table is not full
  224. Column Length Problems
  225. New Stars VPP Bug
  226. .Net Framework errors
  227. No HUD for MTT SNGs on Party Poker
  228. BB/100 results way off
  229. Can't filter tournaments by stakes
  230. Bugs in HUD Replayer
  231. Reports : Tournament Results empty display
  232. Hud Bug Nova Theme preferred seat
  233. Graph Results Display Problem
  234. Hand History / Summary in HUD popup is blank
  235. Hud Flashes.
  236. HM2 don't respond
  237. no 6th hud in Boss network (Paradise poke)
  238. Very short sessions
  239. HM2: Blank screen? white, then Black
  240. No HUD with Party.fr
  241. HM not showing the hands of sessions
  242. !! A software problem caused holdem manger to closed unexpectedly
  243. Player Analysis feature not working correctly
  244. List of bugs
  245. HUD not updating hands for just 1 player on table. Every other player is fine
  246. Bug in party
  247. HUD stats mixed up!
  248. Opponent Summary Full of errors
  249. omaha hole cards filter
  250. Getting only sessionstats from some opponents in the HUD