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  1. no HUD on speedholdem ipoker
  2. No results with Network database
  3. Can\t open notes
  4. ongame sng tracking does not work
  5. HUD keeps crashing frequently
  6. preflop positional awareness doesn't works
  7. filters = missing tournament results
  8. Hud Stats for Table scanner problem
  9. Column in Session Tab doesnt end
  10. Active Session and Reports freezing during sessions
  11. Export Hand from Replayer not Working - Index out of range
  12. HUD crashes at zoom when hands dealt with empty seats.
  13. Replayer bugged?
  14. Errors on Ipoker 4 max DONs reports
  15. Huge lag/bug after last notecaddy update
  16. rush hud cant count big blinds
  17. .7740 888.es (pacific) tourneys duration wrong values
  18. Zoom/HM2 problems
  19. Lost Sessions TAB on Reports
  20. Rush bug .7742 - show hero huds
  21. hud not working on Ipoker speed poker
  22. update to 7742 only updated to 7725, hud not working
  23. rush hud mtt stats are wrong
  24. NO stats for new players or in new table
  25. Hud Filter Bug for Zoom when table is not full
  26. Trouble with stats playing PLO Zoom.
  27. HUD switching on Microgaming talbes
  28. $Ev diff not showing, remains at cero.
  29. iPoker SNG error in Reports
  30. hud not work on zoom tables 7742
  31. No import on FTP
  32. Went to showdown
  33. no hud on zoom tables
  34. Red Line and Tournament Bug
  35. ev calculate wrong???
  36. Showing wrong HUD in Replayer
  37. Look import but hud no work
  38. Board texture filters don't work
  39. Tourney M - Showing wrong values!!!
  40. Replayer freezes
  41. HUD not working in NL25 ZOOM (.es)
  42. Installer don't work, incorrect path
  43. "No hero hud"
  44. HUSNG on Stars
  45. 888poker (pacific) and rebuy+add-on HM2
  46. Database Maanger: hm1 import by date doesn't work
  47. Speed Holdem IPoker, HUD is moving at each hand
  48. incorrect reports Pokerstars SnG 180man
  49. cant track any hand
  50. Wrong equity calculation.
  51. Multi site
  52. Report 'by stakes' broke since last update
  53. Won/hr calculated incorrect
  54. rakeback edit = crash
  55. Full Tilt Rush poker - can not remove Herro hud
  56. Download Issue: HEM2 Wont Update
  57. Showdown cards appear on zoom tables
  58. HUD blink OR PokerStars hotkey disable
  59. HUD appears with no stats (HM2)
  60. BarrierePoker.fr, problems with net winnings concerning 8-players DON
  61. Visula C command stopped to funtion
  62. [] Tournament Winnings Graph EV (by day/month)
  63. BarrierePoker.fr / HUD not working
  64. HM2 doesnt start anymore
  65. "Opponents" tab makes the application crash
  66. Marking hands problem
  67. Winamax DoN
  68. PokerStars "Run It Twice" bug
  69. mucked card position
  70. No more hud on Party.fr & PMU.fr
  71. HM Sync constantly aborts
  72. Cant register hm2 randomly
  73. Problems with HUD in 888poker.es
  74. My HM2 doenst come up ffs. plz help fast.
  75. Actions/lines missing ub Opponents->Player Analysis tool
  76. HUD w no hands
  77. rake of ruby MTT not correct
  78. Problems installing HM2, special regard to PostgreSQL
  79. hm2 by stakes tab only recognizes one stake if set to "today", everything else is ok
  81. Problem with HM2 in pokerstars sng&mtts
  82. Winamax MTT results are wrong
  83. Line analysis
  84. PS HUD : wrong number of hand.
  85. Can't start HEM2 (even after reinstall)
  86. Flush draw on the turn missing in "Board Texture" filters
  87. Bonuses incorrectly included
  88. Tournament Tagging
  89. Game type changing in opponents->player analysis
  90. assaultware.controls.dll
  91. HM2 out of nowhere cannot connect to Postgres
  92. Sessions not transfered to 2nd PC after HM sync
  93. sessions by day bugged
  94. Trial: A few bugs
  95. full tilt - new to the game - sng's no report
  96. Pokerstars ZOOM opponent analysis returns 0 hands.
  97. Turbopoker DON no winnings recorded
  98. 888 tracking and ftp tracking doesnt work
  99. Full Tilt import incomplete hands
  100. HUD not working for LOCK
  101. Zoom HUD HM2 no work correctly
  102. Winnings bug
  103. EV bug
  104. An issue you seems to be very weak at
  105. Databases keep disapearing
  106. Partial HUD on Cake
  107. HEM2 Won't Start
  108. in correct merge results and buyins
  109. cannot edit rebuys
  110. Bug? Table goes black every once in a while
  111. PKR Omaha H/L fault
  112. No Stats on HUD for Player with special signs
  113. Hand selection bug
  114. Active session and steal popup
  115. Report refresh bug - 7785
  116. Couple of big problems
  117. .7785 Royal Flushes appear as "Straight flush" in Hand At Showdown (Detailed) report.
  118. Steal filter in By Stakes Report only displays certain stakes
  119. Stars hud not appearing on some tables
  120. .7785 HUD on 1 table goes to the back of the table. HUD restart needed
  121. prima hud
  122. Image Fragments from HUD/Hand Viewer
  123. party missing seat messes hud
  124. Tournament winnings graph not showing correct profit
  125. hud don t work on winamax.fr
  126. Tournament Results Report doesn´t show chips columns.
  127. Active Session Summary (Tournament), doesn´t show ¨Luck Adjusted winnings¨
  128. mass tabling too much?
  129. Common HM2 mistakes
  130. Report/hands missing
  131. 4 Bet stats seem to be a bit erratic.
  132. Average $ USD/Hr not showing @ Sessions' tab.
  133. Replayer HUD on 5-handed tables
  134. Speed from PS TS overrides user-selected speed
  135. 888 poker / 6-max considered as FR
  136. Potential Malware issue
  137. hud party FF tables
  138. HM2/ Full Tilt- HUD problem in LHE MTT
  139. Hud Hands seems capped
  140. Tournament winning graph is totally incorrect
  141. Difference between graph and stats
  142. Hud not showing up on my Unibet client
  143. Reports not showing
  144. Party poker No hud
  145. position and preflop action bug
  146. Bug on Cake Poker on SNG 1.5 USD + 0.10 or 0.20 rake
  147. recent hand window crashing
  148. cant move hud
  149. FTP - Reports Heads Up SNG
  150. Settings/HUD select menu out off screen
  151. HUSNG reports incorrect on BOSS and PKR
  152. HM2 HUD confuses tables, when other softver clients are ope
  153. HUD Issue
  154. Microgaming - hands not importing sometimes
  155. HU Turbo SnG FullTilt
  156. no hands in HM2 from PS / HUD worked fine
  157. 6-max SnG Winnings on Betfair iPoker
  158. Replayer jumping ahead of hands (MTT)
  159. HUD in HU SNG FTP doesnot work
  160. Missing €EV Difference
  161. Upgrading from 77xx -> 78xx ruins Luck Adjusted feature [EV showing same as winnings]
  162. ASAP !!! I LOST MY ADMIN PERMISSION the HM2 install - windows 8
  163. HUD missing in 888 Poker 9max and 10max Fullring cashgame
  164. Hud issue perhaps since beta?
  165. No HUD w/pokerstars.fr
  166. Note window doesnt work anymore
  167. Popup designer
  168. Hud config
  169. calc error Std deviation bb/100
  170. Problem with first installation
  171. Tons of PostgreSQL errors in Event Logs
  172. HEM2 draws some weird lines on the poker table
  173. HUD problem Pokestar (Seating Preferences not saved)
  174. Unable to tweet hands from HEM2 or HEM2 app
  175. iPoker Speed, HUD stats showing up in the wrong seats
  176. Corrupt HUD
  177. Different figures from HUD to Popup
  178. BUG: IPoker hand import error on $2+0.40 Dirty Dozen Jackpot
  179. HUD Unibet not right
  180. Hud lagging behind on FTP Rush
  181. I-Poker Cashier
  182. HUD display goes awol from time to time
  183. "Can't use removed object. Name of the object: MouseForm"
  184. Popup Designer -> typing field name takes forever
  185. no stats in replayer
  186. Missed hand on 888
  187. .7822 Phantom 31/12/9999 tourney..... again
  188. Hm2 not importing some hands at stars
  189. Problems with sng expresso of winamax
  190. Freshly installed Hem2 takes ages to start up
  191. Not able to login HEM
  192. Error using "copy with stats"
  193. Assembly validation failed.
  194. Winning network missing hands
  195. BUG: Assembly validation failed
  196. Zoom doesn't work
  197. Editing Tournaments - How to?
  198. tiny appearance bug in purge screen for ante games
  199. Issue with HUD while playing multiple MTTs on Full Tilt
  200. Ps 6 stt hyper turbo
  201. Reproducable Partypoker crash when closing HM2
  202. ipoker winnings graph
  203. Wrong currency in overlay when viewing Cash Results Graph (?)
  204. .7822 Stop and restart of hand import crashes partypoker client.
  205. wrong EV
  206. Fast forward problem with stats
  207. PokerStars Seating
  208. PS summaries not imported anymore.
  209. Tournament Showing wrong Winnings
  210. Ipoker: No tourney summary for Heads Up SNG's
  211. IPN/SportingBet: SNG's are reported as 11 +1(euro) when I am playing 15.75 and 21's
  212. ThirtytwoBitPC.EXE is detected like a virus by AVG
  213. Tournaments winning graph
  214. HEM slowing down computer
  215. Missing hands
  216. Rush HUD doesn't work since latest Fulll Tilt update 02/08/2013
  217. Wrong HUD popping up during FTP rush play
  218. Ipoker (poker770 specifically) rebuy loss hands not imported
  219. HUD of players into sit out or players come in new in table no refresh
  220. can i undo the last update?
  221. No stats for 1 player at Zoom
  222. Jumping too much hands ahead while reviewing
  223. Cap games at WPN network
  224. names not aligned properly on Ipoker
  225. Importing Hands - Unibet
  226. Winamax wrong net winnings
  227. Hm icon broken how to fix?
  228. HM2 PKR PLO8 recorded as if PLO
  229. Tournament Results after HM Synch
  230. Hud statistics jumping around..
  231. problems with serial number
  232. Live tracking in BET365?
  233. Session Tab bug
  234. ZOOM HUD not working, other tables fine
  235. HUD doesn't show on FTP
  236. 3th place not correct
  237. Notes popup didn't refresh anymore
  238. Many ''not finished'' tourneys HM1
  239. A missing hand from a session
  240. Bug with river bet stat?
  241. Holdem manager 2 memory leak
  242. Error message HudFuncsApp2 has stopped working
  243. AI EV graph false
  244. Race Report completely wrong?
  245. Replayer is working very slow
  246. 2 Problems with HM2: tournament report problems and a importing hand problem
  247. Stars 6max sngs as unfinished
  248. HUD on replayer
  249. hm2 using all available Ram Memory until it totally freezes the computer
  250. HUD in Replayer not working