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  1. no reports and no sessions in active session for turbopoker.fr
  2. popups covered by hud since last update
  3. Reporting games incorrectly
  4. Losses as wins in Winamax
  5. Notes window inside weird (/ repaints wrong area ?!)
  6. street-by-street layout bug
  7. Import not working correctly?
  8. HUD not workin on OnGame MTT
  9. Bug? HM2 database bbgroup_id?
  10. .7318 Partypoker.es session showing losses but positive bbs winnings
  11. Database Error
  12. Wrong net winnings/ITM
  13. H.M. + PostgreSQL 9.2.1 : Impossible to import hands
  14. HM2 do not import Ideal poker hhs
  15. HH viewer
  16. Wrong Winnings Report Merge Super Turbos
  17. HUD for 5max Table on Pokerstars
  18. No HUD PLO pokerstars SnG
  19. HM2 Hand grid loses sort order after marking hand for review
  20. HM2 7318 freezes on exit if hand player is open
  21. Unable to use HM2 for SNG reports (PS)
  22. HUD of a specific player
  23. replayer+HUD bug
  24. sng turbo 1 euro bug 3°position
  25. Strange crashing problem
  26. Hud not working anymore on PartyPoker.fr network
  27. PKR Network/Table finder MTT?
  28. Mucked Cards not showing
  29. .7318 Bounties not added to winnings
  30. Hud on winamax issue
  31. HM2 start up crash.
  32. error importing winamax hands
  33. Sorry, postgreSQL could not be installed.
  34. more and more errors
  35. .7318 888.es winnings not reported
  36. HM1 Zoom player stats arent showing up on time
  37. Duration error
  38. PostgreSQL causing BSOD?
  39. HUD does not stop resizing
  40. HUD filter not working. Show last x hands
  41. Street by stree HUD stop working
  42. HEM2 Popup leaves a ghost image blocking my tables.
  43. Marking a hand for review resets sorting in overall report
  44. Incorrect iPoker rake calculation in HEM2
  45. PS: no import/HUD at new run-it-twice table
  46. HUD doesn't work on Run it Twice table.
  47. license
  48. Different result on "Tournament Results" and "Tournaments" tabs
  49. Incorrect tournament duration for HyperTurbo HU SNG
  50. PLO Hyper Turbo ev problems
  51. Latest HEM 1 version does not show WINAMAX HTSNG results
  52. Ocapacity of Popups
  53. PKR crashes while HUD is allways on top
  54. Turbopoker: HUD works first, but stops after a while
  55. Updated Holdem manager and now it won't work, asking to create new database! Help Plz
  56. switching from tournament report tab to cash
  57. MTT hud problems on 888
  58. 1st HEM2 install, DB creation ok, but when HEM2 opens, it says it can't connect on it
  59. HM2 so many problems and i didnt find solutions yet!
  60. Activation problem
  61. HEM2 crashing when I open Sessions tab in the reports section
  62. Weird, unexplanable problems in HM2
  63. Filter "Player Won or Lost bbs is between" not working
  64. cpu problems!
  65. Can't update HEM1 from 1.12.09 to latest version
  66. can't select 80-90% of the time the hand in the selection menu
  67. HM1 recently updated, but fails every time i try and open it...
  68. Report section PROBLEM
  69. Hud only showing up on 1 table during several MTT on Winamax.fr
  70. Adjusted EV graph shows no change..
  71. PKR huds not showing - hands currently beeing imported
  72. Gioco online italia (bigpoker)
  73. Auto "unsort" Tournaments / Tournaments Report
  74. Active session do not refresh; have to pass over reports
  75. Partypoker and HM2 HUDs - problems in 10 handed and 6 handed tables
  76. Holdem manager (1) not working correcty
  77. Most Advanced filters only apply to Hero
  78. Flashing/blinking HUD
  79. Graphical bug under Reports
  80. New Fulltilt hyperturbo 6 max & HEM 2
  81. a lot of Bossmedia.it hand was no imorted
  82. Full Tilt Duplicate Hands Problem
  83. FTP HH are stored in Stars Folder
  84. microgaming HUD betsafe poker black is on the wrong table
  85. full tilt problem
  86. Full tilt: last hand winners
  87. HM2: Rush Tourney, stats of wrong players shown
  88. Error in popup stat: Flop cb - reraise 3BetPot
  89. HEM 1 doesnt show tourney results
  90. Tables freeze randomly until resized
  91. Full Tilt: Tourney results missing, graph is on Zero
  92. HM2 working properly for anyone?
  93. HUD goes behind replayer ?
  94. HUD has to be reactualized with PMU
  95. popup stats Flop check-fold(call,raise) - 3bet pot OOP bug
  96. HM2 freezes at launch - even after uninstall--> install
  97. HEM2 not importing all hands from HEM1 database (or maybe i'm just dumb)
  98. HUD with crazy stats, PFR > VPIP
  99. Manual import stopped working
  100. Giant file log.txt
  101. Ftp rush hud problem
  102. Enormous file size in Postgre SQL folder
  103. Can't access reports
  104. Crash going to Report Tab
  105. Sessions Tab Missing
  106. Player analysis returning 0 hands
  107. HUD Doesn't work on FTP 200k Guaranteed
  108. Seating Preferences Bug
  109. HUD problem
  110. HUD won't work on Full Tilt RUSH w/my HM1
  111. 500k Hs in database, HUD crashs after a while
  112. HUD dont work on FTP's rush
  113. Bug HM2 with my new computer
  114. Tournament Chip-EV wrong
  115. Stars+FT HH issue
  116. Stats arent included
  117. db import bug
  118. Hud not work in rush cash game
  119. Rush Poker STT problems
  120. HM2 - 7599 - definitions not alphabetically
  121. Copy hand to clipboard , error converting hand in 2+2
  122. Ev wrong?
  123. Active Session does not refresh
  124. Can't get HUD working on FTP
  125. Hands imported multiple times
  126. .7599 888.es bounties not added to winnings
  127. Different € euro/hour values + session length
  128. Fold to Cbet Stats Incongruence
  129. News About Rush Poker STT/MTT issues?
  130. Wrong EV with dead money in pot
  131. Replayer won`t show stats sometimes
  132. HUD not working in tourney table, but works in sng
  133. Strange problems with FTP on demand sng
  134. Times hh's wrong
  135. Hm2 crashed, stopped importng
  136. Issues with Hud working period on Stars, and Full-tilt rush huge issues as well.
  137. 7318 - Cash Result Graphs show different results than reports
  138. Problems with HUD on 24poker
  139. Hand Viewer hangs my computer
  140. Tournament Editor not working
  141. Raise 1st bug in HUD popup
  142. Full Tilt: Seating preferences are not saved!
  143. 1 HUD missing on table
  144. hm2 Hud not working for zoom
  145. Effective stack filter doesn't work properly
  146. Stars run-it-twice: no % / no EV calculation
  147. Tournament Results tab
  148. Full Tilt Rush: Hands importing multiple times
  149. All In EV calculation wrong when shortstack
  150. Reports tab crashes
  151. problem with HM2
  152. EverLeaf HUD not working
  153. HUD popups not working on Replayer
  154. Hyper turbo results are wrong
  155. Sessions of 10 minutes last over one hour...
  156. Pacific/888 Hud not working after client update
  157. Unable to send hands to mobile device
  158. Starting problem
  159. graph and sessions tab for cash games show different results
  160. .7628 All MTT tournaments reported as 10 seats in 888.es
  161. Hud shoving stats delayed @ Stars.
  162. ZOOM poker HUD display correctly first hand only.
  163. hm2 7628: PokerStars - no Hud on cash NL Holdem "Run it twiсe" tables
  164. Problems with SnG party.fr
  165. Cursor jumps back to first row in reports tab view
  166. mucked cards
  167. .7628 Pokerstars(.es) bounties not added to winnings (again)
  168. .7628 Phantom 31/12/9999 appers in pacific and pokerstars tournament reports.
  169. HUD 'Waiting for hands'
  170. FTP - Rush on Demand - 7628 - Note Caddy Notes Dont Appear
  171. HM2 - 7628 - Net Winnings in Usd and Roi in Rush tournments
  172. yet another bug with ftp mtt
  173. Hud not appearing on wpt
  174. Delayed Popups
  175. 7633 - HUD in Zoom starts at 3rd hand
  176. problems with HM connecting to database server
  177. HUD Drawing to wrong window (PokerStars)
  178. Hm2 Crash on "reprts"
  179. hm2 freezing when opening a HH while playing
  180. iPoker SnG data, after hm1 update totally wrong
  181. Incorrect working of HUD Filters
  182. FTP Rush not working
  183. Call vs hero stats always 0
  184. Wrong tags
  185. Won/Hr Average
  186. HUD Data components add BUG
  187. Fifty50 pokerstars bugs
  188. HUD position changes at different tables!
  189. missing(delayed) tournament results
  190. Hero HUD not appearing on Rush tables
  191. 1$ ( 0.86c+14c) FT SNG not recognized
  192. Stats don't appear correctly in the report
  193. New HM2 Installation - Autoimport still enabled as default
  194. Unimportable files keep giving errors
  195. Pop ups are bugged ater update.
  196. Hand Viewer: Export Function(s) copies wrong HH
  197. Wrong stats on speed poker vs shortstackers
  198. sng 0.84+0.16 buy in non visualizzati
  199. Column widths not saved in reports
  200. Bug vs3Bet
  201. Some widgets cannot be removed
  202. update2007635 hm2
  203. "Line Taken" not working any more with v2.0.0.7635
  204. Empty reports
  205. Players Columns Edit crash
  206. iPoker Speed Hold'em not working anymore...
  207. Fold to 3bet by position not working in HUD
  208. Database shrinks
  209. .7635 Stat bug
  210. Tournament stack size report
  211. 7649 NC stats not displayed
  212. Manual Hand Import does not work
  213. Update resets HUD bb's filter
  214. Microgaming HUD at hu sngs
  215. problem with full tilt MTT stats not displaying
  216. "Do not show this message again" - rush games notice doesn't work
  217. hud stat apperance average stack
  218. .7635 always crash after a awhile
  219. Session Stats not visible
  220. CO fold to 3bet OOP is wrong
  221. Slow performance and Hud in replayer problem
  222. Editing tournaments problem and tournament summary error
  223. 7651. No more the "Position" filter.
  224. FTP HU SNG Problem
  225. HEM2 crashes when selecting some reports
  226. Hands showing up in "Overall" report, but not in "Sessions by Table" report
  227. [7651] Filter Problem with FTP
  228. Fulltilt Rush HUD
  229. Hem2 downloads smth on startup
  230. HM2 doesn't import my hands
  231. HM2+Rush problem
  232. .7651 Partypoker.es wrong buyin reported 1.05+0.10 rake instead of 0.85E+0.15
  233. Flop Texture -> Turn Card Rank Producing Unexpected Results
  234. zoom poker ps
  235. notes freeze all tables
  236. $/hr stat
  237. Some player notes disappearing completely!?
  238. 4 Bet stats do not load up
  239. Rush Poker On demand , caddy notes not showed
  240. Donk bet flop quick filter
  241. Massive bugs making hem2 unfunctionable.
  242. Reports/graph refresh not working
  243. HM2 gets stuck
  244. Missing Session selection in reports
  245. import and dont understand where is my reports
  246. My Bugs & suggestions summary
  247. no hand histories with prima
  248. FTP rush tourney
  249. Stats missing
  250. export data from report Failed