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  5. wtf
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  7. Also 'Custom Hand Editor' problems
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  9. NASH-ranges
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  11. SnG Wiz 2 error saying Im in BB when Im not
  12. Issues with checks and X's
  13. where can I find the "ICM" button from HEM2
  14. Graph - Hero Hand Range x Opponent Hand Range
  15. SnG Wizard 2 is not saving the "oponent models"
  16. SnG wizard lags/runniGng really slow/not responding
  17. how do i get the wiz to show just the "error" hands like sngwiz1 did?
  18. Status Error
  19. Replayer doesn't work
  20. Question about SitNGo Wizard
  21. Error when sending hands to sitngo wizard
  22. downgrading to SNGwiz1 through HM2 app
  23. SNGWiz question before purchase
  24. Import Problems
  25. SnGWiZ vs SngWiz2
  26. Bug in HM2 with SnGWiz2
  27. Huge FGS (Future Game Simulations)
  28. work with satellite's and rebuys/addons
  29. Latest sng wiz version?
  30. opponent ranges when reviewing hand history
  31. can you please add the 8 man don format in sng wiz for WPN
  32. can you please add the new jackpot sngs on wpn
  33. Incorrect Status Icons?
  34. "Send to SNG Wizard doesn't work"
  35. QUiz function - Hero Position
  36. Replay greyed out in SitNGo Wizard section of Holdem Manager2.
  37. just purchased WIZ2, cant get the license to work
  38. how do i make a new sng format in wiz2?
  39. Why cant i see hero's stack size in quiz mode?
  40. SnG wiz check when I playing session
  41. Cant Get Licence to work.
  42. Integrated SnGWiz EXTREMELY SLOW
  43. No trial runs
  44. Create an opponent model
  45. How deep is SNG wizard accurate to?
  46. How to set up 'Hyper-turbo KO SitnGo'?
  47. Edge sngwiz2
  48. Serious bug no hm2 / sng wizard 2 / bug gravíssimo no sng wizard 2
  49. Serious bug no hm2 / sng wizard 2 / bug gravíssimo no sng wizard 2
  50. Distributions are not sent to SitNGo Wizard
  51. sit and go wizard on HM2 no hand histories