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  1. Pokerstars 6+ Holdem
  2. Please Support Run It Once Poker HH's
  3. Stacks in BBs instead of real money in the replayer
  4. Player Notes for HM3
  5. Options/Configure/Statistics
  6. live SPR at the table
  7. Missing Stats
  8. NoteCaddy for HM3
  9. Aurora Mandatory for HEM3?
  10. Hand viewer visibility
  11. Tournament by Description report
  12. Filter Suggestion: Last x-amount of hands/tournaments
  13. How many licens for HM3?
  14. Random number generator
  15. Ignition/Bovada tourney HH importing
  16. Live View Report suggestions and some other random stuff
  17. about upgrade from small stakes to full version in HM3
  18. Tracking ACR or WPN Buy in and Monetary Results
  19. Filter for Stakes?
  20. HUD editing
  21. W$SD% Bet River
  22. Apply FIlter to all Tabs?
  23. Hud Profile Editor
  24. PartyPoker Hand Histories are not (yet) readable
  25. Adjusting Session Timeout
  26. Filtering by VPIP and etc
  27. Possible to collapse "Quick Filters" in Reports?
  28. HM2 + HM3 Upgrade
  29. Massive improvement for the HUD Editor
  30. Pot odds
  31. Results
  32. Flopped Set Stat
  33. usd/hour stat
  34. HUD - Impossible to Visualize Own Total Number of Hands Played (summarizing tables)
  35. Is there a dark theme for reports in HM3?
  36. Versus Players
  37. Hand replayer notes
  38. [NEW FEATURE] Entire multi-table session replay
  39. Viewing lifetime stats in HUD for hero in the replayer (HM3)
  40. 5 Card PLO support
  41. Any plan on supporting Indian poker sites
  42. Calculating Standard Deviation With HM3
  43. RFI Stats
  44. HMT-3435: Position and Action Filters: Add 'Fold' filter
  45. Wont Manually Import
  46. discord channel for HM3 and PT4
  47. Notecaddy for HM3
  48. Single Opponent Analysis - More filters needed please
  49. 'Line Analysis' window by right-clicking on the HUD Note icon on the table (like HM2)
  50. auto Rate script
  51. Won at showdown when bet river (WSDWBR)
  52. Graphical Hud
  53. HM3 start when start Windows 10
  54. Filter by HUD stats
  55. HUD slow and shitty
  56. Cbet Success Report
  57. Quick Filters: Saved filters - folder
  58. MTT mark hands
  59. Stral stats
  60. 3bet stats by position
  61. How to find statst by position in the View A List Of Opponents > Opponents lits ?
  62. pool's stats of a limit by room (Population Analysis and Tendencies)
  63. Winamax anonymous / regular tables
  64. PLO5 Support for Playtech
  65. ignition tournament hud
  66. sync on 2 computers
  67. Start off the day cant be changed, and if is changed dosent work propley.
  68. Players on flop filter
  69. Rename quick filters
  70. HM3 Line taken
  71. "Out of the blinds" position filter
  72. "4bet is premium" needs to be fixed
  73. Not need click on stat to show pop up
  74. Filter stat !
  75. Pokerstars Home Games HUD
  76. Report "Cash Results by Stakes" - Ignore the Seats?
  77. start hm3 on windows startup
  78. Popup Player Note - Notes du Joueur
  79. Missing stat: BB fold to steal
  80. Position Sorts Alphabetically
  81. Global Poker
  82. Random Number Generator in HUD
  83. Cloud Sync
  84. Upoker suport
  85. Hero perceived as?
  86. exclude one position from a stat?
  87. Where is "Show HUD on active table only" option?
  88. minimum sample size for HUD stats to show
  89. Save HUD layout based on window dimensions
  90. Make results graph window re-sizeable in Report Selector screen
  91. Video review about features request and bugs of the replayer
  92. stats curve
  93. flop set% and fold to overbet
  94. GG Poker
  95. PokerBros Graphical HUD not working
  96. Exclude stats from HUD when a player is sat out
  97. Purge Feature
  98. Change font size+look on stat threshold
  99. Is there a bell curve in hm3?
  100. Total hands stat
  101. filter to analyse profitability of a move
  102. Tournament Summaries
  103. Personal HUD (also offline is ok, not during a session)
  104. Feeling frustrated with HM3 development
  105. NoteCaddy HeatMaps in PopUp Designer
  106. Highlighting HUD note icon for Notecaddy auto notes
  107. Session Summary Graph - ability to easily find graphed hand in reports
  108. Remember Hero's name
  109. Opponents List Statistics modifications : can i save them ?
  110. EV Graph?
  111. Does exist Autorate Icon in HM3?
  112. Feature suggestion: Ability to add a note to a saved hand
  113. Custom HM replayer
  114. Rakeback stat
  115. API in HM3
  116. Table Finder
  117. How see Pop-Up only when put mouse on ?
  118. HM3 all available stats and their meaning.
  119. Add legend for graph colors
  120. Add a stat to HUD showing net won/loss vs opponents
  121. Dynamic HUD positioning when window size changes - HM3
  122. HM3 Player action / player line taken stat for HUD?
  123. Set on flop
  124. Stat for vs check by street?
  125. Dynamic Popup
  126. Filter heads up preflop in ring games
  127. Sync HM3 Archive Latop-PC Desktop
  128. New Winamax beta software
  129. Hm2 hm3 with 5 cards plo
  130. add positional popups
  131. stats selection
  132. All in Equity - not being calculated properly in some MW spots
  133. Hero showing in opponent list
  134. Fold to 3bet Stat filter by stack size
  135. Tag player "Notes" with Date/Time Stamp
  136. Add VIEW raw HH
  137. Betting volume in big blinds
  138. Looking for a stat/Stat requiring
  139. Stats incomplete and inconsistent for Donk bets
  140. Bet sizing preflop stat / stat customization
  141. Note taking tool in hand replayer
  142. Money invested hands in replayer // 'Min Samples' filter to HUD Editor
  143. Straddle filter
  144. Would be nice to be able to reorder hand markings in pulldown.
  145. "Show HUD on active table only" feature
  146. Opponents List
  147. Export Report With Ctrl+C
  148. Hand Viewer: Show in BB and show from all tables
  149. Check-Raise vs Delayed Cbet
  150. Size of "Player Notes" Window
  151. Hud 2.0
  152. Remember last filters used
  153. Color Ring for Notes on HUD
  154. Tournaments Hands from gg
  155. More filter options in the "opponents list" view
  156. Dynamic RNG
  157. 5-Card Omaha Support for GGPoker
  158. New stats location
  159. Filter
  160. New Stat - Rebuy Count
  161. Estadisticas
  162. Winamax table incognito
  163. PLO5 support for Winamax
  164. Rapport by N day of the month
  165. Is stat in HM3, 3bet from position vs position available ?
  166. Questions about HM3
  167. Auto Rate Rules
  168. Hand replayer to show individual Bounty sizes when available.
  169. PLO5 Support
  170. Multiple Features Request (Hand Viewer, Replayer, Information, Color tagging)
  171. Position vs Position
  172. Stat request
  173. Positional HUD
  174. Auto rate function added for other sites
  175. Check-Raise vs Delayed CBET
  176. Double up and Triple up tournaments on Bovada,
  177. Bigger note box or hotkey to trigger for HUD
  178. Omaha 5 and 6 supprt
  179. HEM Browser Support
  180. GG poker hands import not working
  181. Hotkey or option to switch between Overall stats and filtered stats
  182. MVS API or HMQL equivalent
  183. Copied plain text from hand replay / hand in view : SHOW IN BB
  184. GGPoker - Shortdecked hands
  185. midnight anonymous reset
  186. change hotkeys
  187. Replayer Bounty Amounts
  188. Open Hand History Format (OHH)
  189. Right Click to Rename Quick Filters
  190. Replayer - Export hands in original format
  191. Separate Notes for Game Types
  192. Multiply choise of players for saving hands on them (within Purge tool)
  193. Table Finder (like the one in HM2)
  194. Faced squeeze
  195. 5-Card and 6-Card PLO
  196. Please add the Note Tool to the Hand replayer as in old HM2
  197. No Hud with Hold-up Winamax
  198. Turn bet as non PFR IP, after flop check check
  199. bet river after flop check and turn check
  200. import customs stats and columns from PT4 to HM3
  201. What filters can be used to sort a group of opponents with a certain VPIP?
  202. Buy-in VS Total Buy-in
  203. How to filter out hands in which a multiway pot occurred?
  204. How Can Import/export the Saved Filters?
  205. Request; Attaching notes to marked hands