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  1. Pokerstars 6+ Holdem
  2. Please Support Run It Once Poker HH's
  3. Stacks in BBs instead of real money in the replayer
  4. Player Notes for HM3
  5. Options/Configure/Statistics
  6. live SPR at the table
  7. Missing Stats
  8. NoteCaddy for HM3
  9. Aurora Mandatory for HEM3?
  10. Hand viewer visibility
  11. Tournament by Description report
  12. Filter Suggestion: Last x-amount of hands/tournaments
  13. How many licens for HM3?
  14. Random number generator
  15. Ignition/Bovada tourney HH importing
  16. Live View Report suggestions and some other random stuff
  17. about upgrade from small stakes to full version in HM3
  18. Tracking ACR or WPN Buy in and Monetary Results
  19. Filter for Stakes?
  20. HUD editing
  21. W$SD% Bet River
  22. Apply FIlter to all Tabs?
  23. Hud Profile Editor
  24. PartyPoker Hand Histories are not (yet) readable
  25. Adjusting Session Timeout
  26. Filtering by VPIP and etc
  27. HUD popups via hovering mouse over a stat (instead of clicking it)
  28. Possible to collapse "Quick Filters" in Reports?
  29. HM2 + HM3 Upgrade
  30. Massive improvement for the HUD Editor
  31. Pot odds
  32. Results
  33. Flopped Set Stat
  34. usd/hour stat
  35. HUD - Impossible to Visualize Own Total Number of Hands Played (summarizing tables)
  36. Is there a dark theme for reports in HM3?
  37. Versus Players
  38. Hand replayer notes
  39. [NEW FEATURE] Entire multi-table session replay
  40. Viewing lifetime stats in HUD for hero in the replayer (HM3)
  41. 5 Card PLO support
  42. Any plan on supporting Indian poker sites
  43. Calculating Standard Deviation With HM3
  44. RFI Stats
  45. HMT-3435: Position and Action Filters: Add 'Fold' filter
  46. Wont Manually Import
  47. discord channel for HM3 and PT4
  48. Notecaddy for HM3
  49. Single Opponent Analysis - More filters needed please
  50. 'Line Analysis' window by right-clicking on the HUD Note icon on the table (like HM2)
  51. auto Rate script
  52. Won at showdown when bet river (WSDWBR)
  53. Graphical Hud
  54. HM3 start when start Windows 10
  55. Filter by HUD stats
  56. HUD slow and shitty
  57. Cbet Success Report
  58. Quick Filters: Saved filters - folder
  59. MTT mark hands
  60. Stral stats
  61. 3bet stats by position
  62. How to find statst by position in the View A List Of Opponents > Opponents lits ?
  63. pool's stats of a limit by room (Population Analysis and Tendencies)