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  1. Dont know how to move hud display on the table
  2. HM3 setup assistent hangs up
  3. IDK some kind of bug
  4. People's Poker Velox, busted values
  5. Popup not showing stats on HM3
  6. All Database hands duplicated
  7. Betaland by People's Poker. HUD positions error
  8. Hand grid does not work in reports
  9. Date selection impossible in custom date option
  10. Player notes needs 8Gb RAM!!?
  11. MS Defender: Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock found
  12. Doesn't see cashouted hands on pokerstars
  13. Не запускается программа
  14. PartyPoker Hand Histories are not (yet) readable
  15. Can't get some color ranges to work
  16. HEM3 HUD stops working
  17. freeze on start
  18. Winamax bug ?
  19. Windows 7
  20. Party Poker Cash Hand Errors
  21. Session duration is wrong
  22. Ignition HUD missing tables
  23. HM3 now dead
  24. Merge 10-seat assignments
  25. 888poker.es not working
  26. HUD on Winnining Poker Network not working at all
  27. Replayer does not show up
  28. HM3 logouts automatically
  29. Hero HUD stats reset while multitabling
  30. Bug in Reports/Big Blind Analysis
  31. GG Hand Histories no longer importing
  32. HUD not working on Pokerstars Zoom tables
  33. HM3 requires Task Manager to fully exit
  34. HM3 HUD shows random players when first starting up
  35. Net won, bb/100 and rake on GG
  36. Straddles on GG
  37. Tournament results graph incorrect
  38. HM3 doesn't work after I updated with the last version
  39. HM3 Logs me out randomly and HUD not working properly
  40. Rake in pokerstars
  41. standard HUD
  42. bb/100 calculation error
  43. Np adjusted Allin ev 3 way
  44. Import error twister
  45. Problem with HUD attachment on People's Poker(HM3)
  46. HM3 not starting: Gets as far as "Starting database server" then hangs
  47. HUD bugs [repport]
  48. HUD Profil Problem
  49. Unable to locate playercards PartyPoker
  50. Ignition Omaha H/L non-rebuy tournaments marked as rebuy
  51. Property has no value
  52. Personal Stats Resetting on Americas Cardroom
  53. Emailed PokerStars tournament summaries not updating missing results
  54. PartyPoker Cash HH import errors
  55. Pokerstars Tournament Handhistory incomplete
  56. Problem installing HM3 trial version
  57. Import Hand History Not Working - Pokerstars
  58. Starting chips filter
  59. Cash Results by stakes
  60. HUD for WPN Blitz poker in version
  61. wrong net winning on HM3 but HM2 it is correct
  62. HM3 crashes on startup
  63. Ignition stat reset
  64. I'm not able to create a new HUD.
  65. Getting flags from BitDefender for both HM2 and Hm3
  66. gg hand import
  67. Why happen this on HM3
  68. PPpoker problems
  69. WPN Network issue
  70. Notecaddy
  71. HEM3 Database server error
  72. 5-handed tables
  73. filter date issue
  74. HM3 bug issues (multiple)
  75. Tagged hands missing!
  76. HUD position is not saved for WPN Blitz cash tables
  77. Different stakes on winamax
  78. HEM3 not displaying all-in EV correctly for some hands
  79. hm3 starting problem
  80. HM3 shows random all-in adjusted winnings
  81. microgaming
  82. Duplicate hands
  83. No statistiques on HUD when playing on PMU and Winamax
  84. No statistiques on HUD when playing on PMU and Winamax