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  1. table ninja 2 release?
  2. Common Questions ****IMPORTANT Read First*****
  3. Collection of TN2 useful links - Please read this first
  4. Playing at more PokerStars clients at once
  5. Supported themes for stars ?
  6. invalid license code
  7. SNG wiz still not working
  8. Download link
  9. TN2 setup Download Link
  10. Bug List
  11. Nothing appears to work
  12. What filters are there and Ninja Tile configuration
  13. TN isn't working.
  14. Important: Belgian players do not have Credit Cards
  15. Charged $20 for "Free 3 months"
  16. refund
  17. Complaint 150$/year tread
  18. TN2 vs TN1.
  19. cant add hotkeys because I dont have "ins" in my keyboard
  20. how to setup different betting patterns for cash games and tourneys?
  21. Annual subscription WITH first 3 months free?
  22. BUG: Table under mouse > bring to foreground, - messing up hud popups
  23. Purchased Table Ninja before i saw Upgrade email - 3 months free possible still?
  24. BUG: "Apply Active Layout", aka, "Change Layout: Custom"
  25. BUG: Hand history folder - Unable to select hidden folders
  26. BUG: Table In Foreground > Hotkeys are working only when hovering a table
  27. BUG: Ninja Tile
  28. Ninja Tile and zoom/rush
  29. Some bugs or missing tabs in TN2,...
  30. "Show M for NL Tournaments
  31. TN 2 Fulltilt Hotkeys not working
  32. TN 2 Fulltilt Hotkeys not working
  33. TN2 resizes my table every time I open a new table
  34. BUG: automatically close single OK popup- works while off-closing tables while seated
  35. ATT: Annual TN2 Subscribers
  36. Tn2 on ftp ?
  37. aero and pokerstar problem
  38. TN2 license key not recognized
  39. TN2 updates (current build = 2.8.69)
  40. Table Control Mode - Manually/Cycled
  41. BUG: Typing in other applications
  42. TN2 Sensai not working
  43. Different preset sizes based on game type
  44. Preset Bets not working
  45. Help...Many bugs and TN2 30-day trial done after only 3 days?
  46. muito ruim
  47. FULLTILT : Betting hotkeys and preset bet not working
  48. can not save popup slots, always uses default
  49. Pokerstars. Betting hotkeys and preset bets problem
  50. Bug: auto close single "OK" popups
  51. Problem with auto-accept waiting list in partypoker
  52. Can't type "1" on FTP with TN2
  53. Disable hotkeys not working
  54. Layout Bug
  55. Preset Bets - What are the filters?
  56. TN2 not working on FT-charged 3,89 after subscribing
  57. TN1 features
  58. SNG Sensei Error
  59. invalid hotkey
  60. Last version (1.14) not starting
  61. I cant change the amount of Openraise
  62. The Decimals not work in the default Openraise
  63. Table Under Mouse/Frames
  64. TN2 Crash when downloading latest update
  65. Betting not working (FTP)
  66. TN2 Upcoming release
  67. TiltBuster Mighty Mouse + TN2
  68. TN2 Sensei Issues
  69. Join Waitlist Hotkey for Stars/FTP missing
  70. TA/HP-Slots-Management should be automated for proper multitabling purposes?
  71. Ninja Tile - All slots are taken
  72. TN2 is a mess for rush poker
  73. Hotkeys > Betting - "Click Bet" not working.
  74. Table Control > Table Under Mouse - Cant assign player color label
  75. Upgrade
  76. TN2 auto folding when my turn to act and sitting me out
  77. wait for next big blinds and cascading my tables on correct monitor in right size
  78. Team viewer session- no show up
  79. Backspace doesnt work while TN2 open. New re-write hotkey (backspace) = TERRIBLE
  80. Time Bank doesn't work on SNG/Stars until antes appearing
  81. extra bonus month
  82. upcoming site support
  83. TN2 problems - table targeting + sensei changes...
  84. Preset Bets get crazy all time
  85. Cursor sometimes moves automatically to the table needing action...
  86. 3bet hotkeys still not working in 2.1.21
  87. Slick table theme
  88. Layout editor, wierd graphics bug
  89. table ninja 2 : sensei...this is what goes wrong!
  90. TN2 Troubleshooting, tips and tricks
  91. How to easily switch between custom layout templates?
  92. Won't save custom layout
  93. Preflop preset bet not working in partypoker
  94. Classic Theme?
  95. CPU intensive and laggy!
  96. SNG Sensei Problem
  97. On-Screen Display completely dysfunctional
  98. Fulltilt Preset Bets
  99. TN2 issues with Stars/Party multitabling
  100. TN moves new tables and ALLIN isn't working still
  101. Delete Tableninja 2 Configuration settings and finally get SNG Sensei working
  102. Hyper-Simple theme with nova gray button
  103. Ninja Tile config
  104. Table Control need more option
  105. TN2 doesn't detect any Pokerstars tables and buttons don't work
  106. Refund
  107. two problem about ft
  108. TN2 Preflop Bets.
  109. SNG Sensei doesn't work
  110. PokerStars Replay Window issue: TN2 intercept it and moves away ... WTF?
  111. TN2 needs a lot of improvement
  112. TN keeps moving tables to default positions
  113. highlight bet amount
  114. PF bet size based on position. Is it possible?
  115. Any plans of supporting iPoker network? When?
  116. PP "Never Sit Out" not working
  117. Cant get preset to work + some more issues
  118. Multiple Monitors (1 playing / 1 observing)
  119. Not compatible with Sharkscope HUD?
  120. Multiple problems
  121. SNG Sensei after 2.1.32 (BETA) Update
  122. Cannot run Table Ninja 2
  123. Stars FTP Tble Ninja 2
  124. URGENTLY wanna buy but,....
  125. Help with preset bets
  126. Multiple Problems
  127. 3betting preflop wrong in FTP PLO games.
  128. Preset bets/bet increment/rounding of bets problem
  129. ATT: New Pricing Policy TN2 7th June 2013
  130. TN2 isnt working at all
  131. Serious PROBLEM at "Leave Table" Button!
  132. quick simple questions
  133. how to turn off fixed action on table???
  134. Custom Layout - Save button not active
  135. table sizes
  136. 3 problems about TN2
  137. Wrong bet size when table does not have focus (FTP PLO HU)
  138. where is the Show Replayer hotkey on TN2?
  139. SNG Sensei
  140. Ftp
  141. Problem with Cycle to first line
  142. Table under mouse?
  143. Losing settings when updating TN2
  144. Table Ninja developers thoughts
  145. Important problems with tableninja2
  146. Popup table whenever user action is required.
  147. Preset bets TN2
  148. closing table by hotkey...
  149. closing a Party table by clicking on [X]...
  150. TN not even start
  151. Table ninja 2 not working on any site
  152. stars rightlick not working when used as hotkey
  153. Feature Requests - Auto resize table to full screen
  154. UAC issue
  155. TN2 just cost me $1,100
  156. increase bet amount with the mouse whell problem
  157. auto refresh info?
  158. revert to pre uodates,...
  159. TN2 will not open
  160. TN2 does not open anymore
  161. My thoughts
  162. Problems
  163. Betsizing/performance issues
  164. Multiple problem with custom layuot
  165. BUG: "Hot Keys -> Action"
  166. How to enter license key for free months?
  167. All in+ click bet doesnt work
  168. Preset bets all messed up.
  169. TN2 doesnt work after the key change
  170. TN2 des not work
  171. Just a few idees i would love ,-)))
  172. Improved Ninja Tile
  173. Very Unreliable...
  174. Problem with 2 monitors
  175. several question about tn2
  176. mouse right click conflict on ftp
  177. How to disabe FULLTILT TN2
  178. Graphic bug , can't see text/option in TN
  179. Popup table whenever action is required bug ?
  180. FTP PLO - TN2 reads potsize incorrect
  181. Problems with Cycling in Sensei
  182. Table Ninji 2 trial
  183. Important question.
  184. M does not display
  185. Several TN2 problems
  186. preset bets filter
  187. Zoom Auto Fold
  188. TN2 window suddenly disappears
  189. Partypoker performance issues
  190. unsubscribe
  191. TN 2 Massive Problems
  192. Table Ninja II hides in the taskbar.
  193. Bring Mouse to Table in Foreground
  194. BB/M display options not showing!
  195. Can anyone help?
  196. Several questions and some problems
  197. Mouse jumping making fold hotkey unusable
  198. Tn2 not working on stars today then full crash
  199. TN2 not even close to being finished
  200. PF raise size wrong in PLO ante games.
  201. Tile Ninja - Stack on different monitor.
  202. Small problems with tiled tables
  203. Display Dont Show BBs
  204. Ninja tile layout setup
  205. Whats the latest version ?
  206. TN2 and Full Tilt Poker. Major problems with preset bets and ALL IN.
  207. Tables "auto-closing" when clicking leave table
  208. Table in foreground...
  209. auto join waiting list ? toggle hotkey not working?
  210. Trial Expired
  211. Sensei registering for more than "Concurrent SNGs to keep playing"
  212. Restore Default Settings
  213. TN2 crashes windows explorer
  214. Position
  215. Don't even know where to start-so many problems & how did my license expire early?
  216. Preset Bets & Betting Hotkeys in 3bet pots
  217. FT Cascaded SNGs Strange Bug (Deadly for Massive Multi Tabling)
  218. tn2 and tn1 installation
  219. Stacked Prob
  220. first session, multiple bugs
  221. Mouse increment/decrement bet issue
  222. Action Hotkeys Pops "Tourney Info" window
  223. Can't start tableninja 2 anymore
  224. SET % of POT
  225. The license key in not active.
  226. Unable to open TN2
  227. Problem With Full Tilt
  228. Partypoker Issues
  229. AA check/fold rework
  230. Sizing by positions
  231. Where to actually buy TN2????
  232. leave table not fixed yet,.... important imo
  233. Bet sizing bugs.
  234. Still too many bugs to buy the program.
  235. Leap Motion Controller
  236. TN2 issues
  237. Hotkeys steal focus from notes
  238. Bug with SNG Sensei no start buttons????
  239. My trial has expired, please help
  240. got new version - now TN wont open
  241. Preflop bet sizing works incorrectly on 1/2 PLO, but works fine on .5/.1 PLO ...
  242. Money to BB
  243. Months passed - still can't add hotkeys
  244. Differences between IP and OOP
  245. Annoying message every time I fold
  246. SNG Senesei can't count + allin hotkey doesn't work
  247. UAC PROBLEM! Windows 8
  248. FOLD doesn't work. TN2 opens START panel in windows
  249. Can you fix it, please?? (cycling FT)
  250. trial has expired,... still had 53 days left???