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  1. ftp and ipoekr still dont work
  2. Minimum table size
  3. Ways to buy table ninja
  4. Problems with installation party/ipoker
  5. New feature: One click close table
  6. stacked tables
  7. TN2 and PokerStars table size compatibility
  8. "Automatically accept waitlist seats" issues
  9. TN2 Display: M is wrong, not using antes in calculation.
  10. Problem with TN2 installation
  11. Ninja Tile: Bugs & Questions
  12. Newest Beta Trial Version
  13. TN moves my waiting list window
  14. getting kicked off zoom tables when sitting back in
  15. cycle to table with popups
  16. Install older version
  17. TN2 bug with pokerstars Label menu
  18. Sensi concurrent sng problem
  19. Full Tilt Poker Not Showing in sng sensai
  20. What have you done to a perfectly good hotkey progam.
  21. Sit Sensei text filter problem
  22. almost nothing works on FTP
  23. TN2 multiple stacks
  24. Party TN2 issues
  25. turn popup detection off
  26. Table Ninja II - SNG Sensei is not saving Pokerstars search Filter correctly
  27. pop up like ps.
  28. TN2 is moving option windows
  29. Possible add Microgaming features?
  30. Taking notes on stars - back space tab not working
  31. TB2 Hot Keys
  32. Stealing focus from other apps
  33. tips for "ninja tile" layout
  34. PokerStars Requests
  35. How do I stop TN2 from moving my FTP tables around?
  36. Most of the things arent working
  37. Cycle Forward/Back no longer work
  38. Preset Bets doesn't seem to be working at all for me
  39. Railing Tables vanish in stack mode and also have borders
  40. Problem with opening new tables on PS
  41. TN2 not working on Party anymore
  42. TN2 decimals!
  43. some popup lobbys don't autoclose
  44. sensei hardly keeps up with number of tables asked
  45. bets postflop ipoker
  46. problem tn2 with partycaption
  47. standard version and FLH (Fixed limit holdem)
  48. pokerstars lobby table steal focus
  49. Trial expired
  50. option blinds
  51. SNG sensei UI
  52. Unwanted: Mouse moving to tables with action
  53. SNG sensei question/request
  54. TN2 network connectivity
  55. i canīt raise with mouse
  56. 2nd zoom table is not recognized
  57. Occasional Pokerstars table popping front of active tables
  58. TN2 and table chat.
  59. Bwin.be
  60. Table Ninja Slow
  61. Problem using TN2 on Bwin (Party)
  62. Ninja SNGs
  63. poping tables when table aside
  64. Hot Keys not working!!
  65. small problems table ninja 2
  66. Preset bets issue
  67. TN2 help (Table layout control)
  68. TN2 help (table layout control among other things)
  69. Help :)
  70. SNG sensei No start buttons anymore (Urgent)
  71. TableNinja II preset bets
  72. A few things
  73. focus stealing in ps lobbys
  74. Backup TN
  75. Table Ninja 2 Lags
  76. Problem with changing display fonts - appear to be corrupt?
  77. Programmable mouse button not working in TN2.
  78. TN at Poker770
  79. Pacific 888
  80. Preset Bets- Preflop 3bet = open raise size occassionally
  81. ZooM Fold and Observe hotkey ?
  82. Problem time zone (1 january)
  83. Can't install TN2, clock error
  84. stop to use TN2 until these problems solved
  85. Nijna Tile from right to left
  86. TN2 Did not show BB's (pokerstars)
  87. Table Ninja 2 won't pop up tables needing action, why is this?
  88. tn2 bug
  89. bet increment/decrement
  90. TN2-Basic betsizing features missing
  91. A couple of problems with TN2
  92. TN2 Eating mouse clicks for other programs
  93. Problem with license
  94. sng sensei
  95. Does TN solve any of these problems for me?
  96. Paying Tableninja
  97. Ninja tile - how to prevent window from going back to a stack
  98. TN2 PS auto click "I'm back" problem
  99. Question about synchronizing tables from two different poker sites
  100. different configurations for TN2
  101. Advanced options with table stack(s)
  102. Ipoker Eurobet Problems
  103. Hotkey for fast fold
  104. Help with preset bets
  105. FT Preset Bets and Betting hotkeys
  106. Show Hand History hotkey
  107. Poker Clients will not minimize when playing
  108. Can I enable only "First In Line" in Table Frame Colors???
  110. SNG Sensei Issue: Registering Multiple Sit
  111. General Bug Thread
  112. Can't seem to figure out TN2 (just installed)
  113. register for tourney hotkey doesn't work
  114. ninja 2 crashes after system reboot
  115. TN2 tile tables like in TN1
  116. TN2 for FTP
  117. Check / Call
  118. Problem with size in TN2
  119. preset bets doesn't work on partypoker
  120. Preset bets please help
  121. Help me, focus configuration TN2
  122. "Authentication Required" when trying to purchase
  123. Fold or check window on Ipoker
  124. Problem with IPoker
  125. The PokerStars application for this filter is not running.
  126. Problem with "I'm Back" , the software works slowly.
  127. Feature Request: Currently Registered Statistic
  128. Some issues TN2 hotkeys/layouts
  129. Save last hand history!
  130. licence expired
  131. SNG Sensei bugging out
  132. Hotkeys and Stars note taking
  133. Tile Table Layout doesn't work
  134. bb counter is not working
  135. few questions
  136. TN 2 trial
  137. How do I prevent TN2 from ever moving my mouse?
  138. Default Bettings
  139. Why do you sell not working product?
  140. I'm done.
  141. how to take out the error messege of table.
  142. TN2 updates
  143. New table opening bug
  144. Can't watch Hand Replayer
  145. frame colors - AA fold to any
  146. TN2 BB and table frame
  147. A proposition that everyone will enjoy! (srsly) EVERYONE READ PLEASE
  148. TN2 error
  149. Tn 2 ftp
  150. Setting preset bets <2.5bb
  151. Preflop bet sizes TN2
  152. Tableninja II not opening?
  153. Original settings
  154. Can I have my money Refund?
  155. 2 Issues
  156. I've cancelled my subscription and here's why
  157. TN2 bet fold not work
  158. Ipoker and 888 are in early beta. (I Cant) click to learn more.
  159. ciclyng tables
  160. WTF Just folded while hovering Other table !?!!?
  161. Right-Click Mouse Hotkey Stops Working After A Few Minutes
  162. Copy Configuration
  163. problems
  164. Random 4xes!!
  165. Problem configuring layout
  166. Problem in betting zone
  167. Table ninja has stopped working
  168. Stacking tables
  169. not working together tablescan turbo
  170. Problem with Fast fold Button!
  171. Forced action before able to view other tables
  172. Reset to default settings
  173. Lobby freezing problem please help !!
  174. Ladbrokes Ipoker
  175. Wrong Default Bets ( in Party , Full Tilt Poker tournaments )
  176. pokerstars TN2 Default and preset bets not working
  177. Downgrade
  178. Crash when TN2 loads
  179. Problem on installing TN2
  180. Registering issue: Trying to go from PRO pokerstars only to standard version
  181. Getting always the same message
  182. New problem writing using tn2
  183. How to download latest update/version?
  184. TN2 freeze all pc.
  185. TN2 and iPoker
  186. Fold Hotkey is Calling, IPoker.
  187. Ninja Tile - don't get how it works
  188. Tile layout question
  189. how can i enable the chronometer?
  190. Is there any way to avoid timing tells supported by TN2?
  191. "flicker" /stacked tables behind steal focus when trying to change HUD
  192. Few troubleshoots, should I kill myself?
  193. need help
  194. TN2 purchase!!!
  195. PartyPoker bet-sizing errors
  196. Problem with ninja tile
  197. disabling auto betting
  198. Ipoker - TN2 Standard Version
  199. Tableninja auto-checking after check-calling
  200. display-tab position problem
  201. Tiled/stacked
  202. busy-cursor
  203. Text appearing to indicate a table need attention
  204. tourney rebuy
  205. Made a backup but how to restore, tried import
  206. TN2 errors (sng sensei and Big blinds stats)
  207. Question about SNG Sensei
  208. TN2 errors (sng sensei and Big blinds stats) (2)
  209. IPoker Preset bet sizes not working.
  210. tableninja auto update not working
  211. mixed buy in
  212. SNG Sensei - Rows missing after restart
  213. TN2 latest update - What the hell is going on?
  214. Stars freezes for some seconds but getting more and more frequent
  215. Ninja Tile problem
  216. Dumb questions about TN2
  217. Click minimize in Stars or Tilt lobby, immediately return to foreground.
  218. TN2 feature request - cg table starting
  219. TN2 + Partypoker.dk?
  220. Default Bet issues with Full Tilt
  221. problem with betsizing
  222. Some tables are recognized others are not!!!
  223. TN2 crashes when launching
  224. Sit out next hand
  225. Please Change how Tiling Layout Works
  226. TN2 too slow
  227. Suported themes
  228. Subscription Change
  229. Why is preflop 3bet % based?
  230. How to make mouse wheel work globally?
  231. Odd pop through issue while stacking
  232. Keyboard functions don't work properly with Table Ninja 2
  233. I need help!
  234. Problems to see hotkeys descriptions
  235. Information Pokerstars Version
  236. Taking notes
  237. Mousewheel Issue
  238. How to get minimized tables back?
  239. Hotkeys Not Working
  240. TN2 and 888 Poker!
  241. Cannot cancel subscription
  242. Just one Zoom Table
  243. How to disable 'forced action required on active table'?
  244. TN2 crashes at start up
  245. Table Ninja 2 beta positional filter update request
  246. Custom betsizes
  247. Busy Cursor problem
  248. Freezing
  249. Taking pics for ipoker TN2
  250. Number of BBs function