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  1. HM Cloud (the newest version of Hold'em Manager) Released To Alpha Testers.
  2. What is the difference between Cloud and
  3. Would you buy cloud instead of HEM2?
  4. 5c and 6c PLO support
  5. Waiting for hand ...
  6. Not grouping sessions together
  7. Really annoying bug with viewing hands
  8. HM Cloud won't connect while using mobile hotpost
  9. Cultural settings used
  10. Results by position
  11. PS cash games support
  12. Time of hands
  13. HUD client
  14. Doubt about the stat values
  15. Web and service down
  16. Import hands
  17. Does Cloud work with Android tablets ?
  18. *** This forum is NOT for questions about HM2 ***
  19. "I'm not finding the HMCloud backend."
  20. New HM Cloud FAQs are live
  21. Stats
  22. Link to download
  23. tournament results
  24. Client after any upgrade
  25. Client after any upgrade [split from other thread]
  26. Few question about HM cloud.
  27. No Preferred seat icon on ZOOM tables
  28. HUD PopUps in replayer
  29. hm cloud zoom pokerstars
  30. HandHistory at zoom tables
  31. HUD Popups problem
  32. Cloud hud for Mac
  33. Manual Import
  34. Cloud HUD not connecting
  35. Archiving hand history
  36. WilliamHills Multitabling "Speed Poker" identical stats in every table
  37. Is it possible to play without HUD?
  38. Cant import more Hands, get error message
  39. "there are no HM2 HUD layouts to import"
  40. HM Cloud HUD problems
  41. waiting for hands
  42. cloud disconnected on zoom
  43. Import hands from mobile version
  44. Some random thoughts/issues
  45. Tagging/selecting hands for future review
  46. HH/replayer issues. Also: tagging hands.
  47. HM cloud client mac ?
  48. Purge hands not working ?
  49. Zoom 4 tables HUD (4th seat is broken)
  50. Showdown Net won - stat (result graph)
  51. HM Cloud - HUD - Stat Abbreviations / Labels Not Showing?
  52. HM Cloud and HM2 player notes sync
  53. Cloud HUD sticks
  54. HM2 hud not identical
  55. Hand analysis issue (Ax .. x missing)
  56. hud is not showing
  57. Custom Hud
  58. Party FastForward
  59. Updates ??
  60. HM Cloud will not import hands from Carbon Poker
  61. Party poker .fr
  62. Cloud vs HM2
  63. Problem with HUD on Pokerstars
  64. Hud problem,2 sites
  65. New to Cloud
  66. Doesn't show hands to review.
  67. i need the stat "Turn Bet after Betting the flop Single Rsd Pot vs 1 opp ip"
  68. Mac and tournaments support
  69. Avast doesnt allow me to download HMCloudClientSetup.exe
  70. some questions
  71. HM Cloud not starting
  72. Pokerstars Zoom - "waiting for hands"
  73. Pricing
  74. Plan to use with Linux/Windows and Mac
  75. Import HUDs from HM2
  76. analysis on HM CLOUD
  77. upload hh
  78. HM Cloud HUD not syncing hands
  79. Hm cloud delete database doesnt work purge also not need help!!
  80. HM Cloud and Minimal Computer Specs
  81. hud stats not updating
  82. microgaming
  83. Does snowie have access to our HH?
  84. Hud Stops working mid session
  85. Tagged hands do not appear
  86. Analysis page not working for my Pokerstars account
  87. Cloud HUD Size
  88. Auto import not working since update
  89. I can't get him cloud to work (keeps showing demo hands)
  90. any place to see if the cloud is up or down HMC beta??
  91. can you rezize windows for cloud beta
  92. HMC client not running but website says it is
  93. HM Cloud not working on Zoom Tables
  94. Opponents stats not updating (ZOOM)
  95. Tournament support?
  96. poker snowie subscription
  97. Total hands limit exceeded
  98. HM Cloud
  99. HM Cloud: from Demo version to Unlimited version.
  100. Cloud wont work?
  101. Hud cant work on Zoom table
  102. State of HMC
  103. cloud hud
  104. Results by Showdown
  105. New Tagged Hands View
  106. Can't open hand in "Live Play" & "Opponents" tab
  107. Share Link does not work anymore
  108. HM cloud explained to newbie
  109. Cloud HUD doesn't work on all tables
  110. HM Cloud Native Mac HUD
  111. Session stats / solution for partypoker anon?
  112. issues with Zoom 10 NL moving my seat and not updating in real time.
  113. Waiting for hands...
  114. Can only see 23k hands of almost 1m hands.
  115. HM2 HUD import problem
  116. Sync tags and comments
  117. HM Cloud End Of Life
  118. HM Cloud End of Life?????
  119. Party poker hud not working after moving tables