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  1. [PartyPoker] New Tool: PartyTools. TableScanner + Betscript + Hotkeys in one
  2. Replayer Enhancer (Free AHK program)
  3. Hand history text and Pokerhand.org
  4. weaktight.com Hand Posting
  5. Bodog Hand Grabber
  6. Full tilt matrix tourneys.
  7. HUd not showing with spadeeye
  8. ------= AcePokerCoach.com - Database Analysis =------
  9. My AHK for HEM: Replayer, Notes and mini history
  10. MergeConverter.com Use Holdem Manager with Carbon Poker, Poker Nordica Aced.com etc.
  11. Cake Hand History Converter Pro 2.0
  12. 1.08 TableScanner vs SpadeIt Telescope
  13. Exporting Hands from Poker Tracker and importing them into HEM
  14. MCP Counter
  15. Fishlists, hhs and software at Fish-hunter.net
  16. MultiTable Helper
  17. Cake Hand History Updater
  18. Writting a Pot Odds / Point System Calc
  19. Cake Hand Converter Pro 4.0 : View Opponents Stats on Cake Network In HEM
  20. WPEX Converter
  21. EV?
  22. Postgre problems
  23. HM or Ongame P5 to Pokerstars HH converter
  24. problem to install postgresql-8.3
  25. Fully auto odds calculator
  26. Problem with on game. ie tower gaming.
  27. Everest Poker (Dutch version) Free Games
  28. postgresql install
  29. Smart buddy notes and holdem manager notes
  30. Database on a new drive
  31. Enter the SECT
  32. Hold'em Analytics (beta)
  33. Fozzy help
  34. PokerFusion.net - Tech Support and Custom Hardware ...
  35. Outflopped.com - New Poker Q&A Forum
  36. Tilt Demon - Stop Loss Tilt Prevention, How much WOULD you have saved!
  37. New Free Software: Extract Stats from HH to post on forum
  38. Bankroll Managerment software
  39. The New stat in the table scanner
  40. tournament stats by stack sizes
  41. HEM on Win Mobile
  42. BJ Tournaments at UB disappear
  43. Tool to estimate your "true" bb/100
  44. Current $ won
  45. [DEVELOPING] stats HEM software for Logitech G13/G15/G19 & windows
  46. Interested in DB Diagram or DAL
  47. hotkeys
  48. Problems with PokerEV
  49. Can I launch the replayer from my 3rd party app?
  50. the Megareport
  51. 3rd Party Software Forum Rules [Updated: May 2012]
  52. Looking for a PLO potodds HUD
  53. Slice Poker Equity Calculator - Holdem/Omaha/Omaha 8
  54. Is this ahk script still safe to use ?
  55. NoteCaddy - Programmable automatic notes for your HEM and color coding for Stars/FTP
  56. HM library ?
  57. carbon HEM interface
  58. Ace Poker Coach - Street by street EV analysis
  59. Auto Color - Improved Table Selection
  60. Holdem Manager aliase for all existing users
  61. trackerbase.net / PostgreSQL hosting for poker players!
  62. SeriousKeys for the Cereus Network
  63. Where are stored tourney winings
  64. Syncaments - Sync and backup your hand history files between multiple computers
  65. Free reports, stats and sql queries for HEM
  66. New Free Software - HM Backup
  67. Run IE6 and IE7 at the Same Time
  68. (FREE BETA) Bodog Scanner - an enhanced hand grabber that records mucked cards.
  69. AutoHotkey script for HM2 Replayer
  70. NoteCaddy Edge - Custom NoteCaddy Poker Package
  71. NotecaddyPLUS for MTT's
  72. FullTilt to XML (Merge) format ?
  73. MiniPokerHandTimer
  74. HEM1/2 HUD on Enet, People's ,Winning (Yatahay), Chica Poker(Action), Starlive .....
  75. ## HOLDEM MANAGER Coaching ##
  76. NoteCaddy Text.Notes - Automatic Notes Creation (vsHero) (ENG/FR/ES/DE/RUS)
  77. Notecaddy Pro.Tools - professional package of stats and Pop-ups
  78. Pot odds calculator
  79. Enet tools
  80. get data from hand in db
  81. NoteCaddy Predator - innovative add-on package for NC and HM2
  82. 7bb HUD - expert HUD config with smart Color Coding for 6-max
  83. SaT with HM2, NC, TN1 ?
  84. HM2 data and stats to Excel real-time
  85. AJacksonAdvantage: The most advanced NoteCaddy HUD
  86. Introducing NoteCaddyNutStats.com Player-type dependent statistics
  87. SamuraiHUD - probably best HUD for heads-up holdem.
  88. Ace Poker Drills Quiz Trainer
  89. PlayerVsPlayer generates charts for any 2 players
  90. BetuniQ HUD (Uniq Poker Network)
  91. Bovada Poker Hand Converter
  92. Bodog / Ignition HUD Card Catcher For HM2
  93. while streaming twitch now Unable to get HM2 and OBS to work at the same time
  94. BetOnline Poker Card Catcher HUD
  95. notecaddy edge or notecaddy pro tools
  96. Multiconverter by acepokertool
  97. Seals With Clubs (SWC) poker converter
  98. Is there a swc converter or hand grabber?
  99. PPPoker Card Catcher
  100. Bossmedia Mtt Converter, Are you interesed on it?