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  1. Population average range research definitions
  2. Active Definitions
  3. Note according to sizing
  4. Def question
  5. Notes not showing
  6. 5b range% not 5b% is it possible with out doing a composite definiton
  7. Use of Custom Color in a composite definition
  8. High card filter on paired boards
  9. some Stats not shown in the HUD
  10. Please help with river definition problem
  11. Recipients tab in note definition analysis
  12. Error shut down of HM2 after a saving of new definition
  13. Hand strength
  14. Huge runtime difference between IP and OOP note
  15. NC coaching request
  16. Notecaddy resets notes
  17. Notecaddy license attaching.
  18. Definition Bug (First In raises or shoves)
  19. BADGE disappeared from the tables.
  20. Opportunity success rate 100%
  21. incredibly low speed of creating notes
  22. Colorcoding error
  23. Custom Stat Not Functioning Correctly
  24. not a single note caddy hud stat working
  25. Check Pop-up's
  26. Badges not showing, even though their note works
  27. Adding new notes takes a ton of space (Vacuum database pgAdmin!!)
  28. creating a popup by copying an existingone in the Folder and changing it with notepad
  29. touchscreen and caddyscatter
  30. Looking for Custom Note Designer / HUD 'coach'
  31. Reproduction of "PPA - Preflop Positional Awarness" stat as NC definition?
  32. Shutdown notecaddy notes creation
  33. fold vs raise post flop
  34. Few Badges for 1 stat - how to?
  35. Scatter graph in popup without top 10 sparks
  36. Size of the badges
  37. Problems with main popup
  38. When are notecaddy stats updated?
  39. Looking for Custom Note Designer
  40. Badges in wrong players
  41. Notecaddy Locker with lease period function?
  42. notecaddy definitions lost
  43. Preflophandrange variable
  44. Computer Shutting Down When Creating Notes
  45. Weird thing when creating new notes
  46. number in brackets
  47. Simple question about 4BET size detection
  48. 4bet action
  49. Assign note to enemy
  50. Documentation for default bages definitions on NC Premium
  51. Is my hardware good for NoteCaddy?
  52. caddy clock problem
  53. betszising graph
  54. Caddyscatter+Notes not showing
  55. At what point in the description should I add the variable?
  56. Can anyone help me with this definition?
  57. question about add notes for hero
  58. Beginner questions
  59. Variable does not work handrange
  60. Need help with new laptop specs for Notecaddy/Hem2
  61. definition vs player types
  62. badge for 2 deviations
  63. color definition help
  64. Some bugs and a definition question
  65. Just bought notecaddy, it's not running
  66. Stats filtered by tournament filter and hud filter?
  67. Definitions donīt show in the notecaddy pop up
  68. Skip Cbet flop and check fold OOP/IP
  69. Can I see oportunities using Notecaddy stats in a popup?
  70. Pending Tasks Everyday?
  71. First Note Definition I've wrote since updating and I get this error. (see att)
  72. Errors whatever I try to do!
  73. CallingRange by position ?
  74. Errors when replaying hands
  75. Last NC release works almost 3 times slower that beta
  76. NC - max number of tags?
  77. Importing Alan Jackson Advantage package gives error
  78. Notecaddy Updater always times out
  79. Paired boards messing up Range tab postflop in 2.5
  80. No NC.LastActionDelay stat
  81. 3 Problems
  82. Caddyscatter freezes whole HUD.
  83. Notecaddy disappeared
  84. I lost my caddyclock after update
  85. Empty hud boxes
  86. How do go back to 2.4
  87. Size of the raise
  88. Reset Notes after Update? Always?
  89. Test error
  90. NC 2.5: HUD does not work on tables, HH replayer creates instant hm2 error
  91. Getting NoteCaddy to do more than four threads at a time
  92. Installing Notecaddy but with few definitions
  93. holdem edition when I already have the PLO edition
  94. NC problem
  95. ERROR: 42P01: relation "notecaddy_definitions" does not exist‏
  96. updating notecaddy coaching package failed
  97. Notecaddy 2.5 Postgres 8.4 or 9.0??
  98. Composite definition help
  99. Composite def and filtering #number of players bug
  100. Cadyclock not working Stars.ES
  101. Question feasibility
  102. HUD Problem related to NC badges or a definition?
  103. boardpairing trouble
  104. Variables not showing up on badge
  105. After Zoom update some notes and badges are missing
  106. question save notes. question bluff
  107. Please help me set up CaddyClock
  108. notecaddy writes nots few minutes and stops
  109. NC badges don't appear anymore in my HUD
  110. Loading
  111. HM2 Crush during NoteCaddy Definition Locker installation
  112. Creating Notes for Note Definition slows down
  113. +NoteCaddy Release Notes+ (latest
  114. Notecaddy transfer player notes
  115. My Column Chooser have no Total Runtime
  116. New DB format
  117. My Stab vs Missed CB definiton won't work
  118. NC badge problem
  119. Average strength stats blank since last nc update
  120. Rollback to NC 2.5 beta
  121. Force holecards in handstrenght
  122. Concurrent Note Taking
  123. A bug?
  124. have problem with notes after update of note cady today
  125. Error composite definition partitions
  126. Removing notes process uses 16 GByte RAM
  127. Issue with Advanced TAB when creating a Badge using $successversusaverage
  128. Can't import color definition on a friends pc
  129. Hudstats filtered for nr of players
  130. Notecaddy top 10
  131. CaddySpark
  132. NoteCaddy percetage
  133. Out of memory in big database
  134. Cleaning up note
  135. Raise cBet cardrange note
  136. FoldVsBTNminBet not working correctly
  137. Create a window with just some specific notes
  138. Looking for someone who can build Notecaddy stats
  139. no icon on my hud
  140. About Effective Stack Size
  141. Need an assistance in caddyclock feature
  142. Note definitions are gone after NC update (update to
  143. Notecarry popups are not showing
  144. NC - Duplicate note definitions on the back of NC upgrade
  145. Effective Stack Size should be BEFORE blinds are posted, not AFTER
  146. composite definition help
  147. help->check for update
  148. Notes.myname.xml
  149. call 4bet note sequence
  150. Does Note Caddy work in NJ?
  151. Ranges in brackets are missing
  152. Wrong note output
  153. 3bet
  154. Notecaddy not processing notes
  155. Badge Details
  156. Cant get caddy clock to work
  157. Cant get caddy clock to work
  158. missed notes
  159. Stats for hero
  160. Problem with ranges in Hud
  161. Microgaming issue
  162. Isolate/Fold stat
  163. Default note definitions...
  164. Pending task bug for new note definitions
  165. Mutliple squences bad for the performance?
  166. New NoteCaddy producing range variable spam
  167. NC Error since updated
  168. Range Tab "Nutflush" Bug
  169. Cbet happened but was not supposed to
  170. multiple notes
  171. Range tab new "Pair/Board" option
  172. Definitions have disappeared with latest release
  173. Define stack size in color defintion?
  174. Pie charts
  175. Effective Stack Size Issues
  176. Couple of queries
  177. Color Coding PokerStars missing
  178. Delayed turn cbet
  179. EV adjusted winrate
  180. Composite Defs - Size of bets
  181. Problem with note of 3betted pot
  182. Badge suggestions for noob playing full-ring and 6-max?
  183. The note values suddenly disappeared
  184. Need help with ColdCall3bet
  185. Note caddy graphs
  186. DefinitionLocker
  187. Uninstall Dynamic HUD
  188. Rounding in Composite Definitions Expression
  189. BUG: Min and Max Position from the BTN not working for SB
  190. Pre order help
  191. Unable to update
  192. Rounding $successpercent
  193. Spurious 3bet by hero note
  194. Blind distribution for badges
  195. Instance/opp problem with a stat
  196. can't find NC.OrderedBadges
  197. No Notecaddy notes in HEM2 Opponents tab
  198. IN 3betted as aggressor
  199. Missing players notes (analyze vs test environment problem)
  200. Notes not merging
  201. True pushing ranges for diffrent stacksizes
  202. speed with large database
  203. Where did the range storage go?
  204. looking for help with a definition
  205. Help with NC Main Popup
  206. Edge Hud refuses to display
  207. Last 5 hands isnt working most of the time
  208. HEM2 crash after installing caddynote
  209. Actio sequence check\call
  210. Notecaddy definition
  211. Notes on Hero in HUD
  212. Locker
  213. NC definitions delete for the period
  214. Suggestion for note caddy
  215. need some help
  216. NC - Simple Raise 1st definition - avoiding 3bets being counted
  217. Notecaddy color coding coloring wrong players
  218. Notecaddy shows the information in the Badget more than one times
  219. the problem with the imported NoteCaddy notes.
  220. Definition Locker Not Working
  221. Order of note listing when clicking on badge - how to control?
  222. problem saving note using general strength
  223. edit a tag for a composite definition
  224. bug NC2.5
  225. Two Pair Board Wrong
  226. Notes Filter
  227. Зависает Ноткадди
  228. Problem Composite Definition using HEM Stat
  229. percentages sometimes don't appear
  230. Database table notecaddy_scatter disk space overusage.
  231. Stat Bug
  232. instances
  233. Hero caddyscatter lag
  234. range meister
  235. Limp Definitions
  236. Hand strenght tester error?
  237. Problem with notecaddynotes
  238. please help with definitions hero was..
  239. Notecaddy take too much space
  240. Notecaddy ate 100GB free space on SSD
  241. Composite definitions not showing on HUD
  242. Stat request
  243. New Note Definition Not Working
  244. Questions about autocolor, issues with sample size(total hands stat)
  245. CaddyClock for a specific stat
  246. Card Range Graph - colors
  247. Action sequences not saving
  248. Composite Definitions Using HEM."Big Blinds"
  249. problem with composite definitions during play
  250. Preload all player notes doesnt work