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  1. Weird results about fcbet
  2. new definiton works in seek and doesn't show in the replayer
  3. Action Sequence involving blinds and effective stacks
  4. [MISTAKE] raises 30%+ ... bug / not working correct
  5. Removing inactive notes
  6. Note history
  7. Note history doesn't save if you uncheck "save note history"
  8. NC doesn't count the blinds for the stack. HM does. Bug?
  9. ST SNG filters trouble (SH/FR no hyper)
  10. Chip Positions
  11. Raise only one Limper in position and end up heads-up with the limper
  12. NC.Floats stat under Notecaddy -> T in the HUD stats
  13. Vacuum DB when NC works
  14. help please
  15. Advanced composite defintions make HUD unusable
  16. Can't see badges for my hero
  17. Badges stopped showing after update
  18. Opportunity not detected (JUST LIKE IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO)
  19. CAP games effective stack BUG (IT'S NOT BUG)
  20. Range in popap
  21. Definition Locker Bug in 2.5 version (IT'S NOT BUG)
  22. badge stat to HUD
  23. Game size partitions
  24. AlphaHUD stats bug
  25. Color Range
  26. Badges
  27. how to start
  28. Caddy Report - marking hands problem (Winamax)
  29. position filter issue
  30. Assigning colours for NoteCaddyDefinitions
  31. Glitch while creating notes
  32. Badges As Stat in HUD
  33. Notes not showing up
  34. analysing hands and creating notes very slow
  35. Colour definitions missing in Colour definitions columm
  36. Creating a package of notes for NoteCaddy
  37. Variable: the frequency
  38. Stop creating new notes while playing, continue after session
  39. How to implement the pre made notes with note caddy in hud
  40. I need help
  41. Starting with badges
  42. notecaddy notes path
  43. Stats definition incorrect
  44. "object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when defining Action Seq
  45. How to make all definitions not used in the HUD inactive?
  46. squeezes more than average badge
  47. Default Badges
  48. Notes transfer to other partition
  49. 5handed tables UTG/MP noting
  50. Notecaddy Notes Not showing for players with 50k+ hands on
  51. Manually adding badges?
  52. where to get note caddy for HM1?
  53. Some stats not working at all
  54. How to import NoteCaddy badges?
  55. Getting new computer. How to upload NC license to HM2 website in order to install
  56. Single raised pot definition
  57. Badge Question
  58. Badge question and priority setting.
  59. Issue with def
  60. country's flag in badge ?
  61. Notecaddy Top 100
  62. Definitions lost due to power outage or improper shut down
  63. Note creation use TOO MUCH space in disk (important problem, please)
  64. Help with nc speed!
  66. NC.HM.3BP.IP.FvFlopCBet v FCB.3B.ip
  67. Limitless Custom HUD Stats
  68. CaddyScatter - after clicking on dot hud disappear
  69. ¿Minimun instances in composite definitions?
  70. Probelms after updating to NoteCaddy 2.5 BETA
  71. Note definitions seek
  72. Cb paired flop IP
  73. Filtering display of stats depending on opponent's stack size
  74. what determines if a spark graph is displayed?
  75. OOP / IP stats pre flop
  76. Cb paired flop IP (suite and hopefully end)
  77. A question about "Define Opportunities by action":
  78. Creating a sequence that ONLY uses the defined actions in an action sequence
  79. Many thanks to Felipesq for helping to make NoteCaddy a better product!
  80. Help with making note definitions!
  81. Seek doesn't show every hand in my database. I should use analyze
  82. Define opportunities by range and Player had to show shodown
  83. NC & excel
  84. analyze option - problem
  85. 2 def. questions
  86. Badges into pop up
  87. Notecaddy doesn't creat notes for Hero.
  88. NoteCaddy Holdem/Omaha
  89. Badge for composite definitions
  90. Group bug. tabs showing multiple times
  91. Nut straigh on turn is not detected
  92. Why that many hands!?
  93. Writing notes badly lags
  94. NoteCaddy performance-tweaks
  95. Cannot analyze definition since there are no notes for it
  96. Need some improvements
  97. Note for Myself
  98. note caddy trial issues
  99. Note Definition Help
  100. notecaddy 2.0 color coding problem
  101. Badges not refresh
  102. Just bought note caddy, but no "file" option in HM apps to set it up?
  103. Can't see players notes.
  104. mixture of actions and action sequences
  105. Found notes in root directory.
  106. Writing badge to HUD
  107. Please help with effective stack size
  108. Short stack at the table
  109. Getting no notes on some definitions
  110. problem with making notes
  111. I can't see hero stats
  112. Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  113. tab groups
  114. How to filter stats in same pop-up
  115. Problems with deffinitions
  116. Aggression Percentage
  117. HELP: Only display scatter,can't see any other model
  118. Displaying certain notes
  119. Minimum distance is not working?
  120. Adjusting Color Note Labels
  121. BB effective taking into account ante ?
  122. Showing replay of unsuccessful note
  123. Speed of definition depending on how its defined?
  124. Trny badges / notes
  125. Old versions of Notecaddy
  126. CaddyScatter rake
  127. Test environment no notes
  128. Action and Previous Action tab missing?
  129. How to edit certain note
  130. custom note for limp-reraise
  131. NoteCaddy Basic (solved)
  132. NC stats on HUD not updating.
  133. How to trouble shoot a new definition?
  134. "Minimun stances" set to 1. Counts implicit strenght/weakness?
  135. NoteCaddy x PokerStars Color Code Issue
  136. Questions from potential customer
  137. object reference not set to an instance of an object
  138. Add new stats, import stops when HEM is closed
  139. Exporting NC data
  140. Improving overall performance
  141. Def Help: Fold vs UTG shove
  142. Notecaddy creating multiple notes for same note (RESOLVED)
  143. Composite Stats
  144. Notecaddy HUD problem
  145. Creating notes always paused and saved at 50 less hands
  146. Def Help: 3-Bet shove range
  147. Test environment error
  148. "Notecaddy popups" is not saving changes
  149. Range stat
  150. "Download Latest Coaching Packages" don't work
  151. Different Samplesize between "RFI SB" from HM2 and own NC Stat "RFI SB"
  152. Complied statistic Color Coding stars
  153. crash with seek function
  154. New Note Definitions have no "previous actions" and "actions" tab
  155. Implicit strength
  156. Action Sequences Quick Select tab managing
  157. Badges definitions
  158. Notecaddy definitions i have in my Folder dont show up in the notecaddy software
  159. having problems creating a "slowplaying set" Stat
  160. implicit weakness
  161. Note caddy - wwsf definition
  162. Some HUD stats not working
  163. windows 7 which pokerstars for colour coding notes
  164. Any file for NC Popups?
  165. How to create integrate caddyscatter into a popup note
  166. Zoom hands not importing
  167. After updates HM2 badges and some stats are not showing
  168. Custom Note for opens pre, CBETs flop, check-folds turn
  169. How to use the 'Position' variable in definining a new Note
  170. Grouping
  171. Notecaddy miss hands after using filters
  172. How to set notecaddy to only show notes from recent hands?
  173. having problem with making a bystander note definition (Hero views me as - cbet)
  174. Composite definitions not working
  175. Stacks in HU SnG not working in .ES (RESOLVED)
  176. New Database
  177. 2 pair not with board
  178. Filtering composite definitions on number of players
  179. Cards not displayed
  180. How to define VPIp with Notecaddy
  181. Seek output stops at aprox. 600 hands
  182. Custom Stats: Deciding between HM2 and PT4
  183. Badges icons location
  184. New Stat
  185. Composite definitions not showing on HUD
  186. Note changes with HM filters
  187. Notecaddy trying to load notes I erased some time ago
  188. Different numbers with hem stats and nc stats
  189. Assigning a badge to a specific panel
  190. Some problems with 'seek output' replayer
  191. Had NC processing new notes overnight, and windows update shut the computer down.
  192. Replayer doesnt work with my created definitions
  193. Big total runtime numbers
  194. Result Problems with Note Definition
  195. 2 problems with synchronise and colours
  196. False Full House reading
  197. Database grows unexpectedly
  198. Raise turn
  199. Some NC notes does't appear in HUD
  200. Purchased Notecaddy
  201. note definitions are all gone
  202. Note run time
  203. List of Stats a Hud Configuration uses
  204. Definition digest malkovich
  205. how to remove the percent sign % when using NoteCaddy stat in popup?
  206. Analyze / History not works
  207. Effective Stack size constraint in Note Caddy Note
  208. Getting strange Test Results when testing a color definition
  209. 2 HUD Profiles - Possible to have different note/badges definitions for them?
  210. NoteCaddy OM2 stats dont appear in the HUD
  211. Stats missing
  212. 4/5bet ranges in notes
  213. Issue with vs Hero note definition
  214. Note Caddy - restricting notes to ante games only
  215. How to delete a note from NoteCaddy
  216. NC - warning - same prefix and description for definitions
  217. Priority
  218. Question about dynamic definition
  219. NC 2 same stats in search
  220. CaddyScatter problem, please help
  221. CaddyScatter for Population
  222. Action Sequences Question
  223. Importing player notes from pokerstars client to HM2 and conversely
  224. NC doesnt fully work anymore after latest HM2 update
  225. How to get average field stats ?
  226. NC license transfer
  227. Problem with Percent of pot
  228. Change replayer font color
  229. badge icon change and save recreates notes
  230. Badges missing when try to sort by street.
  231. Badges not shown after HEM2 restart
  232. aja dinamic and requirement hardware windows server 2012
  233. The premium default badges don't appear
  234. Position vs position
  235. Effective stack problem (midstack vs bigstack)
  236. the definitions i created and imported yesterday only show a "-" as value
  237. Finding Tag info for Note Definitions
  238. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  239. NC stats stopped working
  240. Composite
  241. DefinitionLocker
  242. Оrder stats
  243. trouble with opportunities and labels
  244. Please help with notes creation
  245. Export notes to Excel (file->synchronize->export to CSV)
  246. Stuck at processing hands
  247. Please help with note recipient problem
  248. How to create stat for last X Numbers of hands
  249. Error Message at Definition Digest
  250. Push-fold badges