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  1. Is there an option to only use notes newer than X months?
  2. Problem with Notecaddy
  3. Holecards
  4. ERROR: no sample size for the stat or that HM2 couldn't provide it quickly enough
  5. PFR bet sizing question
  6. Effective Stacks Query
  7. Notecaddy recreates notes for the whole database
  8. Saving notes all the time to HM 2
  9. Bet Sizing After Opening Bet
  10. Nc + hm1
  11. Problem with Flop Ranges - Bug?
  12. NC don´t create Notes
  13. Badges and notecaddy stats take a long time to show in hud
  14. zoom
  15. HM filter not overriding NC?
  16. Simple question - call 2bet range filter
  17. note caddy creating notes sorting by effective stack
  18. Simple question - call 2bet range filter
  19. Help Creating A Note (popup Stat)
  20. Need help with a definition? Read this first!
  21. Color definition -> HM Stats problem
  22. Creating Note: Fold to Cold 4Bet
  23. 'notecaddy top 10'
  24. Full tilt color coding not working
  25. abbreviation and badge
  26. FEHLER: 42P01: Relation »readsettings«
  27. Badges Priority
  28. note caddy on/off for different databases
  29. Computer Build to Optimze for Notecaddy / HEM 2
  30. NC Note tabes do not appear in player's notes window
  31. NC caddyscatter display filter buttom not work in Ipoker
  32. Not Showing all Notes
  33. Note definition for superdry boards: how?
  34. Note Candy Badges...
  35. HM2 not closed correctly -> notes not written to the database
  36. where to find definitions?
  37. please help me~
  38. Problem with rangedefs and mucked hands?
  39. Blue player pool strength line
  40. Creating Notes stopping every few hands
  41. Creat notes speed
  42. NoteCaddy must be enabled in HUD Options before being used
  43. Problem with badge
  44. Optimal "Persist Notes to DB every X hands" Setting?
  45. how to use caddy scatter?
  46. One & Done definition help
  47. caddy scatter vs note caddy displaying
  48. new install, nc barely working
  49. Note Caddy update
  50. See what range my oponent have shown at showdown
  51. NC not works anymore :(
  52. Duplicated notes
  53. strange **values** in popups
  54. Note Caddy ISSUE
  55. NoteCaddy Not Launching
  56. notecaddy definitions storage
  57. Note caddy need help
  58. Note Caddy won't import hand history
  59. notecaddy not working anymore
  60. Notecaddy not working, again.
  61. NC need help
  62. NC stopped working
  63. Notecaddy defs disappeared
  64. I need a new license
  65. Color coding PokerStars
  66. Where is "Fold ace flop" stat kept?
  67. I don't know what opportunities means (everything is accurate though)
  68. 2 Quick Questions (Running it twice and NoteCaddy)
  69. a question about making new notes
  70. Badges
  71. Popup question - Easy Picture Link Included
  72. def question
  73. NC getting started big DB
  74. Standalone
  75. Unknown hole cards
  76. badges
  77. $flopbetaspotfraction and turn/river
  78. trouble using color note
  79. I cant start note caddy
  80. Is there any way to speed up the notes creating process?
  81. New line in Description
  82. What is ...
  83. Create notes for whole DB after backup/restore
  84. Color ranged NoteCaddy stats in HM popups
  85. Notecaddy doesn't show any badges on HUD.
  86. Notecaddy popup help
  87. Color coding at Stars not really working
  88. question about vacuum database
  89. Barrière support
  90. How to turn a Composite Definition into a Badge?
  91. Why NC takes up so much disk space?
  92. Back up folders in NC definitions folder.
  93. Need help for spacing of badges
  94. NC stats & pop up
  95. Notecaddy Zoom/Rush
  96. Composite Definition Bug
  97. CaddyScatter Preflop scores
  98. Question about .n2d files. How to make a coaching pack?
  99. Determination of the player with HM2 stats
  100. Note Caddy license issue
  101. stats change
  102. Where window
  103. Stack in BB Error
  104. Color to appear in notes corrupted?
  105. What determines max threads?
  106. Notecaddy settings > Persist hands to DB broken
  107. Show abbreviation as value don't working.
  108. color defs and hm2 pop ups.
  109. Why don't refresh notes?! :(
  110. import stars notes into notecaddy HM2
  111. Question about notes reset
  112. New Note Defs
  113. how to remove effective (but not explicit) ALL IN situations in action sequences?
  114. How to use Last N opportunities in definition
  115. Trouble imorting notes definitions
  116. Omaha $cardrange bug (NOT A BUG)
  117. Questions NoteCaddy
  118. Software bug in Heads up play??
  119. Notes at HM2 stats
  120. Bug in Notecaddy/Inactive color definitions menu.
  121. Problem with notecaddy on people poker in italy,hero vpip 100 hero pfr 100??! why?
  122. Notecaddy saving definitions to C: - change default directory?
  123. SSD size
  124. Run It Twice - Possible Issue
  125. note caddy crashes when i stop "perform pending actions"
  126. remove % symbol
  127. Implied Weakness/Strength explanation
  128. when people 3x open when blind is over 50/100,hand range
  129. Notes not showing
  130. Composite Definition Bug 2
  131. HM2 crashes because of the Notecaddy error
  132. Hm2 after laptop format
  133. effective stacks preflop filter not working?
  134. Not making notes vsHero
  135. Request complete video tutorial for NoteCaddy on creating custom stats !
  136. creating new stats+creating hud for heads-up($$$inside)
  137. Just bought Note Caddy and cant get it to work
  138. Notes gone
  139. 221 pending actions
  140. Effective stack size ignored
  141. New composite definitions
  142. Notes in HUD - Alignment Issue
  143. New note creation fills hard drive
  144. HM2 and NC
  145. Color definition swap bug
  146. upgrade notecaddy problem
  147. Minor Problem with Notecaddy
  148. Notecaddy won't start taking notes
  149. Support for WPN added
  150. Composite definitinos
  151. Does not appear in the HUD Badges to ZOOM
  152. crating notes
  153. Composite Definition BUG - not found for player (NOT A BUG)
  154. Stats disappear from HUD and popups
  155. HM2 Crashes when creating omaha hand range
  156. Notes displayed only when you know the hand
  157. where to find the note caddy notes that I take manually
  158. Notecaddy not finding as many instances as I think it should
  159. Notecaddy preload player notes for rush/zoom
  160. notes on hero
  161. HUD filters and NoteCaddy
  162. Deleted Color Definitions, need default color definitions again
  163. Caddy Scatter not always displaying?
  164. Notecaddy problem. Notes write some times, then all stopped.
  165. Note Caddy not working
  166. Deviation from everage strength range
  167. Sort CaddySpark Notes
  168. I saw something I liked and want to know how to do it
  169. trying to create a stat
  170. Alternating badges
  171. remove notecaddy notes at note section
  172. How to handle riverbetsize and calls/folds
  173. Need Help with Definitions?
  174. Very few hands seconds / saving notes every second...
  175. Filtering doesn't work for PokerStars Heads-Up Hyper Turbo
  176. Restored NoteCaddy, Badges Icons gone
  177. Looking for definitions
  178. Difficulty with Badges
  179. NC flag for multiple bet sizings?
  180. i need good advice for notecaddy from a poker player. i pay 70$ per hour.
  181. import notes from textfile
  182. Seek: hands locked at
  183. Notecaddy stats and badges dont show up in hud, restart Hm2 solves the problem
  184. Notecaddy badges too large on Black Chip poker
  185. Installing new version of NC
  186. Is there a way to determine remaining players type/stack after action has happened?
  187. Pop up definition only show very few stats.
  188. Buyin information Min/Max BB doesn't work after last update!
  189. Note caddy license
  190. Forbidden symbols in Description
  191. Call preflop
  192. Slow Hands/second on new pc
  193. CbetsVersusTAG, ThreeBetsTAG?
  194. Player notes, notecaddy defs taking up space
  195. Please help by creating custom statistics
  196. Range of hands, enumeration etc.
  197. Stats can not be seen for a while
  198. Badges problem
  199. Recreating HM stats as NoteCaddy stats
  200. Bets
  201. Bets and Stacks
  202. Definitions excluding blind fights
  203. Purchase NoteCaddy
  204. NC non stop CPU usage
  205. Lost part of defenition and badges after reindex and full vaccuum
  206. Definition $strengthversusaverage
  207. Definition Fourbets
  208. HEM2+NC, best CPU?
  209. Missed opportunities in replayer
  210. Problem reports session
  211. NC not working again :(
  212. upgrade NC Holdem
  213. Turn off
  214. Open-raise <30% of effective stack
  215. How to make a coaching pack?
  216. "Processing hands" with NC Edge definitions stops after 5-30 minutes
  217. Note caddy displays different: HUD & Popups
  218. Build a live stat ?
  219. database taking too much space
  220. Stats in popup
  221. Incorrect Turn Hand (but not Candidate)
  222. Everytime when a save a Notecaddy Defintion Hem crushes
  223. W$WSF% and W$SD% GAP stat
  224. Colorcoding Stars annoyingly SLOW
  225. Constants in exressions
  226. How can i make the groupname invisible
  227. taking off note definitions from caddy scatter
  228. Pot size ratio
  229. Can't see my notes
  230. How do I turn off notecaddy graphs permanently?
  231. HUD & FTP client aFreezing during Rush play
  232. Definitions dissapeared
  233. Notes only working on some tables.
  234. NoteCaddy super slow
  235. CaddyScatter buttons not working
  236. I have a problems with notecaddy
  237. NC problem
  238. Session stats don't work on PartyPoker
  239. NC.HM.XCRiver bugged?
  240. Crash Holdem manager2 after error upgrade Note Caddy
  241. error in XML document (3,2)
  242. System requirements for optimal performance
  243. exclude hero
  244. composite def distribution problem
  245. how to move everything(NC2) to another computer?
  246. Hero stats wrong
  247. Researches with NoteCaddy
  248. creating note "villain has not done action X for X many hands"
  249. CallOpens with one Grouping Prefix
  250. notecaddy popup failure