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  1. can't select only one street in caddy Scadder
  2. Only successes being counted
  3. NC Note creation stopped working
  4. NC auto PlayerNotes for Pacific.
  5. Some Definitions are broken?
  6. CadyScatter Question
  7. Ignoring old hands
  8. Changing a stat
  9. note processing
  10. Caddy Scatter - are implicits shown as points?
  11. Action sequences
  12. 9-max table not showing notes from 6-max hands on pokerstars
  13. Definition for last opportunities
  14. Coaching for Notecaddy Help
  15. NoteCaddy not working
  16. stat creation
  17. Note Caddy Coaching
  18. Strange problem
  19. dash instead stat in popup
  20. stat creation
  21. Trouble w Caddy Scatter appearing when here is a LOT of data to opponent
  22. Filter for NC
  23. discrepancy in 2 almost similar stats
  24. Need help for note definition
  25. note caddy colour coding
  26. Notes/badges wont work with ZOOM only with normal tables
  27. Opposite Badges
  28. Need help with Holdem cards section
  29. Omaha general strength issues
  30. Notes missing in notes popup
  31. NC colour coding setting
  32. Note based on other note
  33. Difference between HM2 stats and notecaddy stats
  34. Filter Opportunities of another definition
  35. Note does not show
  36. Best Processor for composit def
  37. CaddyScatter Not Showing
  38. Notecaddy Badges
  39. Posisions in stats
  40. Problems with Effective stack
  41. Definition: Cold Call 3bet
  42. Problem with making a note
  43. Need help with composite definition and color definition
  44. Positions do not work like I assume they should
  45. Where do I find the positions in the xml file?
  46. Quick popup question
  47. "Note recipient", "NOT note recipient" question
  48. creating note with color definitions
  49. Layout Badges
  50. Badge Question
  51. Creating automatic notes with betsizing info
  52. HM freezes after playing for a while
  53. Cообщение при создании статов NoteCaddy
  54. Strange message when creating definitions
  55. NC stats not working for only hero in HM2 replayer
  56. Which Laptop needed for running NoteCaddy smoothly?
  57. How to define a non all in-all in
  58. Notes not merging
  59. COLOR CODING by EV BB/100 instead of BB/100 with NoteCaddy Premium is possible?
  60. COLOR CODING by EV BB/100 instead of BB/100 with NoteCaddy 2 is possible?
  61. NC duplicates .xml files for definitions on C:
  62. Notecaddy 1
  63. $flopboardrange doesn't work properly
  64. Hero notes do not work for me :(
  65. Download latest Notecaddy coaching package version
  66. Definition Locker
  67. why the task of color code is very slow with HM2 stats compared compiled definition?
  68. RFI for CAP (20BB)
  69. missed opportunities - instances .... please explain
  70. Hand groupings suggestion (Pair/board)
  71. Can't Edit exisiting Definition
  72. Custom filter Sample size
  73. Trying to create a stat - error message
  74. Shahrad's consolidated complaint thread
  75. NoteCaddy notes creation incredibly slow
  76. My custom notes
  77. Disable colors
  78. HM2 returns wrong data to NC?
  79. Composite Definitions problem
  80. Drawing hands for flop stats not working
  81. Problem Creating Custom Stat
  82. variables showing on the HUD as variable names, not notes
  83. NoteCaddy 2.5.1 BETA
  84. Composite def opportunitues)
  85. basic packages from digest?
  86. ERROR: 42P01: relation "readsettings"
  87. Turbo grabber
  88. definition for isolation Raise
  89. Sorting works perfectly. My thread titles need improvement
  90. notecaddy notes had take all of my space on my C: SSD
  91. Where to get free badges or will pay for custom ones !!?
  92. Fold to hero's 3bet
  93. color code pokerstars notes based on active color definitions
  94. NC.LastActionDelay stat cannot find
  95. NoteCaddy saves notes every second while creation
  96. HM2 Crashing
  97. Proccessing hand never starts
  98. Grouping definitions by category
  99. Badge Icon Size 12x12 Problem
  100. Problem with definitions
  101. 2 same definitions instead 1
  102. Notecaddy partitions trouble
  103. How to replay hand histories for a given definition?
  104. NC custom Stats not updating in HUD in Real time
  105. Some old stats and definitions are not working anymore
  106. There might be something wrong (?!)
  107. 3-bet CaddyScatter
  108. Basic newbie question about hud stats
  109. Really bad performance after last NC Advanced release
  110. your stats as seen by your opponents to your HM2 hud
  111. your stats as seen by your opponents to your HM2 hud
  112. stats not showing up
  113. NoteCaddy creating fastly new definition by copying
  114. Help needed
  115. Pop up issue since back up/restore of config
  116. Pop up display problem
  117. Question about stat definition
  118. Missing stat
  119. Have some problems with Notecaddy stats and displaing stats in popups
  120. Color definition based on max amount of hands
  121. Notecaddy considers hero, another player
  122. Limit number of notes displayed
  123. NoteCaddy Definition Locker locks just 30 defs
  124. Color coding - what is this for?
  125. Composite no longer working, used to be fine
  126. Compdef within compdef
  127. Can't do anything with NoteCaddy
  128. NC notes to go with Popup
  129. NoteCady bet_Check_betVALUE doesn't work
  130. Notes tabs
  131. Pop Up's not showing for all players
  132. Expressions
  133. locked defīs dont work
  134. NOte caddy stat
  135. Nce
  136. Call Shove Note In SNG
  137. Difference between NC NL und NC PLO
  138. Making a note for checking back flush draw problem with paired boards
  139. Program to create badges
  140. Two pairs detection problem.
  141. Wrong replace for constant composite defs
  142. Bug: No reason given for badge not showing if strength versus average setting set but
  143. Bet river vs Hero
  144. General Scatter chart under popup
  145. Handstrength not realized
  146. making color definitions as badges - first doubts
  147. Only show Caddy scatter?
  148. HUD is delaying
  149. Payed Definitions Badges, ?
  150. whaaaargarbl
  151. Make inactive / Deleting notes
  152. note caddy straight draw
  153. HuD With Badges Freeze my HM2
  154. negative Diff in inst/opp from another def not working?
  155. won sd% by river bet size
  156. Question about old hands
  157. crating notes for position vs position
  158. Problem with Steal stat?
  159. Save history for success only?
  160. wtsd% @ composite definition
  161. Coffee HUD
  162. badges exclude each other
  163. FoldvsDelayedTurnCbet need help with writing note
  164. Implicit Strength showing up as weak in general strength
  165. Filter notes by stakes
  166. Implicit weakness/strength wont show
  167. Doesn't detect flush draw
  168. [] No notes for random players
  169. Hdu doesnt refresh when new player sit
  170. NC - Turning off updates for NC Coaching packages
  171. Overall postflop bet strength
  172. Import problem
  173. Request: More Resumed Hands
  174. Hm2 replayer in notecaddy
  175. Problem with $postflophandranges
  176. Wrong NC Stats in HM1 Notes Window
  177. Can we use formulaes in composite definitions? Which if any?
  178. Mouse hover issue>> notecaddy scatter graph
  179. Problems creating a note definition
  180. Huge Database Size 486 GB for 900k hands - Note Caddy Problem?
  181. Badge confusion
  182. How to maintain notecaddy db size
  183. Instant Replay
  184. Notecaddy doing odd things
  185. CoffeeHud doesn't update opponents stats
  186. facing problem running NC for a specific group of players
  187. Add/remove/transfer action sequences
  188. Number near to Range
  189. Compositedefinition
  190. HUD shows doubles abbreviation sometimes
  191. Definition analysis improvement
  192. Total Hands with "k"
  193. note caddy dont' show badge
  194. Wrong size in Notes
  195. Urgent! Notecaddy notes are not being processed while I play
  196. "Had not to be All-In" Bug?
  197. Notes not showing after
  198. Problems with NC stats
  199. Player styles
  200. Seeking hands finds hands where the action is wrong
  201. NoteCaddy Definition Filters only showing hands up to 25NL
  202. manual cards range in note
  203. notecaddy tries to create and creates notes for non existing/non active definitions
  204. HM2 beta badges broken -FIXED PLEASE READ
  205. Caddy clock not working
  206. Stat
  207. The same notes don't merge together
  208. CaddyScatter
  209. Popup disappears immediately
  210. DEFINITION HELP cold call raise $cardrange
  211. Caddy scatter problem
  212. Notes with Scatter too big
  213. XML Notefiles
  214. About Caddy Spark
  215. range vs hero
  216. open size/ position/ cardrange definition , no longer working since update?
  217. Hands count for different effective stacks
  218. NoteCaddy Definition digest for many free definitions
  219. when will be next update for notecaddy
  220. Renaming a note that already exists on HUD\Popup
  221. Vaccum database
  222. How to enable caddy scatter
  223. Stats
  224. Rapid increase in db size
  225. Notecaddy stopped creating new notes!
  226. Badge appears even though conditions are not met
  227. Badge does not appear despite testing for Success
  228. Note Caddy doesn't work at Party.
  229. Show hm2 abbreviation without value - double output
  230. notecaddy popup doesn't work
  231. Customed NC notes not working (...probably causing HEM2 to crash)
  232. NoteCaddy notes creation slow
  233. New hands no longer show in Caddy Report
  234. Player Types Tab,how it works?
  235. NC Notes not showing in Popups
  236. New to Notecaddy ( Bades arent showing)
  237. how do I turn off note caddy?
  238. BUG: unhandled exception
  239. Struggling to Create Note Definitions
  240. Problem With Bystander Note
  241. notecady stats dont appear in hud (just in one network, PKR)
  242. newbie question,"seek"nothing and "notes" can not show, help
  243. pie chart
  244. "notecaddy log.txt" is too big
  245. HM2 creating notes for hours, didnīt even purchase Note Caddy App
  246. Notes show villian 3bet calling hands?
  247. nc.orderedbadge
  248. Open ranges definitions
  249. Data show an error
  250. Multithreading