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  1. Tournaments no Buy-in?
  2. Auto Import Not Working/NO HUD
  3. 1.13.01 PokerStars Inport Problem - Zoom
  4. HEM not working after installing update, reverting to older versions won't work.
  5. Hem import fails when only 1 hand played
  6. NLH hands on Revolution not importing
  7. Import not working in Poker Gran Madrid (ipoker skin)
  8. Underscored number?
  9. HM1 working version for Pokerstars and Full Tilt?
  10. ZOOM issue (with "&")
  11. HM1 1.13.01 Internal: Luck Adjusted Winnings
  12. Stars run it twice update?
  13. Pokerstars Hyper Sats
  14. HM1 and speed poker(ipoker.it)
  15. Hud dissapear after popup
  16. Working Version(HM1) for Pokerstars, Fulltilt, & Party
  17. So wheres the freaking update for HM1?
  18. Latest internal beta HM1 Update
  19. Installed 1.13.01 - Table Scanner Has Vanished
  20. Is there an update that works for both Pokerstars and Fulltilt?
  21. Unhandled exception
  22. Having a few problems...
  23. HM1 not working on FT 6max MTTS
  24. HEM 1 and Speed Poker (Ipoker)
  25. Release Dates of Holdem Manager Versions
  26. dont see hudstats in replayer
  27. PokerStars Turnament Result
  28. HM1 BUG: Tournamets with only one hand shows no hands
  29. HM1 reverse thunderdome: one bug leaves two bugs enter
  30. HUD does not work in pokerstars.es after update of February 12th
  31. HM 1 HUD stopped working after change from FTP.COM to FTP.EU
  32. cant start HM
  33. hm1 ev not working on FTP
  34. results not showing - error code XX001
  35. no result since maj pokerstars.fr
  36. Doesnt read tournament results correctly
  37. Limit holdem and PostgreSQL two usual problems and their solutions
  38. Does not calculate positive EV in random all in situations
  39. HUD stats rotate unpredictably around the table
  40. FT SNGs Unknown Buyin Problem
  41. hud trouble on boss media
  42. ZOOM problem, misplaced HUD windows
  43. i cann't connect to database
  44. HM1 Not Importing Certain Hands from a Rebuy MTT at Pokerstars
  45. Latest Internal Release
  46. HUD not working revolution
  47. Error while apply player cache upgrade
  48. hem 1 hud not working on party poker pokerfest tournaments
  49. Latest internal update, handimport problem
  50. Hud isnt working FT
  51. HUD is not working on Ongame
  52. FT - Hand import error on 1.13.01
  53. 888poker HUD is without colours and not complete
  54. HM 1 non hand import
  55. HM1 hud stats are updated with a delay(PS ZOOM)
  56. Getting hands off HEM
  57. crazy results
  58. Hands not importing in HUSNGs that only last one hand
  59. HM1 update fail
  60. Microgaming - does not import hands
  61. HUD problems have started on Stars zoom from today
  62. Ipoker.it rake
  63. tournaments with one hand bug
  64. Run it twice hands not being imported correctly
  65. HUD don't work on WPT (PartyPoker) sattelites turnaments
  66. HM1 crushes when I try to Refresh the graph or Reports
  67. Problem with tournaments after last party poker software update
  68. HEM1 stopped working today
  69. PostgreSQL connection IMPOSSIBLE
  70. Is HM1 on Poker Stars broke for everyone?
  71. Full Tilt continuing problems
  72. Error Party
  73. Pokerstars broken after new site update
  74. HUD designer not working
  75. update for HM1?
  76. problem at MICROGAMING
  77. Hud with PartypokerNJ
  78. blitz.dll crash and FT no HUD.
  79. Replay no working
  80. HM1 import hands but can't get my HUD up while playing
  81. PostgresSQL issues
  82. Holdem Manager 1 release 1.13.02
  83. No HUD 888 sng
  84. ZOOM HUD Not updating - A few hands behind
  85. HUD in ZOOM not OK
  86. Error when I start importing crashes HUD
  87. H1: HEM scaling is horrible wrong (WIN 8.1, laptop 13,3" screen)
  88. HM1 on Winning poker network - will it ever work??
  89. 1.14.01 problems
  90. HEM 1.14.01 not importing fixed limit games on pokerstars
  91. HUD don't work on LotosPoker (Pacific)
  92. HT 6max satellites $ev
  93. is zoom deep ante no stats at ps fixed in 14.02 or no?
  94. PKR Hands stopped importing
  95. HM1 Support Expired April 30, 2014
  96. HEM1 on WPN ever ?
  97. HEM 1 license