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    Default SS SNGs on Merge

    I have been playing the $1.06 SNgs on Merge, but WIZ is reading them as $11.

    All the hand info, etc seems correct, just the buy-in, rake, and winnings are inflated

    Right now I have to manually adjust each one which is a real pain...

    Any ideas?

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    Can you please send the hand histories to and a link to this thread, and one of the tech support team will look into the issue.


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    I play on merge as well, but I don't regularly play SNGs/Tourneys. However I know the issue. Merge doesn't record the buy ins in the Hand Histories. So this makes the importer record them as the default tourney buy in of $10 + $1. So basically you have to manually edit the Buy ins for each SNG/Tourney you play in or if you only play one stake you can change the Default Buy-in.
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    The sng's for each level are named the same though. So the buyin and prizes should be able to be extracted.

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    sng info is collected fine by HEM. super turbos's are always imported properly; mtt pry not. sng summaries are fine though. set the deault buyin in HM to $1.06.

    options - default buyin

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