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    Default Hud layouts - stats & ranges

    Hi All

    Be kind , my first post , of many I hope ;-)

    I have been playing poker for approx 18 months
    not great but doing OK , I pay NL6max , seem to do
    better on them and also 6SnG, also started playing some

    I have just started looking into HUD's and stats
    and have downloaded a trail version of HM
    must say this software is awesome and amount of information
    is mind blowing.

    I have been browsing through the forums and reading a lot
    about different HUD layouts but have some questions as follows

    Difference between 6Max/SnG , Cash/Full Ring , Tournaments

    1.) The smaller the table (6Max),
    - The more you can play group 4 & 5 hands (Sklansky)
    - also the more Aggressive you would be , especially SnG
    - higher VPiP, PFR and Agg. factor

    2.) Full Ring Tables
    - Chances that someone has better hand are bigger as there are
    more cards "out there "
    - Also VPiP , PFR, AggF would be lower than 6Max.

    3.) Tournaments
    - table 8 - 10 players, so once again more cards "out there"
    - also with re buy period , people are more aggressive
    - at bubble time people tend to be more passive
    - not quite sure re. ranges here

    4.) What would you say are the 5 most important stats and why and
    what ranges would you use for the following Poker player groups

    - Tight Aggressive (Ace - Unpredictable - Better player)
    - Tight Passive (Solid / Rock )
    - Loose Aggressive (Maniac ?)
    - Loose Passive (Calling Station ? )

    Would really appreciate your thoughts on this


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    I suggest you keep it simple in the HUD

    This may help you a little:
    Not-so-tech savvy, partially color-blind, newb HUD user questions (MTT, MTS&G)

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    thanks For the quick Response Loki , really Appreciate it

    Currently concentrating on main / big stats
    VP1P, PFR, AGFactor and hands link to Default winrate popup ( bb/100)

    What are ranges for 6max vs Tourney - currently playing on Piggs peak
    max player less than 1000 so quite a small group


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