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    Default Color coded box around HUD

    There is a site selling HUD layouts for HEM, which are really cool but way too expensive.

    One of the features I really liked was the color coded box around the HUD. 14w9cpf.png See attached.

    Does anyone know how to add this box? and how to color code it for different players?

    I play on PartyPoker and they do not offer the option to color code players like PokerStars do, I really like the color coding.

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    Hi hudboy

    This is a build in feature of the HM2 Hud options.

    Where there is a * currently instead of the Green box on your hud

    This will give you a dropdown to select player type eg Fish Whale ect but also Colour options if you select the colour you will get the selected colour surround the box

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    You can also create Settings - Auto Rate Rules to automatically color code them. You can also change the setting there to draw the box around the HUD
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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