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    Default Note creation stalling


    I have just created a new database and uploaded close to a million hands. I have vacuumed the database as well.

    When I press Start of note creation it kicks off, but stalls within seconds. It processed 1181 hands before stopping. If I press start again it did another 500 hands or so before it stalled again.

    I have tried to turn off the TurboHandGrabber in the DatabaseSettings, but it does not seem to have any impact.

    I have a powerful machine with 16 threads. I have not had any problems like this before and I have been using NC for a long time.

    Appreciate your input.

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    Are you seeing a large error log file being created in this folder

    Which site are these hands from? Are they original or converted via a converter?

    If you try to make all your definitions except one simple one inactive, does it proceed normally?
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