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    I am very sorry for the continued delay. I do not pretend that this is an acceptable amount of time for a new site to be added. My idea to keep as much code as possible common for three very different trackers that don't all use the same rdbms was much better in theory than in practice
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    So any timeframe on when the update can be out?

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    Hi man, it's been over a month. Still no timeline on when an update can be out? The hand histories for are exactly the same as those for with only the currency as the difference. All other softwares including HM2, Starshelper came out with updates to support a long time ago but you can't even give me a reliable timeline on when I can expect Notecaddy support for If you need any assistance like more hand histories, information on their rake etc please let me know if that can help but atleast let me know an update can be expected.

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