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    Default What features of Notecaddy are active live, and not active live at pokerstars?

    What features of Notecaddy are active during live, and not active during live play at pokerstars?

    (I understand that you can't use life:
    - CaddySpark and CaddyScatter graphs
    - CaddyClock
    - Composite definitions are currently available on PokerStars and full tilt poker. Expressions using definitions that "filter by hole cards and/or board cards" will not work on live PokerStars and Full Tilt poker tables
    -Badges have to be added manually for you to be abble to see them.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong)

    I would preferer a list of both as detailed as possible gentlemen,
    Especially the features that I can use live since I'm interested in buying notecaddy.
    Thank you.

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    Everything you said is correct. The only thing you left out is not being able to filter stats by cards/board. So a stat like "cbets monotone flops" is not going to work. I'm not entirely sure what you mean with

    I would preferer a list of both as detailed as possible gentlemen,
    You mean a list of the things you can use?

    The instant replay is available which some people like


    You see the graphs on the note those would not be visible. All the text would though. Keep in mind that you can also build custom stats with NC which would appear as just numbers like all your other stats do.

    All the away from table features like analysis are also available
    Auto color coding poker stars client. Hard to think of everything but it's all listed in the wiki
    NoteCaddy Manual | Coaching Packs | Blog
    NoteCaddy experts: a.k.aAlso, Catalyst_Kh, Derders, karstenkloss, scoobediah (NoteCaddy Edge)

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