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    Default PopulationAveragePercentage decimal points

    In composite notes one of the possibilities is ".PopulationAveragePercentage" which shows total instances/opportunities for the whole player pool. The problem is that it's rounded to whole numbers. Kinda annoying with naturally high stats like cbet, but absolutely horrible with low stats like 3bet. Especially since the rounding itself is flawed and 4,9 % is rounded to 4 instead of 5. Can you please add 2 decimals?
    I don't think this is a problem for many, but I am working on a HUD that I want to start selling in few months and this is really ruining it for me. BTW it should be by far the most advanced MTT HUD out there, so an increase of NC sales is possible. Really need ur help on this though. Seems like a very easy fix that could be introduced in the next update. Pretty please.

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    Thank you for the clear report. This will be fixed for the next version
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    There have been at least 3 new versions since and this is still not fixed.

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