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    Default FTP Won't Start After HEM Import

    My FTP displays a blank error message on startup after HH's have been auto imported. The only way for me to resolve this is to re-install FTP and not use HEM auto-import function. Since there is no text in the FTP error box I have no idea what's wrong. Help

    Using 1.11.06g and Windows 7 Pro

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    You improperly configured the auto import folder. It sounds like you are importing hands from \Full Tilt Poker (and ALL sub-folders), instead of \Full Tilt Poker\HandHistory. HM moves all text hand files after being imported to an archive folder for performance reasons. It is moving important language/text files for the poker client as well which causes the client to not work any longer.

    Reinstall FTP and setup the hand history and auto import folder properly -

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