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    Default HM stops importing hands in the middle of session.

    Im playing on pacifik network,and couple days ago i switched from 2 tabling to 4 tabling NL HE cash.
    Once i switched,HM stops importing hands from hand grabber after ~300th hand,its happening 3 days in a row now.

    When i look into hand history folder it only shows like maybe 30 hands O_o
    But hand grabber counts "hands safed" properly.
    I played like 1k hands per day,for last 3 days,and at aprox ~300th hand mark every day HM stops to import,saying no hands were found.

    Maybe i should adress this question to hand grabber guys? Cause thing that it shows only 30 hands on hand history folder while HM actually managed to save 900 outa 3k makes me very

    Sorry for little mess in the post,english has never been good at my side

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    If you choose import folder in the Import TAB does it does it pick up the extra hands?

    Also you say HM stops after 300 hands but does the handgrabber keep writing the HH?
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