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    Default HUD is not working in PLO Rush Poker

    HUD is not working in PLO Rush Poker in version HM 1.11.06c

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    From this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by fozzy71 View Post
    This is a new bug we just discovered and is likely connected to the problem with no pre-fetch on non-rush cash games. I also have a customer I am re-visiting tomorrow that has no pre-fetch on tourneys and I expect that is also related.

    If you enable the pre-fetch option the Rush HUD should work.

    Setup the HUD pre-fetch on site options and make sure it points to the right folder.

    Our default pre-fetch path is for \program files (x86)\... even if that folder doesn't exist on their 32 bit machine.

    options > configure auto import folders... > auto-detect > ok

    Manually add the pre-fetch folder to the auto import list.

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