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    Default Heads Up HUD not displaying


    I configured a special Heads Up HUD using HMs Player Preferences. I clicked on Apply and when i open the Player Preferences Window, the Heads Up HUD is selected. However, only the regular HUD will appear on the tables.

    Could you please tell me how i get the Heads Up HUD to display?


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    Playing on which site?
    hud options--> player preferences--> USE FOR tab

    Make sure your new HUD is assigned to where you play...
    and other HUD configurations are NOT (so there are no overlapping/conflicting settings)
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    hi, could you please tell me what are the stats of HM2 for heads up by default? thanks in advance

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    You can see the stats in the HUD Settings > HUD Designer by picking the HUD from the upper left menu. See the attached image for the stats in the 'Heads-up' HUD
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