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    Default 64-bit, works with HE?


    I have been using PT3 for a couple of months now and I am thinking about changing to HE.

    I am buying a new computer tomrow and obv I dont know anything about them. But my friends has built this computer and asked if I wanted 64bit or 32bit. 64bit is the future, and 32bit is for old programs.

    So I want to know; does HE work with 64 bit?

    I don't even know what 64 or 32 bit is, but I am >ONLY< using this computer for poker. Nothing else. So if HE works with 64, im getting that. Whatever it is..

    best regards,

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    Yes, and you can test it for free for 15days just to see for yourself before you buy
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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