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    Default HM problem with tournament


    Yesterday, i was playing a tournament on

    Everything was fine. But, at one moment, HM stopped working. I had imports errors.

    You can see a Import Errors log file. On this document, we can see this :

    "Winamax Poker - Tournament summary : XPERT [18000€ Garantis](3537988)
    Buy-In : 90€ + 10€
    Registered players : 198
    Prizepool : 18000€
    Tournament started 2011/01/15 20:45:01 UTC
    You played 5h 12min 3s
    You finished in 1st place
    You won 4536€"

    But when i go on the results window, i can see 71 hands (until it stopped to work).

    I dont know where are the other hands.

    I also have a current SQLerrors.txt where it's written :

    The Error: ERROR: 22003: bigint out of range "Occurred when trying to save the game"

    First, i sent a message to the support with a previous SQLerrors.txt where it was written :

    The Error: La chaîne n'a pas été reconnue en tant que DateTime valide. "Occurred when running GetDataTable with this query: select * from tourneydata td join tourneyplayerdata tpd on td.tourneynumber = tpd.tourneynumber and td.site_id = tpd.site_id where td.tourneynumber = '230790676' and td.site_id = 2"

    Could you help me to fix this problem ? Find back the rest of my Hand History and fix the problem ?


    EDIT :

    I've found the HH files. There is 307 hands not imported. When i try to make an manuel importation, there are 307 import errors. I've found the summary file, and it is correct. So, i dont know why i have import errors. I will install the last version 1.11.05e because my version is 1.11.05c

    EDIT 2

    So, i've installed the last version and made an manuel import from folder. And all hands have been imported. I will see if it's ok. You can lock this thread for the moment.
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